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Gong Lingye turned her head and her deep eyes locked Gong Mochen: "Why, want to take advantage of it?"

    Gong Mochen's face suddenly turned black.

    Gong Ling night said: "The people I left will protect her, and she will take good care of herself. I will not trust her to anyone, because it is her own freedom to choose who."

    In the distance, the fireworks spread out in the dark, the sky was rendered dazzling, Gong Gongchen looked at Gong Lingye, at this moment, suddenly understood why Song Yi people fell in love with Gong Lingye.

    Perhaps this is true love!

    He believes in her, and believes that even if she is alone, she can take care of herself.

    He gave her freedom to let her choose the future she wanted.

    And for himself, Gong Mochen thought, perhaps at the beginning, he wore colored glasses, and then missed the beginning and the ending.

    Gong Lingye no longer continued the topic just now, but seriously said: "Mo Chen, the Gong family will depend on you in the future. And my mother will also depend on you."

    Gong Mochen tightened his hands and nodded vigorously.

    He looked at Gong Lingye's back, and then realized that his subconscious has always been dependent on Gong Lingye.

    Gong Ling Ye Da was three years old and grew up. When he called him ‘Little Uncle’, he really regarded him as a father.

    Tiangong Group or many things at home, even if Gong Ling is at night, you do n’t have to worry about him.

    Now, when Gong Lingye left, the sudden pressure and panic, like the darkness, surrounded Gong Mochen tightly. He didn't even know if he could do one-tenth of Gong Lingye's time!

    The two blew outside for a while, and then they returned to the house together.

    Mrs. Gong was old and fell asleep shortly.

    Gong Lingye waited for her mother to sleep before leaving the old house.

    When he returned to the hot spring villa, the Song Yi people waited for him to fall asleep on the sofa.

    On the TV, the Spring Festival Gala was rebroadcast. Gong Lingye turned off the TV, gently picked up the Song Yi people, and walked back to the bedroom.

    She was confused: "I just wanted to tell you a happy new year and fell asleep without knowing how."

    Gong Lingye only left a dim table lamp: "It's not too late to say now! Wife, Happy New Year!"

    Song Yiren's eyes were half open, and his voice was soft: "Her husband, Happy New Year!"

    Gong Lingye rolled his emotions in his chest, bowed his head, and printed a kiss on Song Yi's lips and flaps.

    Just listen to her whispering: "The other princess is a prince and wakes up with a kiss, I fell asleep when you kissed ..."

    During her talk, she really fell asleep.

    He watched her sleep quietly and didn't forget to look into his arms, only to feel his heart tear.

    He just told Gong Mochen that he thought she could take care of herself.

    However, at the moment she looked so dependent on him, Gong Lingye began to worry, if he really couldn't do it, how sad she would be.

    Will she eat out every day? Will she carry her on her back when she is tired? Will she give her a vigil when she is sick? She was bullied, and no one helped her clear?

    Although he can arrange everything, but because he loves her, he can be attentive. And to what extent can the arranged person achieve it?

    Gong Lingye watched the Song Yi people for a long time, and then released her gently, got up and grabbed a thing, and then stuffed it under the pillow.

    The next morning, Song Yi people went to bed together and found something more under the pillow.

    She picked it up and found it was a red envelope.

    Taken apart, the money inside is not much for Gong Lingye, but the moral is very good.

    Nine hundred and ninety-nine yuan, symbolizing the enduring time.

    She took the red envelope and ran out with joy.

    Gong Lingye had just washed her hair, and she came out when she saw the messy hair of the Song Yi people. She also wore the slippers upside down.

    "I received the red envelope!" The Song Yi people took Gong Lingye's arm, pulled him down, leaned to his ear, and deliberately teased him: "Thank you dad!"

    Gong Lingye's ears were hot, and she could not help crying or laughing. He rubbed Song Yiren's head: "Baby is just happy, whatever you want to buy, even if you find your father!"

    Song Yiren laughed and rushed to Gongling Night: "Happy New Year!"

    At the other end of the corridor, Song Ziheng heard the two laughing and laughing and walked over. He also had a red envelope in his hand.

    He came in front of the duo, Chong Gong Ling night said: "Thank you brother-in-law! Happy new year brother-in-law!"

    Song Yiren probed past: "Zi Heng, how much is your red envelope?"

    Song Ziheng said: "One thousand yuan."

    Song Yiren suddenly stopped, Chong Gongling said at night: "Why is he one more than me? You two must be carrying my little secret! That one dollar is the sealing fee!"

    "Well, that piece is indeed the sealing fee." Gong Lingye followed her words and said: "But your sealing fee, I have already paid."

    Song Yiren raised his eyes: "Huh?"

    Gong Lingye grabbed her waist and bowed her lips to kiss her lips. After a deep kiss, he straightened up and said, "Is this seal satisfactory?"

    Song Yiren's cheeks turned hot and turned to see Song Ziheng.

    Song Ziheng had turned his back, and his ears were red.

    It seems that his brother is still a pure grass! Song Yi people are at ease, just don't learn bad!

    On New Year's Day, Gong Lingye once again announced a short video.

    In the sound of everyone's New Year's greetings, this video seemed to explode with a thunder.

    Because, in the video, there was a man-Chu Mingyao.

    Although Chu Mingyao didn't touch Xu Qing in the picture, Xu Qing was obviously chased, and there seemed to be wounds on his body, while Chu Mingyao was inside, what did it mean?

    In the evening, Gong Lingye received a call from Pei Jun.

    Pei Jundao: "President, we checked Chu Mingyao's recent call records. Among them, there was a number that he called several times and also sent messages, but this number is empty."

    He continued: "However, we continue to send people to investigate the record of this number, and find out that this number was passed in Ningguo six months ago, and no one has ever used it again."

    Ning Guo? Gong Lingye gazed at the eyes. Are the people behind the scene now in Ningguo?

    "Okay, continue to stare at Chu Mingyao's movements," Gong Lingye ordered: "Also, let A Mian pay attention to Su Yunfei. Maybe the court will be held after the New Year, and you must make sure that Su Yunfei is in good spirit.

    After that, every other day, Gong Lingye will send a short video, and then on the day of the New Year's Day, the mysterious Weibo blogger's "See you at nine o'clock" makes the Internet crazy instantly!

    Because, in the video, it was clearly seen that Chu Mingyao was working on Xu Qing.

    Although it was not the blow that caused Xu Qing's fatal injury, it can also be seen that after Xu Qing was hit hard by him, he was covered with blood!

    At the same time, in Ningcheng, the door of Chu Mingyao ’s villa was knocked. A man in black trousers and a peaked cap lowered his voice: "If you don't want to die, follow me immediately!"