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#31 Really affectionate!

Gong Lingye's face was pale, her eyes were half-squinted, and her hair wet with seawater was stuck on her forehead. feel.

    Song Yiren stood in front of him, gave him a condescending glance, and turned and left directly.

    At this time, the wind direction seems to have changed, and the sea water seems to be the junction of high and low tides. The waves that have just pushed people upwards seem to change at this moment.

    Song Yiren just walked two steps, and found that Gong Lingye was swept back into the water by the waves, and he seemed to be swallowed by the water at any time.

    She stared coldly for two seconds, withdrawn her gaze, and continued to walk forward calmly to check the situation of the island.

    This small island is really pocket-sized, and probably not much bigger than a football field. The whole island is estimated to be a protruding seabed reef.

    There is very little vegetation around the island. The Song Yi people feel it. I am afraid that when the tide is high, the island will show a small tip.

    However, because there are so many stones, the Song Yi people really found a hiding place.

    It was a natural hollow formed by reefs. It could accommodate two or three people. It was really inconspicuous from the outside. If she looked carefully, she would not find it.

    The Song Yi people went in and planned to take a rest first, and then to find a way to wait for the rescue. Just after sitting down, they heard something outside.

    She was sullen. Was it the people who found them?

    So, Gong Ling was dead in the water in the middle of the night, will he be found?

    In fact, it was obviously better for him to be taken away, that means she was safe. However, Song Yi took a deep breath and always felt that although Gong Lingye harmed her, it was a fresh life after all, and she seemed not to die.

    Zhengtian people were fighting, and their eyes suddenly dimmed. The Song Yi people were alert and found that the person who came in was Gong Lingye.

    He pursed his lips, obviously in a bad state. After coming in, he sat down straight and rubbed his arms over Song Yi's shoulders.

    "I thought you would pull me a hand." He spoke softly.

    Song Yi sneered, his eyes icy: "I am here to worship you, I wish you died outside, how could I pull you?"

    Gong Lingye turned his head and looked at the Song Yi people for two seconds, then hesitated.

    After a while, he said: "Sorry."

    He did not deliberately harm her, because he knew from the beginning that those people were coming at him.

    They want his life, but also other interests.

    Whether it is Song Yi or Gu Tingxue, the other party should have no chance to start. After all, they don't want to offend Gu's family, and the people at Gong Mochen's birthday feast are either rich or expensive, and they don't have to fight enemies in vain.

    Only later, in order to save his life, he killed each other's people, and those talents really had a killing heart on the Song Yi people.

    However, the reason why he pulled her into the water was because Gu Tingxue was very poor from an early age, and it is almost a gift from God to live to this day. Just like Gu Tingxue at this moment, I am afraid that both of them will explain in the sea.

    Gong Lingye has always made the most rational judgments and choices when making decisions. Only this time he did owe the Song Yi people, because if he did not deliberately mislead the other party, then she must have been out of trouble.

    Therefore, it is equivalent to he forced the Song Yi people to help Gu Tingxue to block a possible life-threatening accident.

    Gong Lingye was all emptied, too lazy to explain these causes and consequences. In short, he owed her, and she hated him for nothing wrong.

    Sure enough, the next second heard Song Yiren scorn: "Oh, Mr. Gong is really affectionate!"

    So affectionately exchange the life of another innocent woman for the safety of another woman!

    Gong Lingye heard the word "sentimental", and suddenly remembered Song Yiren's confession to Gong Mochen on the cruise ship. The arc of his lips faded a little: "Everyone."

    Song Yiren said nothing more, everything around was quiet, so Gong Lingye's heavy breathing sound became a little obvious.

    He felt some numb nerves in the pain in his shoulder blades, and it would be unbearable if he didn't take them out again.

    He took out the Swiss army knife from his pocket and spoke to the Song Yi people: "Can you please help me take out the steel nail on my back?"

    Seemingly afraid of the rejection of the Song Yi people, Gong Lingye said again: "After the rescue, I will give you the corresponding remuneration."

    "No need." Song Yiren said lightly: "You helped me before, this time I help you, you don't have to thank me!"

    The corner of his lips evoked a mocking arc: "Okay."

    Although it was due, when the Song Yi people saw Gong Lingye's wound, the whole person was still shocked.

    The steel nail was obviously embedded deep in the flesh, and she could only vaguely see the tail of the steel nail, submerged in flesh and blood.

    There was a lot of blood before the wound, as can be seen from the blood stains on the shirt, but after soaking in the sea water, it was white at the moment.

    Song Yi raised his hand and made a gesture, and found that Gong Lingye was higher than her, so she could not lift her hand, so she said: "You are lying on my lap, I try it, but it does not mean that I can really nail the steel. take out."

    Gong Lingye took the word and took off her shirt, and then lay on the leg of Song Yiren.

    The light in the line of sight is not too good, but there is sunlight passing through the hole, one by one, forming a beam of different sizes.

    When the Song Yi people picked up the knife, their hands shook obviously.

    She remembered that only more than a month ago, Chu Mingyao took such a knife and cut open her skin.

    The Song Yi people clenched their knives in their hands, their joints were pale, and their hands shook violently.

    "Don't be afraid." Gong Lingye opened her mouth, and her warm breath fell on Song Yi's lap. Her voice was low and hoarse, but because of her weakness, she was inexplicably smelly: "Just take it out, I'll be fine."

    The Song Yi people tried to shake off the complex emotions of their hearts, and stroked down hard. In a moment, blood beads filled out, and the tail of the steel nails could be seen more clearly.

    Across the thigh. A thin layer of silk cloth on the leg, Song Yi people clearly felt Gong Lingye's chest muscles instantly tightened, the whole person stiffened.

    It's just that he didn't say anything, not even mumble.

    Perhaps because of thinking about the original self, Song Yi's voice was unconsciously softened, and there was a gentle taste: "You still need to draw a cross, you can take it out, and you insist on it."

    Gong Lingye inexplicably wanted to see her expression at the moment, but in the end she still didn't move, and just responded: "Okay."

    Song Yiren dropped the knife again. This time, she moved more sharply than before. When the blood spread again, she quickly looked at the tail of the steel nail, and used the tweezers on the other end of the Gongling Night Saber to clamp the steel nail. The tail was pulled out vigorously.

    "Dang!" Because of her disengagement, the steel nail fell on the reef, making a clear sound.

    Song Yiren clearly felt that Gong Lingye's tight muscles had finally relaxed. She picked up the shirt that Gong Lingye took off and tore two long strips of cloth with a knife.

    One quickly folded into a small square and pressed against his wound, the other was longer and intended to be used for bandaging.

    She supported his shoulders: "Okay, I'll bandage you now."

    Gong Lingye struggled to support her body, and there was no blood on her thin lips, but because of her beautiful lip shape, she still produced a decadent and morbid beauty: "Thanks."

    However, just after speaking, the whole person leaned weakly on the shoulders of Song Yi.