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When they came out of the visiting room, Song Yi people took a deep breath and then slowly vomited it out. They only felt that the whole person and the whole world seemed to be clear.

If there had been some resentment before, at this moment, the anger in her heart disappeared, and there was only peace.

Chu Mingyao got his retribution, she also had her new life and new journey. The bitter hatred with him in the past finally ended.

Gong Lingye is waiting for song Yiren outside. Seeing her coming, he gets up and takes her hand: "wife, everything is OK?"

Song Yi nodded, and they went out together.

When I got on the bus, Song Yi told me the details.

She leaned against Gong Lingye's arms, perhaps with emotion in her heart, stretched out her arms, hooked his neck and kissed him.

For a long time, when she felt that he had changed somewhere, she let go and couldn't cry or laugh: "you -"

Gong Lingye's face is innocent: "wife, if I don't respond, then there is a problem."

They talked and laughed and drove to the hotel in the driverless car. When they arrived, Gong Lingye received a message from a Mian: "emperor Shao, I'm here."

When he and song Yiren got to the elevator, they saw that a Mian had already walked in.

He saw them, so he let the elevator wait, and we went upstairs together.

Beimingmo and xuanyuanche are very tired and crooked these two days. They have been struggling for a long time last night. They got up late this morning. They just had breakfast now.

In the room, one is processing mail, and the other is drawing the package design of Y& amp; M.

When Gong Lingye came with a Mian and song Yiren, beimingmo stepped on his slippers to open the door. When he saw a Mian, his lips suddenly raised a smile: "a Mian, I haven't seen him for several days, more man!"

Hearing this, someone who was dealing with the mail got up and walked to the door.

Beiming foam is still talking to Amin: "Amin, what do you want to drink?"

Xuanyuanche grabbed beimingmo's shoulder and carried her to her bosom, with some gnashing teeth: "how to be a man?"

Song Yi people laugh when they see it.

Gong Lingye has closed the door and said, "Mo Mo, I checked my men once before to make sure that no one revealed our whereabouts. So, I just asked a Mian to fly here with some equipment. We all need to cooperate. "

A Mian's eyes didn't fall on Bei Mingmo for more than a second. At the moment, he is wearing a black sweater and black jeans. The whole person looks very man indeed.

He put the box on the ground and opened it. He took out a detector like thing from it and said, "emperor, I'll see you first."

After that, he asked Gong Lingye to stand up and open his arms. Then he placed the detector on Gong Lingye's body and scanned it carefully.

There is no hint above.

Then, in the same way, a Mian scans xuanyuanche again, and there is no alarm.

"Warm, I'll do it." Gong Lingye takes over the things and scans them for song Yiren. There is still no hint, so he hands them to xuanyuanche.

Beiming foam opened her arms. When the man approached her, she deliberately stood on tiptoe and said in his ear, "what a pity, I wanted a Mian to help me test it!"

Seeing xuanyuanche's face darkened instantly, beimingmo thought it was very funny, but before she could laugh, she heard the sound of the detector.

Gong Ling's face changed at night. When he approached, he saw a small water drill on the earpin of Beiming foam.

The water drill, if not detected by the detector, can't see anything at all. Instead, it looks like it's embedded on it.

Beiming foam's face also changed. She took off the earnails and handed them to Gong Lingye.

Xuanyuanche didn't want to be jealous at this time, but he scanned the whole body of Beiming foam again, and made sure it was OK again, so he put down the instrument.

Gong Lingye looks at that thing and stares at it: "this should be a kind of positioning instrument that came out only this year. Is there any other role in it? It needs to be taken back for analysis."

Song Yi people nodded: "this old man is the best. Let's go back to the imperial city. I can ask him to help us crack it."

Gong Lingye said, "is he reliable?"

Song Yi nodded: "I believe in him, and if he has problems, then Ziheng can't be saved. What's more, if he wants to follow, he has already followed. "

Gong Ling thought about it carefully and thought it was true. He nodded: "OK. It will take time to interrogate the man we caught. It seems that we have to go back to the Imperial City as soon as possible. "

A Mian takes a box to shield the signal and hands it to Gong Lingye: "emperor Shao, this can prevent it from transmitting data."

Gong Ling looks at the box at night, and his lips are hooked.

It seems that this method can also be used to see if the other party appears? Even if they don't show up, they can start a fire!

They bought a ticket to return to the capital the next day. On the same day, a Mian went to l group's office in Ningcheng with earnails.

When he got there, he put the earnails into the box, and then took them back to Gong Lingye.

In the room, Beiming foam was especially confused.

She has been wearing these earrings for a month, because they are versatile and don't seem to need to be taken down when she sleeps, so they haven't been replaced recently.

So, when the other party put it on her, she was completely confused.

But it's obvious that the man was coming for her, and he was also the enemy of the Song family and the palace family.

She had no clue for the time being, so she had to wait until she came back to China the next day to analyze it.

The next day, all of them returned home together, while a Mian stayed in Ningcheng and was responsible for torturing the arrested man.

More than two hours later, the songyiren airport came out and went directly to the old ghost.

There is a special isolation room for shielding signals in the base operation room. The old man takes out the thing and sees its volume. He is also interested in: "little warm, not bad, where did you get it?"

Now they also know why Song Yi people have changed. This is a strange thing. For a time, Song Yi people were confused by some comrades who focused on science and technology and couldn't analyze the principle.

However, they were used to calling "xiaonuan" for several months. In addition, the current name of Songyi people is Yu Ruonan, so they always called it.

"My friend was followed and found this on him." Song Yi explained, "old man, please help me to see when she got this thing. Can you get a specific time?"? What's more, can you find out the location of the other party? "

"I'll try." The old man was a little excited: "it's a good work. It doesn't seem to be mass production."

"Well, let me know if you have any results." Song Yi said, and began to work.

Everything seems to be on the right track, and he wanshuang is going out with his father to the court.

After these days of psychological counseling and treatment, her condition is better, but her face is still a little haggard.

Put on your coat, Pei Jun has been waiting for her outside, along with Lawyer Zhang Zixun.

We went to the court together and went to the rest area to wait for the divorce case.

At the moment, lieyuan sink also with liexiao soft together, get on the car, drive to the court.