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Late at night, Song Yiren was asleep, and she was busy with the company's business these days. Seeing that Starry Night's liquidation was a little clearer, she was finally relieved.

    It's just that because Gong Lingye is on Dr. Tan's side, she always sleeps and likes to shut down. Now she is always on and is afraid that she will miss any calls.

    Hearing the bell ringing, and it’s Dr. Tan’s exclusive ringing, Song Yi in his sleep was startled and quickly sat up: “Dr. Tan?”

    Dr. Tan's tone was a little serious: "Ma'am, please come to the institute, there is something that needs your consent..."

    After listening to what Dr. Tan said, Song Yi immediately dressed and walked out quickly.

    Driving all the way to the institute, she walked into the ward and saw Gu Tingxue lying in bed.

    "If warm—" She looked at her anxiously: "I really don't have much time, and I'm always doing surgery, I'm also very uncomfortable, so..."

    Song Yiren walked over and took her hand: "Listen to Xue, you have known Ling Ye for a longer time than I did, so you should know him well. If he wakes up after surgery, I know that you saved him. If something goes wrong, he won't be at ease in his life."

    Gu Tingxue shook his head: "We can not tell him."

    "He is so smart, can't he guess?" Song Yi took a deep breath: "I also want to save him, but he still has more than two months. Listen to Xue, don't worry, wait two months Later, if there is still no corresponding medicine on Dr. Tan's side, we will..."

    Gu Tingxue gripped Song Yiren's hand tightly: "No, you don't know, I just escaped easily, and in the future, there will definitely be no such opportunity!"

    After this time, Gu Zhiyun will inevitably be more careful. She doesn’t even need to escape to save Gong Ling Ye even after seeing him, it’s impossible!

    Song Yiren immediately understood what she said. Only, how can she answer one person's life for another?

    "If it's warm, don't you love him very much?" Gu Tingxue became more anxious when she saw her silence.

    Surgery takes time, and every additional delay will increase the possibility of being discovered by the father.

    Song Yiren looked at the almost pleading light of the girl's eyes, and she felt that her heart was deeply touched.

    She also has selfishness. Of course, selfishness hopes that Gong Lingye will seize this opportunity to survive.

    However, there are too many ways to live in life, happy, weight-bearing, painful, relaxed, oppressive, unrestrained...

    One of her decisions is related to his future.

    Too difficult to choose, she only felt that this was the most difficult test she faced.

    And the next second, the hand that originally held the Song Yi people tightly, let go, Gu Tingxue closed his eyes after a sharp breath!

    Dr. Tan's complexion changed quickly and asked Song Yiren to assist him, and then pushed Gu Xuexue to the emergency room.

    The index on the instrument continued to decline, and Dr. Tan's expression became more serious: "Madam, Miss Gu is deliberately seeking death!"

    Song Yiren was also shocked, but at this moment did not give her any time to think, she quickly went out and called Dr. Tan's assistant.

    Pulse, heartbeat, everything is going straight, Dr. Tan looked at the girl on the bed and said, "Well, I agree to this operation, save Mr. Gong!"

    After a while, all the data slowly picked up.

    In the operating room, Gong Lingye was also pushed out with the utensils.

    There was a needle tube, which took out Gu Tingxue's blood. After special treatment, it passed through the channel on the vessel and entered Gong Lingye's vein.

    His blood was pumped out and placed in a special blood bag.

    And Gu Tingxue grew paler with the delivery of blood.

    This is a very dangerous process. If Gu Tingxue's blood volume is too low, then she will definitely have no chance of resuscitation.

    If blood transfusion is performed on her, it will dilute the concentration of the drug in her original plasma, which will not have much effect on Gong Lingye's rescue.

    Dr. Tan and several of his assistants were sweaty on their foreheads, keeping a close eye on the condition of the two. At the same time, he is constantly testing whether Gong Ling Ye's drug content is enough to offset the original toxicity in the body.

    "Teacher, Miss Gu's heart rate is only 30." The assistant said nervously.

    "We still need the last 100 milliliters." Dr. Tan said: "Xiao Qin, always ready for first aid."

    "it is good."

    The blood continued to flow slowly, Gu Guxue's lips slowly overflowed with a smile.

    She knew that he would be fine.

    When she was young, he took her to eat delicious food. A motorcycle couldn't help but bumped over. He was protecting her, and she was unharmed, but he was hit by a fly and lay down for a week.

    When the thing collapsed during the earthquake, he also protected her tightly, letting the beam fall and hurt his back and leg.

    These years, there are too many such things. He actually owes nothing to her, but he has been taking care of her and protecting her for more than two decades, but she has done nothing for him.

    Her father killed his brothers, and since she heard the news, she only felt that the whole sky had fallen.

    Fortunately, before her life ended, she was finally able to do something for him.

    Gu Tingxue's consciousness gradually fell into silence...

    Song Yiren has been outside the operating room, and she is pacing back and forth in anxious mood, but still feels that her breath is firmly grasped by the operating room.

    She looked at the elapsed time and began to pray with sincerity, only wishing that both of them were safe.

    And at this moment, the door of the operating room opened and was Dr. Tan’s assistant: "Madam, Mr. Gong is fine, but Miss Gu has rejected the plasma on our side..."

    Song Yi people startled: "Why?"

    The assistant was very anxious: "I don't know very well. Dr. Tan said that maybe Miss Gu's body has some selectivity because of the long-term medication, and she will develop clotting in general blood type a...

    Song Yi took a breath: "I am also a type, try it with me!"

    "Ma'am, Miss Gu's special--" the assistant said.

    "She is special, so you can't use your plasma right?" Song Yi said: "Since there is no other way now, if you don't try, can't you see her no cure?"

    The assistant listened to Song Yiren's words and nodded, "Okay, you come and try."

    Song Yiren walked in with the assistant, she quickly glanced at Gong Lingye in the vessel, and then straightened her wrist: "Try it!"

    Dr. Tan did not say much and immediately began to draw blood from the Song Yi people.

    Song Yi's blood flowed into Gu Tingxue's body a little bit, and everyone held their breaths and detected the changes in Gu Tingxue's blood.

    A miracle appeared, they changed so many bags of plasma, they could not be compatible with Gu Tingxue, but Song Yi people could!

    Dr. Tan's eyes were excited: "Miss Gu has been saved!"

    Song Yiren also nodded excitedly: "Dr. Tan, I'm in good health. It's okay to smoke more. You try to wake up and listen to the snow!"

    "it is good."

    Before Song Yi fainted, he finally took a look at the ward.

    Gong Lingye slept quietly in the vessel, and Gu Tingxue's heart rate and pulse gradually began to rise.

    Song Yiren's lips flared with a light smile, and a tear fell from his eyes.

    Great, her lover, it's okay, everything is fine for everyone...