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#115 Just want to sleep with me?

After listening, someone asked in surprise: "No, I read gossip news before and said that Yu Ruonuan was invited by the second president's mother to go to the palace to attend a banquet or something!"

    "Cut, God knows how she mixed in!" The little secretary whispered: "In short, look, it is estimated that it will be announced soon!"

    Everyone whispered for a while, and then they each returned to their seats from the pantry.

    At this moment, the Song Yi people have returned to their work stations to work seriously.

    At three in the afternoon, she received a call from Pei Jun again and came to Gong Lingye's office.

    As soon as I walked in, I saw a girl dressed in a lady sitting on the sofa, saw her, stood up and smiled at her.

    Gong Lingye grabbed Song Yiren's shoulders and introduced to her: "Nuan Nuan, this is Qi Lihuo. Her father and my second brother who passed away are brothers, and Lihuo can be regarded as the little niece I grew up watching. I went back to the palace that day and happened to take her past. She had spent the summer vacation and lived with her mother for two days in the past. "

    Song Yi people are stunned, is this the relationship?

    When I saw the little girl in front of me, she smiled at her, held out her hand, and said sweetly, "Auntie is good!"

    The Song Yi people almost didn't choke, is the girl like this now?

    She bit her lip: "You just call my sister. I am now in junior year and junior year. Should you just go to university?"

    Qi Lihuo laughed: "My sophomore, can't you see it? I'll be 20 soon!"

    Song Yiren smiled: "It looks very small, I think you have not graduated from high school."

    "Uncle said, you are only one year older than me." Qi Lihuo blinked: "Although only one year older, but I still have to call you auntie, or the uncle will beat me fart!"

    Song Yiren looked at Gong Lingye, who came over and rubbed her hair: "If I don't have time to accompany you for fitness, let Lihuo accompany you. By the way, she can also practice Sanda, the little girl is not afraid of beating. You can rest assured to practice with her. "

    "Hello, uncle, do you want to see so much and forget about it!" Qi Lihuo pouted, but he got close to Song Yiren's ear: "Little aunt, if you have time, look for me to practice, and fight back. Uncle came over the shoulder! "

    Seeing the youthful appearance of the girl, Song Yi also nodded: "Okay, let's cooperate!"

    The girl in front of her made her think of getting along with Bei Mingmo in a trance, so I liked it the first time I met.

    Qi Lihuo still has something to do this afternoon, so he left after a while.

    When she was gone, Gong Ling night circled the Song Yi people in her arms and teased, "Auntie is not jealous?"

    "Gong Lingye, do you have endless time?" Song Yi jumped, where did she get jealous? Is this guy really the president of Tiangong Group? Why do you push your nose on your face like this? !

    "It's me who is jealous, and my family is not jealous." Gong Lingye said, deliberately paused for two seconds: "My family's warmth only prevents me from saying a few words with other women ..."

    "When did I--" Song Yiren hadn't finished speaking, and saw Gong Lingye bowed her head and kissed her. Her feet reached the sofa, her knees were bent, her center of gravity was unstable, and the whole person was stuck in the sofa.

    He pressed down and kissed her, his hands deep into her clothes.

    She was turbulent, and he was more arrogant, until she felt that he was being held back by him again, and the burning temperature was disturbing.

    Both stopped and gasped.

    Song Yi was angry at the same time, his thoughts crossed his mind.

    He reconciled this time and was so enthusiastic that it felt like she was--

    She asked: "You tell me, do you just want to sleep with me?"

    So, he could have no contact for two weeks of the Cold War, but after returning from a business trip, he moved her hands as soon as they met.

    Thinking deeply, Song Yiren found that she was really insecure, and she would always think about the bad things first about feelings.

    Just like now, she always has a feeling that for Gong Lingye, she seems like a novel toy.

    Because she did not take the initiative to stick to him like other women, she even rejected him three or five times.

    Therefore, he regarded her as an interesting plaything, and when he really got it, he might feel dull and kicked again.

    As if a pot of cold water was pouring down the head, Song Yi's heart became a little bit cold.

    However, Gong Lingye, who was indulged in love, didn't notice it. He listened to her, and leaned into her ear: "Warm, I don't just want to sleep with you, I also want to stay with you. Sleep at night, Accompany during the day ... Of course, you can sleep during the day, in short, 24 hours, hard for you anytime, anywhere. "

    Song Yiren had a somewhat complicated heart. When he heard Gong Lingye's unruly words, he struggled and became shame: "Gong Lingye, you can't be serious? I'm going back to work!"

    "Who do you show me in front of your woman?" Gong Lingye said carelessly, and went to kiss the lips of Song Yiren: "Nuan Nuan, I've longed for you to come to my company! If you think I'm in the lounge The bed is not enough for us to toss, I will turn around and let Bae Jun find someone to order one! "

    Song Yi reached out and gave Gong Lingye several punches directly.

    In the end, the Song Yi people were completely deprived of their skin before leaving.

    Before she left, she sorted out the messy clothes and let Gong Ling look at it. There was no one around, so she left quickly.

    Back at the AI ​​side, my colleagues didn't even notice her strangeness, everyone was in their own busy.

    Sitting in front of the computer, she rubbed her swollen lips and flaps with her fingers, as if her heart had opened a thousand emotions.

    Some are sweet, some are happy, some are worrying, and some are hesitant.

    She opened a forum and posted a post on it: "Is it not suitable for dating?"

    Therefore, it is only in this way that I do not believe in the other party or even want to express myself.

    It was as if she had just broken up with Gong Mochen, and she did not tell Gong Lingye.

    At this time, Chi Jingyu came over and gave Song Yi people a document: "If you are warm, look at this design report, if you have any questions, please come directly to me."

    The Song Yi people put away their thoughts and quickly devoted themselves to work.

    In the following days, Gong Lingye would find a reason to call her almost every day, so that she was not at every meal, and then went to Gong Lingye to eat various feasts.

    At night, the Song Yi people ran home, and the first thing was to weigh them. It was only after they found that they hadn't changed.

    She turned on the computer and watched the posts posted by netizens for a while. Everyone had all kinds of comments. One of the words really caught her heart—

    "Sometimes, people often put themselves in strong feelings, but when they face the people they really care about, they pretend to relax, hide, cover up. It seems to let her know that he likes her so much, he loses."

    She didn't know if she really liked him, but she knew that now he really could affect her emotions.