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#471 Powerless

The end is long past.

Song Yi was so sleepy that she couldn't open her eyes. Gong Lingye took her to the bed, put it gently, and covered it with a quilt.

She grabbed his hand in confusion: "Ling Ye, don't you sleep?"

"I'll clean it up again, immediately." He said, leaning over and kissing her forehead, turning off the light.

Because the date of the herb auction was set, he had to catch up in the past few days.

There must be two days of delay in going there, and things on his side must be deployed early.

the next day.

Various doubts about Tiangong Group on the Internet are still in continuous heat, and Tiangong Group, Gong Lingye, and even the Song Yi people have no response.

It seems that they just let it be defeated, or that they are thinking of a way, but the way has little effect.

Thousands of miles away, I have been watching the fights of my nephews. Shangguan Ao often listens to the news during the morning exercises.

After finishing two sets of Tai Chi, Shangguan Ao walked on the grass while asking the housekeeper beside him: "Lao Lin, who do you think will win the third and fourth?"

Lao Lin thought for a moment, and said: "At present, it should be the third."

"Their victory and defeat are between five and five." Shangguan Ao stood on the top of the mountain, overlooking the rivers of Jincheng, pointing to the rivers and mountains like this: "The third child has been preparing for three years, certainly more than that. And the fourth, I I found a very strange phenomenon, not only his wife, but also several of his friends, did not help him."

Lao Lin was puzzled: "Homeowner, shouldn't their ability help?"

"No." Shangguan proudly said: "This old man is very indifferent to outsiders, and can even be said to be cruel. However, he is very good to the people around him. So, his friends are real friends. Under such circumstances Even if they knew they could not help, they would speak out for the brothers’ loyalty. But none of them, what does that mean?"

Lao Lin thought for a while, and immediately understood: "Is it that the four young masters still have a hole card?"

"Yes!" Shangguan proud nodded. He looked at the vast expanse in front of him, and his eyes were deep in thought: "I just don't know if his hole card is powerful, or the third son's rear trick."

Lao Lin felt only a moment of initiation: "Homeowner, so what should we do?"

"Nothing needs to be done, Lai Yue's order is still received, and the strategic deployment does not need to change." Shangguan proudly said: "I am looking forward to the next month."

The following day, Tiangong Group released an official Weibo, announcing that all the 20,000 cars it has produced have completed the upgrade of the brake system, and will officially enter the major 4S stores three days later.

Surprisingly, in such a thunderous wave, Tiangong Group did not turn off the right to comment on the official Weibo.

Moreover, under the guidance of one's heart and the situation of one-sided, the comment area was full of smoke, almost all cursing.

In the afternoon of the same day, someone started a topic on Weibo-resolutely boycott Tiangong products.

Once the topic was published, it quickly became a hot topic, so all social platforms are all related topic content.

So much so that someone even launched a mocking template, that is: "Today, have you bought the Tiangong?"

However, Gong Lingye and Gong Mochen, who are at the forefront of public opinion, are still silent.

Gong Lingye, who has always made a strong decision, has no news since he appeared in front of the media a week ago.

Some people say that he is because of a ghost in his heart, and some people say that he has no confidence to work with the whole world.

Until today, Lie Xiaoruo has been working in Luo Tianqi's company for half a month.

Although she was first exposed to the mobile phone industry, but because her brain learns things quickly, after half a month, she has basically completely adapted.

There was something wrong with Tiangong Group, she always wanted to do something, but Gong Lingye said no, plus Luo Tianqi also said that Gong Lingye will have a solution, so she can only suppress the worry and devote herself to it. jobs.

Tonight, there happened to be a contract to be negotiated. The marketing director originally planned to bring another male colleague, but the pregnant wife of the male colleague was suddenly uncomfortable.

At more than six o'clock in the evening, she and Director Wu went to the private room, and after a while, the client arrived.

The customer is a husband and wife and has been working with another mobile phone company before.

But when I traveled a while ago, I met Luo Tianqi and had a good chat. Therefore, I also had the intention to cooperate with Luo Shi.

Lie Xiaoruo is a beautiful girl, and since she was in China, she has tempered her original temper a lot, so when she didn’t speak, she seemed quite quiet, but it was very eye-catching for the old couple.

Everyone had a good chat, and Luo Tianqi also arrived.

He poured a drink and said: "Sorry, President Qin and Mrs. Qin, I was on a business trip today, and I just came from the airport. I came late and punished myself with three cups!"

"Mr. Luo doesn't have to be polite. You don't need to come here when you are so busy. We have a good chat with Mr. Wu and Xiaolie." Lao Qin said, and also had a cup with Luo Tianqi.

There is almost no pressure on this kind of dinner, and although the other couple is easy going, they also talked to Luo Tianqi about the market and follow-up services.

Lie Xiaoruo went to the bathroom halfway.

She was about to come out after using the bathroom, and she saw a familiar figure.

Lieyuan Shen apparently didn't expect to see her, so he didn't even look at the female guest, so he quickly went to the male guest next door.

Although there was only a few seconds, Lie Xiaoruo still clearly saw that Lie Yuan's footsteps were somewhat vain.

Did he drink too much?

In her impression, Lieyuan Shen had a good amount of wine, friends gathered, and family banquets. Lieyuan Shen had the most red cheeks but never vomited or drunk.

Now, she has seen him drunk more than three times in these two months.

Therefore, Lie Xiaoren did not leave, but waited quietly at the door of the female guesthouse.

After a while, Lieyuan Shen came out of the male club. His footsteps seemed to be better than before, but it was still not as calm as usual.

After he came out, he went straight to the other end of the corridor.

Lie Xiaoruo followed carefully.

Lieyuan Shen pushed the door of the private room open and said, "Director Zhao, I'm sorry, I've waited a long time."

"Xiao Lie, this amount of wine is not enough!" Director Zhao is a middle-aged man in his forties. He poured a large glass of white wine and pushed it to Lie Yuan Shen: "Young man, you should practice more wine!"

On the table, several other people also said, "Yes, you can talk about cooperation only after you have practiced the amount of wine!"

Lie Yuan Shen Wenyan smiled: "Okay, Director Zhao is right. I am in China, so I naturally have to follow the culture here!"

Having said that, he picked up that big glass of liquor and went straight to dry it.

At the door, Lie Xiaoruo looked at the scene from the crack of the door. His fingers clenched the door, and his eyes turned red.