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Xuanyuan Che was stunned. He really rarely heard Gong Lingye say which girl he admired.

    He couldn't help asking: "What happened to her before?"

    "Her best friend died, and all the clues pointed to the girl's death as an accident." Gong Lingye thought, if he had investigated like Bei Mingmo, Song Yi people would have suffered less.

    He continued: "But Sabrina later found a clue, she went to investigate alone, but because of this matter was in danger and was chased and jumped into the sea."

    Xuanyuan Che breathed a suffocation, and the hand on his side could not help tightening.

    Gong Lingye continued: "Later she was rescued, but because she jumped into the sea blinded her eyes, it was only a year later. During the blind year, she couldn't see, so she learned to perfume and do it now. Perfumer. "

    Xuan Yuan Che remembered that Bei Mingmo told Wei Qianran that day she had died once, so she was fearless.

    She also said that she had been blind for a year.

    It turned out that all this is so!

    And that day, when he asked her why she was chasing him at that time, she said that because her friend died, she felt uncomfortable and wanted to find something to do and divert her attention.

    He remembers three years ago, when she took the initiative to find him, there was always a flying smile on her cheeks, and she appeared in his world tirelessly from time to time, making him feel that this girl was a little careless.

    But now knowing the truth, he envyed her friend.

    He had been unable to tell where she was real or where she was disguised, but now she understood that if she really walked into her heart, she would be willing to insert a knife for the people beside her!

    Gong Lingye said beside Xuanyuan Che: "Ache, in short, if you like it, don't hesitate; if you don't like it, let it go as soon as possible."

    "Aye, thank you." Xuanyuan Che nodded.

    It happened that at this moment it was close to Tianhe Square. The two of them got off at the corner of the entrance of the square. TG-01 would park the car to the parking lot without worrying about them.

    Because Gong Lingye had an invitation card, the two of them walked directly through the special channel and went straight to the scene.

    Because there was air conditioning inside, Gong Lingye took off her jacket and pulled out Ares when she reached into the pocket of the down jacket.

    Early this morning, the Song Yi took away Zahara, and then squeezed Ares to him, saying what to see in a while, let the two robots come to a password password, and stage a long-awaited reunion.

    That was the story of the Song Yiren watching the idol drama last night. The male and female characters in it were separated for several years, and then met with the original tokens of love.

    At that time, Gong Lingye only felt that no matter how capable the girl was, she was still a romantic little girl. Although he was helpless and funny, he still did.

    Holding Ares, he was planning to enter the guest area with Xuanyuan Che, and Ares in his hand vibrated.

    Gong Lingye was puzzled and picked up Ares before him.

    Only listen to the synthesized male voice: "The first-level alert target was found, Chu Mingyao, located in ..."

    Gong Lingye stepped in, and his eyes instantly solidified.

    He told Ares: "Take a picture of him and send it to my phone."

    Soon, he opened the corresponding software on the phone and saw the photos on the spot at the moment.

    In the photo, Chu Mingyao stood among the crowd, his eyes looking toward the stage.

    On the stage, Song Yiren is interacting with the guests, and Bei Mingmo also just came out to make perfume for the lucky fans.

    Gong Lingye thought about turning around, and took Xuanyuan Che beside him: "Ache, we can't pass."

    Xuanyuan Che had just heard Ares talking, but he didn't hear it clearly. At this moment, Gong Lingye's expression was so serious that he was confused.

    Gong Lingye shook his head and handed the phone photo to Xuan Yuan Che: "This is Chu Mingyao, the president of Haisheng. It was him who chased Sabrina."

    Xuanyuan Che's pupils tightened suddenly. He glanced at the screen and then suddenly looked up at the stage. He was shocked and said: "He sees Momo now?"

    "Yes, but now Sabrina's name is Li Xiaozi." Gong Lingye said here, picked up the phone, and called Luo Tianqi.

    Luo Tianqi was at the company and slipped to answer: "Brother Ye, call me at this time, won't you invite my brother to dinner?"

    Who knows, Gong Lingye over there has a serious tone: "Tian Qi, you come to Tianhe Square immediately. The person who was going to kill Sabrina appeared. You now have to pretend that she is Li Xiaozi and act in a play."

    Luo Tianqi heard the words and stood up immediately: "Who is that person?"

    "Chu Mingyao." Gong Ling night said: "President Hai Sheng, now he is at the unique fan interaction meeting of Tianhe Square."

    "Okay, I'll pass immediately." Luo Tianqi said.

    Xuanyuan Che looked at Beiming Mo on the stage, and his heart became more worried. He turned to Gong Lingye and said: "Aye, Chu Mingyao doesn't know me, I should appear ..."

    "Chu Mingyao won't do anything in a large audience. If you show up, he will make him doubt. After all, Li Xiaozi is Tian Qi's wife." Gong Lingye patted Xuan Yuanche's shoulder on the night: "She will be fine."

    What Gong Lingye didn't say is that, similarly, when Chu Mingyao saw Bei Mingmo, he would also doubt the 'Yu Ruo Nuan' on the stage. His home's warmth was also dangerous.

    He was under pressure and commanded Ares again: "You immediately notify Zahara to let Chu Mingyao appear, and I tell Tianqi to save the scene in the past to Nuan Nuan and Sabrina."

    The robot contact speed is the fastest, so, almost blinking, Ares will tell Zahara all the information.

    At the moment, Hara was shooting Chu Mingyao's picture in the corner of the stage. After receiving the message, he began to analyze the data, and finally converted all the signals into text, which was sent to the mobile phones of Song Yiren and Bei Mingmo.

    On the stage, the Song Yi people completed the interaction and took the lead to the background.

    Hara passed right away and told her that there was news on her cell phone that she needed to see it as soon as possible.

    Song Yi was curious and opened it, his lips raised.

    Luo Tianqi came over, of course, the best way!

    Soon, in front of the stage, Bei Mingmo gave the scene of the prepared perfume to the lucky fan, and then she also went to the backstage.

    Song Yiren passed by and told her the matter. Bei Mingmo nodded: "Well, don't worry, Yi Yi, I won't let him doubt it."

    Under the stage, the interactive activity is nearing its end. Finally, everyone took a group photo. Song Yiren and Bei Mingmo went up again and took a group photo with the stars.

    The publicity campaign ended perfectly, and Bei Mingmo Chong thanked the scene before returning to the background.

    Some fans have started to leave, and some are still reluctant.

    There was some chaos in the background, the crowd was scattered, the stars had left from the special passage, and the Song Yi people first went to the dressing room behind to change clothes.

    Chu Mingyao waited quietly for the people around him to leave. He also followed the flow of people to a secluded place, but he waited for an opportunity to face Beiming Mo!