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#95 Are you jealous?

On the stage, Xiao Pei also picked up his tinder and walked over to smile at Song Yiren: "Congratulations."

    The young faces are full of vigor and vitality, and they are all energetic and energetic.

    Under the stage, Gong Mochen saw Song Yi people picking up MianS, and then gently rubbed his head, a little trance.

    He felt as if he saw a different her.

    Before, I always felt that she was shameless and shameless, knowing that he was not interesting to her, and kept pushing up.

    Even, he used his most taboo things to threaten him and bind him.

    In his impression of her, he felt that the girl didn't learn to do nothing, put on disgusting makeup, and skipped classes at the man's house. A series of backsliding behaviors was totally useless except for making people sick.

    However, gradually contacted, he found that she really seemed to have changed personally.

    She is not without learning.

    Even, she is better than anyone.

    It was as if at the moment, she was wearing a ponytail, wearing a simple blue and white striped dress and stood in the middle of the stage. The flying expression seemed to be lighted, which made people unable to look away.

    She and Xiao Pei bowed down the stage together, and then left the scene with a smile.

    Gong Mochen found that this seemed to be the real one, not the appearance of full calculation in front of him.

    Next, prepare for the award ceremony.

    Gong Mochen saw Gong Lingye standing up and seemed to understand what he was asking, "Uncle, are you going to award?"

    "Well." Gong Lingye simply said: "Award the champion."

    Gong Mochen thought for a while: "Otherwise I--"

    However, before he finished, Gong Lingye had stepped up from his seat.

    He patted Gong Mochen's shoulder: "Wait until I come back."

    Gong Mochen originally wanted to say ‘or I ’ll go,’ but there was no chance at all.

    The moment Gong Lingye turned around and left, Gong Mochen found that he was wearing a tie today with blue and white stripes, exactly the same color as Song Yiren's skirt.

    He blinked and looked down at his royal blue tie.

    The podium has started preparations, the camera and the etiquette are in place, and the host begins to announce the top three winners.

    Song Yiren and others appeared one after another and came to the podium.

    The host said: "We have invited our guests, Professor Chen Qinan of the MSRA laboratory to award our third runner-up Qin Huan!"

    The winners and runners-up of the individual competition are all trophy and certificates, and the students who got the third place are also happy.

    Soon, Xiao Pei also got the certificate trophy, and then listened to the host said: "Now is the most exciting moment of the championship. Please invite Mr. Gong Lingye, the president of Tiangong Group, to take the stage to award our champion Yu Ruonuan! "

    Before Song Yiren saw Gong Lingye coming out, he saw the grandstand first. Many girls were already staring at the stars.

    She twitched her lips and saw Gong Ling walked out calmly.

    His expression was as indifferent as ever, and after taking the trophy and certificate from Miss Etiquette, he turned around and his eyes fell directly on the Song Yi people.

    Somehow, Song Yiren always felt that his eyes had no deep meaning and made her face a little hot.

    He walked up to her and said: "Yu Ruonuan, congratulations, you are excellent!"

    Having said that, handed the certificate and trophy to Song Yiren.

    Song Yiren just picked it up, Gong Lingye leaned forward and stretched out his arm.

    The light was bright at the moment, and everything was shone. When Gong Lingye approached, Song Yiren didn't know if his senses were particularly obvious, and he could even smell the familiar and clear smell on him.

    The heartbeat accelerated in an instant. I do n’t know if it was because of the thousands of eyes in the audience at the same time. Song Yiren only felt that his brain was blank for two seconds in an instant.

    It was in these two seconds that she found herself embraced by Gong Lingye, because she was standing on a step, so she was exactly the same height as him, and when he was ringing her, his lips and petals were just Her ears are flush.

    His warm breath fell on her pinna and brought a burst of electric current, which caused the blood to heat up quickly, somewhat breathless.

    She heard clearly that the man whispered in her ear with a very low voice: "Warm warm, I like you now."

    Song Yi people instantly felt the blood flow back.

    Gong Lingye just hugged for two seconds and then released the Song Yi people.

    To outsiders, it seems to be just a natural encouragement hug.

    It's just that, when his tie is against her skirt, the color gives an unspeakable harmony.

    If it were n’t for Gong Ling Ye ’s ruthless reputation on weekdays, I am afraid that some people think they are wearing couples!

    When the blood of the Song Yi people finally recovered, Gong Lingye had already stood upright, and then, with the other three guests, left quietly.

    He was still the cold-hearted look of the refusal thousands of miles before. There were no slight changes in emotions on his angular face. No one doubted his motives for holding the Song Yi people.

    The host said some congratulations, Song Yiren and three people left the field, and this year's college student robot confrontation competition gradually ended in the sound of music.

    All the classmates withdrew in batches in accordance with the school. Song Yiren and Xiao Pei just came out and were hugged by a girl.

    The girl's name is He Ranran, she only met when she was in the game, her personality is more cheerful and lively, this time the results are middle class.

    "If it's warm, I just saw President Gong hugging you! I also hug you now, is it an indirect hug?" He Ranran smiled, and there were two dimples on her cheek: "Woo, I envy you! Know to study hard and get the first! "

    Aside, a few girls lined up in the back: "If it's warm, I want to hug!"

    "You don't allow it! I want to help Ruo Nuan charge!" He Ranran stopped everyone.

    Aside, Xiao Pei whispered, "Come on."

    After all, turn around and take the lead.

    The girls refused to accept: "Xiao Pei, hi, handsome, are you jealous?"

    Xiao Pei was too lazy to ignore them.

    The Song Yi people easily got rid of those girls. She turned around the corner and didn't expect the ground to be a bit slippery. She didn't stand up all of a sudden, and she was about to fall to the ground!

    At this moment, someone stretched out her arm and helped her by holding her waist.

    Song Yiren looked up, and when he saw the man's face clearly, his heartbeat instantly became cold.

    It is Chu Mingyao!

    At the moment, she was not the state of mind when she met him at Ningcheng University that day. Song Yiren quickly stabilized her body and kept away from him without a trace, smiling: "Thank you Mr. Chu."

    Chu Mingyao had a gentle smile on his cheek, as if elders said in a general tone: "Little student, you turned out to be Yu Ruo Nuan, a student of Dicheng University."

    Song Yi people hated so much that they wanted to tear this person, but still maintained a naive smile: "President Chu still remembers me?"