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#449 Give her to others

Bei Mingmo did not hesitate: "I don't like it, but now I'm not free, otherwise, I will definitely leave immediately!"

"Okay, I will send you away as soon as possible." Bei Mingshen said, and remained silent for another two seconds before asking: "Are you with Xuanyuan Che?"

Bei Mingmo nodded: "Yes, we have been together for a long time."

"Do you like him?" he asked again.

She simply nodded: "Well."

"I will return to the family tomorrow." Bei Ming looked at Bei Ming Mo deeply, his eyes deepened: "Mo Mo, you will be free right away."

She couldn't bear it after all: "Your injury--"

"It's okay, I can't die." His tone was indifferent: "If you want Xuanyuan Che to leave with you too, I can arrange it."

Bei Mingmo looked at Beiming Shen in surprise: "Is it difficult?"

He swallowed a spit, and suddenly felt astringent taste from his mouth to his stomach. He shook his head: "It's not difficult, you're going to the restroom with me now."

Although Bei Mingmo didn't know how Beiming Shen was going to arrange it, he nodded and followed him.

He walked a few steps, suddenly picked up his phone and made a call.

In the hall, Xuanyuan Yao, who was talking to the guests, picked up the phone and saw the call, and the whole person was a little shaken. Then, she politely said goodbye and quickly walked aside: "Shen Brother!"

"It's me. I wrote the "Lanting" in the lounge on the east side of your house." Beiming Shendao said.

"Shen Brother, do you mean—" Xuanyuan Yao could not believe his ears.

"I disfigured, do you mind?" Bei Ming asked deeply.

Xuanyuan Yao felt that her heartbeat suddenly became very fast. She wanted to laugh and cry a little: "Hehe, you are disfigured, she doesn't want you anymore, so you think of me?"

"Yeah, so ask you, are you still willing?" Bei Ming asked deeply.

"I'll go right away!" Xuanyuan Yao said some teeth, but his heart hit the chest violently.

How could she refuse?

Even if the man is disfigured and unrecognizable, that's what she always wanted! Has long since turned into obsession!

Whenever I think about it, dreaming at midnight makes her sleepless!

Now she was in front of her, she refused to refuse.

Bei Mingmo walked beside Beiming Shen, and all heard Bei Mingshen's conversation. She looked at him in doubt: "Shen Brother, you and Xuanyuan Yao--"

"I have nothing with her." He turned his head and his voice smiled a little: "How could I like her?"

He added in his heart: After loving you.

"Don't you want to leave here? She is the key." Bei Mingshen took the lead: "You follow me, just watch a good show."

In the corridor, Xuanyuan Yao took a deep breath and lightly buckled the door of Lanting.

In the room, Xuanyuan Lin, who had just awakened, only felt that he was about to explode. When he heard the knock on the door, his voice was depressed and low, even like the voice of Bei Mingshen: "Come in!"

Xuanyuan Yao missed a beat and opened the door.

There was no light in the room, she was about to speak, and she felt that she had been vigorously pulled her wrist, and then she threw it directly onto the bed!

Then, her lips were slammed shut, and the sound of tearing cloth came from the air!

Behind them, the door was quietly pulled by Bei Mingshen.

He looked at Beiming Mo and reached out to straighten the hair on her cheek. There were too many emotions in her eyes that she couldn't understand: "Momo, you can leave tomorrow."

For some reason, Bei Mingmo suddenly felt sour as if he saw something unbearable in the future: "Shen Brother, don't you go? Or, you can leave all you have left!"

He smiled: "If you can't go, you won't go."

After all, he pointed to the room at the end of the corridor: "Xuanyuan Che is waiting for you there. I just heard from my people that he seems to be injured."

Bei Mingmo immediately worried: "Ah! Then I go to see him!"

"Well." Bei Ming nodded deeply.

"Then I'm past!" Bei Mingmo said, turning around and leaving quickly.

Behind him, Bei Mingshen suddenly stopped her: "Momo!"

Bei Mingmo stopped in doubt: "Shen Brother?"

His eyes seemed to have experienced a mountain tsunami, but in the end it was calm: "Don't come out no matter what happens for a while."

"Oh, good." Bei Mingmo nodded.

Bei Ming watched her walk into the room inside, and then picked up her phone and made a phone call.

However, in three minutes, there were four or five guests, led by the above officials, and quickly walked to the entrance of the lounge called Lanting, and then knocked on the door.

There was only ambiguous voice in the room, and no one responded.

Soon, the door was unscrewed, and someone turned on the light in the dark.

Suddenly, the lights were bright, and the picture in the room was very clear.

Time seemed to freeze instantly, and even Xuanyuan Lin, who was almost mad, was sober for a moment.

When he saw that it was Xuanyuan Yao under him, he felt that his brain had been beaten hard, and all his self-confidence seemed to collapse and collapse!

Xuanyuan Yao was sober, and when she was shocked to find that the person in front of her was her brother, the door of the room, and so many eyes, for the first time in her life, she realized what the end is!

She's over, her reputation, her future, it's all over!

And her brother, after this night, was also notorious!

She was jointly played by Bei Mingshen and Xuan Yuan Che, which made Xuan Yuan Lin lose the qualification of the head of the family, and made her ruin the possibility of a high-married life!

The coolness in her heart almost made Xuanyuan Yao frozen. She pulled a bed sheet to cover herself and Xuanyuan Lin, and looked at all people with cruel eyes: "Go!"

It's just that she knew it was late, and everything was late!

At the moment, Beimingshen went outside.

His men reported to him what had just happened.

He nodded, but what he remembered in his mind was the picture of Bei Mingmo just walking towards Xuanyuan Che's room.

He got into the car and asked the driver to turn on the car stereo, but he closed his eyes in the back row to calm down.

There were traces of pain in the chest, like a net woven by the rain in the south of Jiangnan, which was shrouded in my heart.

On the stereo, there is a male voice singing a song:

"When you let him put you on the ring, I noticed the complex smile on your face. That was supposed to be me, the promise I paid to you, now I can only hide in the bustle."

"When I followed everyone to congratulate you, only you knew that I drank a few more glasses of wine. I can't look at you any more, it hurts at a glance, even if you know that in the dark, you look back."

"I finally know that the loneliness of Qu Zhongren is scattered, only sad people have. Your last red body, left in my eyes, I have no excuse for attachment."

"It turns out that this is the loneliness of Qu Zhongren, what do I want to wait for you? You hold my sleeve tightly and let me go, this time completely broke up with me..."

The man's voice whirled in the small space inside the car, and Bei Mingmo opened his eyes suddenly, looking out the window.

The neon around was shining like a spark, and he remembered what he said when he spent her New Year with her.

She said she loves freedom the most.

Then he gave her freedom.