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Chu Mingyao looked at the grass, the grass was neat elsewhere, only the pit in the middle ...

    That is to say, the person digging the ground knows exactly where he is looking for.

    If that person is Song Ziheng, what is he hiding?

    At the time of the accident, Song Ziheng was only 11 years old. At that time, he should know nothing? After all, Song Ziheng was very dependent on him in that year.

    And if it ’s not Song Ziheng—

    So, who will that person be?

    Song Yi is dead, he saw it with his own eyes.

    Song Yi's parents were also dead and died in front of him.

    Even though Bei Mingmo might have jumped into the sea and didn't die, judging from the message that Bei Mingmo gave Song Yiren on QQ at the time, Chu Mingyao was certain that the Song Yiren had an accident so suddenly that he couldn't pass any news.

    Could it be that there are third parties besides a few of them in the world who know some things of the year?

    Chu Mingyao frowned deeply.

    At the moment, Gong Lingye's plane has just arrived in country M.

    On the plane, there is a dedicated medical team, and Gu Tingxue's heart rate has been walking on the death line.

    After getting off the plane, the ambulance over there was already ready. Everyone carried Gu Tingxue on the car and went straight to the research institution.

    Because it is the first flight of the Tiangong Group aircraft, this flight has indeed attracted the attention of many media.

    After all, once country F enters the mass production stage, it must inevitably share the same piece of cake with several aircraft manufacturers that now monopolize the international market.

    Therefore, Song Yiren still posted a Weibo before going to bed at night, because it is foreign media, so the news did not care that Gong Lingye did not like the taboo gossip, it was very ambiguous.

    [The first flight of the LM aircraft of China Guogong Group, President Gong Lingye escorted to the hospital with Miss Mystery, and the good things are approaching]

    Song Yiren finished watching, frowning.

    Good things are coming? Are they mistaken?

    Who is going to go to the hospital for a good thing, and still take an ambulance? ! What is the logic of these foreign media? !

    However, she still felt a little upset when she saw that it was ‘first flight’.

    Although Gong Lingye said that he was only responsible for Gu Tingxue, and he had no feelings for men and women, but when she saw him beside other women at this moment, her heart still felt that something was blocked, which was extremely depressed and dull.

    Song Yiren quit Weibo and was looking for Beimingmo to chat, the phone rang, it was a very strange number, and it was abroad.

    She hesitated and slipped to answer: "Hello."

    The phone was silent for two seconds, and then a familiar voice came: "If it's warm, it's me."

    Song Yi was surprised, it turned out to be Gong Mochen.

    She said, "Are you still in Country F?"

    Gong Mochen said: "Well, the communication is not good here, I haven't got much Internet access."

    Song Yi said: "Well, the living conditions are very difficult? I think the weather there always seems to be above 35 degrees."

    Gong Mochen heard that she was concerned about the weather on his side, and suddenly a little joy filled his heart, but he still said lightly: "The conditions are okay, and the communication base station has also begun to build. It is estimated that it will not take long. There is a stable network. "

    "That's good." The Song Yi people never talked to Gong Mochen in this way, and they didn't know what to say for a while, so they asked smoothly: "When will you return to China?"

    Gong Mochen took a breath and said, "I can't go back for the time being, but two days after Uncle's birthday is my mother's birthday, so I should come back."

    Song Yi people thought of Gong Lingye, and began to feel uncomfortable again, could not help whispering: "The private plane of Tiangong Group today, will your base want to mass produce it?"

    Gong Mochen said: "Yes, and more models will be developed."

    He paused and said again: "I will take you to sit when it is developed later."

    Song Yi people moved Gong Mochen's words, and his heart moved slightly.

    I have to admit that since they eased their relationship, Gong Mochen really treated her differently.

    Last time, she was splashed with dirty water in the mall. He stood on her side and ignored Le Haisheng; he was going to country F and told her deliberately; now, he even said to take her with her for the first flight ...

    A bold guess came to mind, and Song Yi's heartbeat accelerated, wouldn't Gong Mochen be interesting to her?

    I was taken aback by myself, but Song Yiren couldn't think of any other reason. After all, Gong Mochen in the impression will not take the initiative to call the girl, nor will she tell her a lot of trivial things that seem meaningless.

    "Mochen brother--" Song Yiren was about to try it out, and heard a mechanical voice over there: "Ah, Master, you are here too! Long time no see!"

    Song Yi smoked a corner of his mouth: "Ruwa?"

    Wa immediately said cheaply: "The host, the nobleman, forgets things, it seems to completely abandon my little uncle, my uncle, my grandma and my unlovable little pity! I haven't seen me for a long time!"

    Song Yi couldn't help crying and laughing. At first, she had deliberately set up such a program in order to spoof Gong Mochen. Regarding Ruwa's language library, she all came from online languages, but she didn't expect ...

    She was a little embarrassed: "You took Ruwa too?"

    Gong Mochen said: "Well," he said, turning off Ruwa's power.

    Inexplicably, I suddenly felt the atmosphere was ambiguous.

    Song Yi squeezed her lips and made the exploratory trial once unfinished: "Yes, are there any Chinese girls over there? Do you have any sex encounters?"

    Gong Mochen frowned, not knowing what the Song Yi people asked about this, but still said truthfully: "There are a few women in the partner, but we only talk about business."

    Song Yiren knew that it would be useless to count on Gong Mochen, so he said: "Have you ever met a girl you like? When you come back to your country, will you hear your good news?"

    Her tone was light and pleasant, and she did not have any emotions like jealousy. Gong Mochen's heart was inexplicably blocked, and her tone was a little cold: "No."

    The atmosphere suddenly solidified, and the Song Yi people didn't seem to know what to say.

    So, after two seconds of silence, Gong Mochen said: "I'm busy first."

    "Oh, good." Song Yi answered.

    The Song Yi people lay down and closed their eyes and could not sleep.

    She booked a ticket to R country tomorrow night, and together with Bei Mingmo, went to see Song Ziheng.

    Tomorrow, she has to go back to work at the base. The test data that she pulled down before needs to be filled in ...

    Perhaps because there are too many things, it is obviously very sleepy, but the Song Yi people always do not sleep, and do not know when it is, suddenly, the phone rang.

    She picked it up and saw it from Gong Lingye.

    Song Yi slipped and answered, "Hey."

    Unexpectedly, there was not a familiar male voice over there, but Gu Tingxue's voice.

    Gu Tingxue should be very sick, and his voice was very soft, as if he could be broken at any time: "Miss Yu, it's me, Gu Tingxue."