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Hearing her estrangement, xuanyuanche breathed slightly over there, and then said, "foam, it's me."

"Well, what can I do for you?" he said quietly

"Have you returned to Ningguo?" He's very quiet over there.

"Yes, go home and get together with your parents. The new year is coming soon!" Beiming Mo said it easily.

Xuanyuanche said, "Mo Mo, I'll go to see you right away."

Beiming Mo is holding her mobile phone, but suddenly she thinks it's funny. She immediately says, "no, my parents have been living in seclusion for several years, and they don't like to see guests very much."

Hearing the estrangement in her words, xuanyuanche was shocked for a while, and then said: "I was going to pick you up, but I was delayed last night..."

Beiming foam's eyes drifted forward, and a smile rose from the corner of his lips: "what happened last night should be very important?"

Xuanyuanche said: "well, I was looking for you last night, but I couldn't walk away. This morning, I heard that you have returned to Ningguo. "

"Xuanyuanche." Beiming foam suddenly called his name. Her voice was cold. She said, "I'm going to get married. Don't call me later."

She said, dry crisp ground hung up the phone, conveniently pull the name of xuanyuanche into the blacklist.

Back to the ward, Beiming night saw her expression was wrong, and couldn't help laughing: "why does a big aunt not come? Who's bothering you? Go and teach him! "

Beiming foam is not very angry: "it's up to you now? Oh, you look like this, it's quite suitable for touching porcelain! "

Teddy looked at the two people joking, but when he brushed the microblog, he couldn't help being stunned. Then he said: "Oh, my little ancestor! Ah Xiao, you're hot on gossip! "

Beiming night frowns: "gossip?"

He turned his eyes to see Teddy's cell phone, and saw that the number eight was "Sabrina likes it", the number nine was "northern night" & Sabrina ", and the number ten was" northern night injured ".

He is not satisfied, blunt North Ming foam way: "why is my rank in you latter two?"

Beiming foam shrugged: "who makes you a star of the 18th line, blame me? You don't thank me for letting you warm up! "

Teddy sighed, "I say these people have rich associations. Thanks to Sabrina's attention and praise, they have so many brain patches..."

"Don't worry about him, let the porridge be hot! Anyway, it's my sister's passion that I rub, and it's my sister's scandal that I fry! " After that, Beiming night looked up: "is that right, my dear sister?"

Beiming foam rolled his eyes.

But nearby, Beiming bridge saw Beiming night again.

If Beiming night is not a member of their Beiming family, then, he has a deep understanding of foam

At this moment, thousands of miles away, Song Yi people led Yu Xingfan and Yu Ruoxin to their villa.

"Sister! What a big place! How beautiful! " Yu Xingfan is very excited to look inside: "God, I can even soak in hot springs!"

Song Yi people laugh: "there will be surprises for you later!"

"Sister, I am scared to death by you today, OK?" Yu Xingfan exaggerates to follow the breath of his chest.

He could not forget the surprise when she and her two sisters went to the VIP Hall of the airport and saw Gong Ling at night.

What's more shocking is that Gong Lingye, in front of them, directly held the hand of song Yiren, and also gently helped her warm her hand!

Yu Xingfan has seen Gong Lingye. In his mind, he is a man who is decisive in fighting, cold-blooded and cruel. Everyone in the imperial city has changed his mind.

Now let them see that Gong Lingye is waiting at the airport. When she sees the song Yiren coming, give her warm hands?!

The impact is too big for Yu Xingfan to slow down.

But Song Yi people waved to him and naturally introduced: "star sail, brother-in-law."

Yu Xingfan stutters his brother-in-law. In front of Gong Lingye, he behaves like a bear child who is afraid of his teacher.

So, at this moment, when he saw the hot spring villa that Gong Lingye bought for the Songyi people, he stepped on the real floor, and the whole talent came back to China a little bit.

On one side, Yu ruosin is not much better than him, and the whole person is much more silent than usual.

Song Yi people see this, not from Chonggong Lingye joking: "it seems that your reputation in the imperial city has been deeply rooted in the people's hearts!"

Palace Ling night smile: "is not you afraid?"

Song Yi people think about it. It's true that she hasn't been afraid of him since she met him, even at the beginning.

Of course, except that time when he took her to witness the blood.

As they were talking, song Ziheng came down the stairs.

Yu Xingfan saw him and didn't recognize him at first. Until song Ziheng came to song Yiren and said, "sister, brother-in-law, come back!"

Song Yi nodded, "well, how are these days?"

"I read a quarter of the information my brother-in-law gave me." Song Ziheng said, Chonggong Lingye said: "brother in law, there are several places I don't understand. When you have time, teach me."

Gong Lingye readily agrees, while song Yiren blinks.

At the bottom of her eyes, she rowed a bit of cunning, walked to Yu Xingfan's side, took Yu Xingfan's arm, and said to song Ziheng: "Ziheng, this is my brother Xingfan!"

Say, introduce Yu Ruoxin again: "this is my second elder sister Ruoxin, you follow to call second elder sister!"

Song Ziheng's eyes fell to the position where song Yiren held Yu Xingfan's arm, and he stopped.

He paused for two seconds and said, "Hi, star sail!"

Yu Xingfan recognized song Ziheng and was surprised: "are you sands?"

Song Ziheng nods.

Yu Xingfan said excitedly, "my God!"

After that, he turned to ask song Yiren, "third sister, how did you invite him here? Did you call him your sister?"

Song Yi people raised eyebrows at him, pretended to be big sister and rubbed Yu Xingfan's head higher than her: "it's not that you say you like sands's works, so I asked him to come here!"

Yu Xingfan was immediately moved and rubbed against song Yiren's arm: "third sister, you are so nice! I love you so much! "

Song Yiren's lips are raised, but his eyes are still on song Ziheng.

Sure enough, although her brother has no expression at the moment, her eyes are so sad

Song Yi people are proud, turn the eyes on the eyes of the palace Ling night.

He looked at her with a smile, and said, "baby."

Song Yi's cheeks were red, and his heart beat missed half a beat.

However, the next second, Gong Ling night than a mouth: "naive."

She stopped working at once, and started to chase Gong Lingye for a fight.

And just now, Gong Lingye's mobile phone rings, which is hit by he wanshuang.

He picked up and answered, "little frost."

He wanshuang's voice was a little hoarse. She said, "brother ye, I'm married."

Gong Ling squinted at night: "how can it be so fast?"

"He said, first get the card, and then make time for the banquet." He wanshuang said.

Gong Lingye seemed to think for a moment and asked, "Xiao Shuang, didn't he force you? Do you really like him? "