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Song Yi people heard this, and his face faded pale.

    Three days?

    She is almost out of a day now, how can she persist for three days?

    The two of them continued to say, "Yes, stay for three days. It's so cold here. I can't stand it anymore. I'll buy some shochu!"

    "Well, there is a 24-hour convenience store over there. Buy another roast chicken!" Another humane.

    Soon, it was human footsteps.

    Not long after that, the man came back, and the two talked while drinking.

    "The kid's mobile phone is still with automatic positioning. Fortunately, we picked it up!"

    "No, I threw it into an old lady's grocery shopping pocket, and I watched him follow him, what was the reaction!"

    "Hahaha, you are still clever. At that time, I thought, otherwise I would throw it in the court. However, judging from the people they dispatched on this day, this kid is quite big!"

    "No matter how big it is to die here! Haha! Come, drink!"

    The two said with a smile, the smell of food drifted into the nose of Song Yiren, she felt her stomach cried.

    Startled, Song Yi quickly moved away.

    Fortunately, the two were only concerned about eating and did not hear anything.

    The Song Yi people walked about twenty meters deep into the passageway, and then stopped.

    She was too hungry and tired. Her legs were so soft that she could not support the weight.

    It's too cold here. When she squatted, she kept rubbing her palms, trying to absorb the temperature brought by the friction, and survived the long time.

    Not afraid to fall asleep, afraid to fall asleep and never wake up again, Song Yi people wrapped her hair around the pipe above her head. As long as she fell asleep, she would be pulled to wake up.

    The voices of the two in the distance are completely unreal, and time has lost its meaning in the darkness.

    Song Yiren didn't know how she insisted. It seemed that every time when she was the most difficult, she remembered Gong Lingye's saying, "Don't be afraid of being warm, I'm here."

    She picked up Zahara and even though she knew there was no signal, she still sent Ares a message: "Ling Ye, you said, what do you do every time you can't keep going?"

    "I recalled everything we knew afterwards, and suddenly remembered that once I had a cold, you wouldn't let me eat spicy food, and said I would make up when I'm done. But I'm fine, you haven't made up for me yet."

    "I'm so hungry and want to eat Dongpo's elbow."

    "Actually, there is no Dongpo elbow, and it's okay to eat a bowl of beef ramen."

    "No, no, in fact, it's good to have a soup bag, I'm asking for a low price."

    "Actually, without buns, buns will do ..."

    Song Yiren sighed and typed: "Ling Ye, I miss you so much, I'm afraid I can't hold on."

    Ahara may be running out of power, I can only turn it off, and then turn it on later. "

    "Gong Lingye, I suddenly want to marry you right away!"

    The Song Yi people posted this, their eyes sore, and they closed Zahara directly.

    Everything around me is back in darkness.

    The more the body is not his own, the more chaotic the brain is. Even, every time the hair is pulled, the Song Yi people have to react for a few seconds before they realize that they are in pain.

    She raised her head hard, in a trance, saw countless silver flakes flying in front of her eyes, as if she saw a beautiful light in the dark ...

    Thousands of miles away, Gong Ling lay quietly at night, his eyebrows were fully stretched, and the brain waves maintained only the slightest fluctuations.

    The instrument beside him records all his physiological data honestly and tirelessly, and delivers the nutrients that maintain the most basic metabolism to him through the nutrient solution.

    On one side, Ares was quiet, as if guarding, and throughout the room, only the occasional sound of the instrument.

    They are all waiting quietly for time, one hopes to be faster and one hopes to slow down the angle again.

    Thousands of miles away, there seems to be an invisible hand in the midst of each other, connected to each other's heartbeat.

    That night, Amian almost blew up the phone, but all the results obtained were disappointed.

    He picked up his phone and called Xuanyuan Che.

    Ear tips: "Hello, the phone you dialed has been turned off ..."

    Since yesterday, he has not been able to reach Xuanyuan Che, and he does n’t know why everything seems to have come together. Al-Mian called almost everyone, and he almost turned this city upside down, but, There is no news of the Song Yi people.

    Surveillance is that after Song Yiren entered the court hearing, she no longer has her records. They do n’t even know why the Song Yi ’s cell phone is in an old lady ’s pocket.

    The people they sent to protect the Song Yi people were all middle-level masters, but they didn't expect that the other party would mobilize more people and silently killed all of them.

    Sure enough, nothing in this world is absolute. There is no absolute security, nor absolute reliability.

    A Mian did not sleep at night. His eyes were bloodshot. He tried to mark all possible places, and finally came to a conclusion that he could hardly think of: Song Yi people fell into the hands of the people behind the scenes.

    At this time, the phone rang, and Bae Jun called: "Amian, did anyone find it?"

    "No." Amian said: "Is there anyone on your side?" If it was kidnapped, then the other party should contact them and ask for an exchange of terms.

    "No." Bae Jun was also in a hurry, Gong Ling fell asleep at night, and handed the safety of the Song Yi people to them, but at this juncture, something went wrong!

    Feeling annoyed that he couldn't even handle this, Bae Jun took a deep breath: "I'll ask Gong Shao to see if there is any way to contact him there."

    A Mian responded and hung up.

    At this moment, 30 hours after the Song Yi people disappeared, late at night, Gong Mochen was awakened by a phone call. Hearing Pei Jun's words, he suddenly fell asleep.

    "Yes, Master, if you can get in touch, or if your Ruwa has a special way to find Zahara ..."

    Gong Mochen immediately got up and said, "Okay, I think of a way."

    This was destined to be a sleepless night, and when Gong Mochen took Ruwa on the flight to Ningcheng, Song Yi saw in a trance that the hands of the watch pointed to a new day.

    Her lips and flaps were chapped and her body was almost numb, and it seemed that she had exhausted all her life for a moment.

    The itchy sensation spread slowly throughout her body. It took her more than ten minutes to barely stand up.

    She moved closer to the exit and listened to the sound against the wall.

    The two hadn't left yet, chatting one after another.

    She was so hungry at the moment that she didn't even cry, so she simply stayed there and waited quietly for time.

    She suddenly remembered that many years ago, she and Chi Jingyu stayed up together to do things, and had once a day and no sleep at night, so she now only tripled this experience.

    She can stick to it.

    In this world, nothing can beat her.

    Song Yi people clenched their teeth and insisted.