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#415 Advanced gastric cancer

That night, He Wanshuang was happy, because for a long time, there was finally a moment to relax his mind.

She went back a little late that night, always thinking that someone seemed to be behind her, but looking back, she didn't find it.

On the same night, Bei Mingmo felt a little uncomfortable in her stomach. She remembered that she had planned to go to the hospital to see it, but she didn't go because she was busy working during the day.

Early the next morning, Bei Mingmo registered, and after checking, he waited for the result.

In the waiting area, a woman saw the man who came over and immediately cried: "I checked it out and said that I am in advanced gastric cancer... My husband, I am going to die, what should I do?"

Bei Mingmo listened tightly, thinking of Li Xiaozi again, and felt that time was particularly difficult.

At this moment, her cell phone rang, and Beiming Shen called.

She slipped and answered, "Shen Brother."

Beiming deeply said: "Momo, where? I have to leave for a while. Do I have time at noon to eat together?"

Bei Mingmo relaxed his tone: "Well, I'm in a mall, it should be fine at noon, you send me a position--"

Only, she just said here, there is a broadcast voice over the hospital: "Please invite patient Wang Juan to the third clinic..."

Bei Mingshen's tone suddenly became heavier: "Are you in the hospital?"

Bei Mingmo was a little annoyed and said, "Well, I'm in the People's Hospital."

"What's wrong? Where is it uncomfortable?" Bei Mingshen asked again.

"Don't you vomit after drinking a little wine that day? The stomach has been a little uncomfortable recently, so come over and have a check." Bei Mingmo said.

"I'll pass immediately." Bei Mingshen said, and hung up the phone directly.

Bei Mingmo couldn't stop it at all and could only sit in the waiting area.

Bei Ming came deeper than she thought, but in more than ten minutes, she had appeared in the corridor.

He hurried over and was about to ask her the specific situation, and the name of Bei Mingmo was called there.

Bei Mingshen passed directly and took the result with Bei Mingmo.

If you are not nervous, it is really deceiving. Bei Mingmo is sweating in the palm of her hand, and dare not open it for a while.

Beside him, Bei Mingshen had already looked at the content above and could not help frowning: "Momo, how do you usually take care of yourself? How come there is such a serious stomach ulcer?"

Bei Mingmo felt as if he had walked from the life and death line for two seconds, before suddenly turning his head: "The test result said it was only a gastric ulcer, nothing else?"

Beiming deep frowned more tightly: "Stomach ulcer is already very serious, you must pay attention to your three meals in the future, you can't drink alcohol, spicy stimulation can not."

Bei Mingmo was completely relieved, and his lips overflowed with a smile: "I've always been worried, thinking that I have any incurable disease..."

Seemingly seeing her so unbearable, Bei Ming raised her hand around her shoulders: "How old are you, and how did you make yourself like this? You and A Xiao, neither worry."

He went to the consultation room with her and told the doctor to read a lot of medicines before he left.

Perhaps because of the peace of mind and the attention to eating, Beiming Mo did not feel any more discomfort in the next two days.

And these days, Xuanyuan Che still has no news.

But Beiming Mo knew from Gong Lingye that Xuanyuan Che must be already in the J Guo Xuanyuan family, so he temporarily put his worries down.

On this day, Unique has a very important promotional film that needs to be filmed on location.

At noon, Bei Mingmo and Song Yi people arrived by car.

This is a mountain view in the southern suburbs of the Imperial City. The event is a club on the top of the mountain. In addition to the Song Yi people, many stars were also invited.

One of them is a retired football star who happens to be Song Ziheng's idol.

When Song Yi arrived there, she was embarrassed to find her to sign her on a blank men's T-shirt, ready to return to Song Ziheng.

The activity lasted for most of the day and finally ended successfully.

Bei Mingmo is still finishing up, while Song Yi is walking alone to an observation deck to look down.

In mid-April, there are already many wildflowers blooming on the mountain.

Song Yi people are looking at the distance to relax, and suddenly, they saw a layer of mountains on the mountainside, and there was a small courtyard in the lake and mountains.

Such a picture is ordinary, but she was surprised.

A picture suddenly emerged from memory.

It was a painting that had been hanging in her father's study, and it was a mountain view overlooking from a height.

The mountain view is what she looks at now, even the location and repair style of the courtyard are exactly the same!

She was shocked and picked up her phone and called Gong Lingye: "Ling Ye, wasn't my house in Ningcheng because of Ziheng's "missing", and was temporarily taken over by the court. Will he inherit after Ziheng returns? See, can you let your people sneak in?"

Gong Lingye asked: "Nuan Nuan, what's wrong?"

"I want your people to help you in, take a picture of the painting hanging in my dad's study, and send it to me." Song Yi said: "I'm in Nancuishan in the southern suburbs, and I saw a painting that looks like that painting. I don’t know if it’s the same scene, I need to ask for proof.”

"Okay, I will arrange it immediately." Gong Ling night said.

Song Yi hung up the phone, picked up the phone, and took several photos to the bottom.

Not long after, Gong Lingye had sent a photo, and at that moment, Song Yi people's heart seemed to be hit by someone, and then his heart was about to jump out of his throat.

Because, one of the photos she just took was drawn in watercolor, then it was exactly the same as in the father's study!

She immediately sent the photo she took to Gong Lingye, and within a minute, Gong Lingye had called and said: "Nuan Nuan, I see, it should be the same place."

Song Yi said anxiously: "Ling Ye, do you remember? Last time we went to Ningguo, I took a bronze key from my mother's safe. At that time, I never knew where the key was from the house. But now --"

Gong Lingye also shivered: "So, Nuan Nuan, you suspect that house?"

"Yes. I think I must go and see it immediately!" Song Yi said humanly: "That key is in the safe in our house, can you take it in the past?"

"Okay." Gong Ling night said: "Nuan Nuan, you send me a position, I will pick you up immediately when I get the key."

Two hours later, it was already dark. Gong Lingye and Song Yi set off from the mountain and drove directly to the mountainside.

By that time, the sky was completely dark.

But, from Huanshan Road to the small courtyard, you have to walk a long mountain road.

Gong Lingye hit the flashlight and took Song Yi's hand forward. In front of them, the two bodyguards walked along the way.

It's clear that no one has been here for many years, with weeds and thorns everywhere.

Finally, more than nine o'clock in the evening, Gong Lingye and Song Yi arrived at the small courtyard.