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In the past, Song Yi people did not think that there would be such a day, Chu Mingyao called to come to her, the enemy, to talk about his pain!

    She said: "Brother Chu, why do I think you are useless? You can manage Haisheng when you are under 30 years old. This is something many young people of the same age dare not think about! You are already excellent, just because The opponent is too strong, so you will encounter these setbacks. The future is still very long, you work hard from now on, how do you know there is no chance in the future? "

    After listening to what Song Yiren said, Chu Mingyao echoed: "Yes, the opponent is too strong ..."

    Everyone is born with a golden spoon, but he has nothing; he has the best educational environment and resources, and he, even the company, waits for the family to die before they have the opportunity to manage.

    How can this be compared? !

    The depression of the heart was removed, but the emotion of trying to control it came out of the mountains. Chu Mingyao said: "Xiao Nuan, if you are by my side ..."

    He sighed. His hand accidentally touched the mouse on the desk. The computer screen turned on, and the information just jumped out automatically refreshed. He stayed on the words [Chu Mingyao stepped down].

    Suddenly, my finger trembles, and the self-deceiving camouflage can no longer whitewash. Chu Mingyao breathes and chokes: "Now I have news about me on the Internet. I dare not turn on the computer or go out. Xiao Nuan, you do n’t know, I just In order to hide reporters, I spent a day in Haisheng's utility room! "

    Song Yi raised her eyebrows, did Chu Mingyao even tell her this? It seems that his defense against her has really been eliminated?

    She comforted him: "Brother Chu, don't be sad, everything will pass, time is to cure all the good medicine, and people will forget these slowly, and you can stand up again!"

    Chu Mingyao's voice choked: "I don't know if I can ..."

    "Brother Chu, you see, some people dare to face the spotlights confidently; some people can write with their hands even if their hands are discarded." Song Yi said: "You now have a healthy body, there are many people The unprecedented knowledge, although facing some setbacks, but what does it matter? They want you to fall into the mud, do you really want to let your dignity trample on others? "

    Chu Mingyao listened stunnedly to the girl's words. At this moment, his heart was so weak that he was not protected by a half coat. The girl's words seemed to reach the bottom of his heart.

    His eyes were a little damp and his breath was messy: "Xiao Nuan, fortunately there are you! The people around me have left me. When I was the most depressed, there was still you encouraging me! If, if I ..."

    His heartbeat became a little faster, because of the tension, the intense emotion made his voice tremble a little: "If I can stand up again, would you like--"

    Later, he found himself so nervous that he dared not speak.

    He has only this redemption, so he is more afraid of losing.

    For the first time, Chu Mingyao tasted that he really likes a person. The cautious mentality puts himself in a humble position, fearing that one of his presumptuous advances will lose the other party.

    "Brother Chu, what do you want to say?" Song Yi people resisted disgust and asked inexplicably.

    Chu Mingyao said no more, but said: "Xiao Nuan, I will work hard, you wait for me!"

    Song Yiren understood that the more Chu Mingyao said nothing, the deeper he proved to be.

    Although she felt sick, her lips twitched. She wanted to know what would happen when Chu Mingyao learned that she was a Song Yi? She is really looking forward to it!

    Therefore, her voice at this moment has become gentle: "Well, Brother Chu, I'm waiting for you, you must be good!"

    Be good, wait for her to get the video from Su Yunfei, and make his face public!

    Before everything is revealed, he can't die!

    When Chu Mingyao heard the Song Yiren's words, he almost blurted out ‘I love you’, and at the tip of his tongue, he was held back.

    He just said: "Xiao Nuan, it's late, you go to bed early, don't stay up late."

    "Okay, Brother Goodnight Chu." Song Yi said: "Don't think about it, you go to bed early, everything will be fine tomorrow!"

    Chu Mingyao also said good night to the Song Yi people, which hung up the phone.

    He couldn't tell what was the mood at the moment. He just felt that the love in his chest was intertwined with the humiliation and pain he suffered today, which made him swelled up.

    He pushed open the bedroom door. When he saw blood on the floor, he remembered that there should be Su Yunfei in the room.

    Chu Mingyao didn't find anyone, his face changed, he quickly asked the servant, where did Su Yunfei go.

    At the moment, Su Yunfei and Su Mi were in a small courtyard near the cemetery.

    Su Yunfei was wounded all over her body. At this moment, she relaxed and felt pain everywhere.

    Today ’s fright is terrible. At this moment, she seems to feel that Chu Mingyao is in front of her. She may hold a knife and cut her belly at any time!

    At this time, Su Mi pushed the door open, poured her a glass of water, and looked at her from the top: "Chu Mingyao is looking for you everywhere. The child dug up and simmered the soup! "

    Su Yunfei's hand squeezed the glass, and the glass fell to the ground, making a loud noise, and water and glass splashed all over.

    "I don't understand, what does he lock you up for?" Su Mi sneered: "You look like you are now, so ugly that even I, a woman, want to vomit, he keeps you, he wants to give himself Are you happy? "

    In the past, Su Mi said so, Su Yunfei must tear her, but at the moment, Su Yunfei only hated Chu Mingyao.

    Her eyes are all red light: "Where is Chu Mingyao finding himself happy, he is afraid that I will find him happy!"

    Su Mi's heart moved, but she didn't move, pretending to continue without knowing: "Yo, you still have the ability to find him happy, could he have any handle in your hand?"

    Su Yunfei's face changed slightly and she didn't speak.

    Su Mi smiled. She lit a cigarette and sat down, her tone lazy: "Su Yunfei, you used to keep pressing me. As long as there is a place for you, I don't have a chance! At that time, I thought you were amazing. Now look Come, it's just that some people have to cut your stomach, you don't dare to say anything! "

    Su Yunfei turned his head suddenly.

    Su Mi spit out the smoke ring: "It should deserve you to be so whole! I saved you this time, but I can't guarantee that I will save you next time! It's better to tell me, what valuables do you have in hand, to exchange for me Life-saving grace! "

    Su Yunfei heard Su Mi's words, but his heart felt like a pot of ice water poured down.

    Yes, Su Mi can save her once, but not next time.

    She escaped Chu Mingyao's caesarean section this time and could not guarantee that Chu Mingyao would not do anything next time.

    Last time, Chu Mingyao also said that she would reproduce the Song Yi people once on her!