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Song Yi's heart sank, and immediately turned his head, very boneless: "I'm not hungry!"

    Gong Lingye seemed very sorry in general: "It seems that I don't want to eat milk bricks and strawberry pancakes."

    Song Yiren's eyes lit up and locked Gong Lingye suspiciously.

    He explained: "I heard that you were taken away when you went to buy them. I asked the assistant to buy a copy. It was estimated that I had delivered it when I called the conference call. I should have it at home. "

    Song Yiren licked his lower lip unconsciously.

    Why is he so thoughtful about everything?

    As if overthrowing the honeypot, Song Yiren shook the arm of Gong Ling Ling Ye: "Ling Ye, thank you."

    Gong Ling night pretended not to hear clearly, said: "I just seemed to hear that you are not hungry."

    Coincidentally, Song Yiren's stomach cried.

    Song Yiren: Can "..." not be so impatient?

    Gong Lingye couldn't help but laugh out loud: "My house is so hungry?"

    Song Yi: "..."

    Gong Lingye got dressed and got up to get things in the kitchen.

    Song Yi was in the study, looking at the mess on the ground, his cheeks were hot.

    She put on her pajamas, dragged her hair down, and picked up Gong Lingye's documents.

    Just when she helped him clean up, he found a file--

    X Life Insurance Contract.

    She opened it in disbelief, only to find that Gong Lingye had insured herself, and the amount on it surprised the Song Yi people.

    She took a quick glance. The above items were about accidental death and sudden death, and when she turned to the end, the beneficiary turned out to be-

    Yu Ruonuan.

    She was shocked and looked at it again.

    It clearly read her ID number.

    The date of contract purchase is two months ago.

    Therefore, Gong Lingye bought herself an insurance contract in advance, and then, she was used as a beneficiary?

    Suddenly my heart was filled with a strange touch, a little swollen and sour, and at the end it became sweet again. The Song Yi people looked at the signature of the last Gong Lingye, only to feel that the whole person was burning.

    At this time, when there was news from outside, the Song Yi people quickly closed the file and put it on the desktop, and then picked up other files and continued to put them.

    Gong Lingye pushed the door in and put the Song Yi people in order, and couldn't help laughing: "The legs are not soft? It seems that fitness has been effective recently."

    Song Yiren did not speak because his emotions were still stirring in his chest.

    Gong Lingye put things on the table and said, "It's okay, I'll take care of it later."

    Song Yiren looked at the dessert on the table and felt that his nose was more sour. She sat on Gong Lingye's lap and raised her head to ask him: "How are you so good to me?"

    Gong Lingye smiled and squeezed Song Yiren's face: "You are my wife, who is not good to you, who is good to you?"

    Song Yi people wrapped his neck around, his voice trembling: "If I saw you for the first time, I knew how good you should be!"

    He patted her on the back: "Nuan Nuan, don't think about the past again, your father and mother, hope you and Ziheng live happily all the time!"

    Song Yi nodded and leaned on Gong Lingye's chest.

    He feeds her with a spoon: "eat more fat and feel better."

    She smiled and reached out to touch his chest muscles: "Your hand feels just right."

    "Small woman." Gong Lingye's muscles were tight, and she took Song Yiren's hand over her: "Is it better now?"

    Song Yiren laughed: "I also like the chocolate abs below!"

    Gong Lingye's eyes deepened: "It seems that the physical strength is better than before!"

    Song Yi: "..."

    She went to eat dessert right away, and she never said anything that made him imaginative.

    At the moment, in Beimingmo's room, she poured herself a glass of milk and spoke to Xuanyuan Che in the living room: "I'm okay here, I have arranged bodyguards for me at night, and nothing will happen. , Thank you today! I ’m going to bed, so go back! "

    Xuanyuan Che heard Bei Mingmo's words, he stood up and said, "It's okay, I'm in the living room."

    Bei Mingmo felt funny: "It does matter! I am used to living by myself. You are here to disturb."

    Did n’t he say ‘sorry, bother’ that day?

    Don't you know that his presence is disturbing now? Or did he think that her life was threatened and it was worth his pity?

    Ha ha, she is not rare!

    Xuanyuan Che apparently also understood Bei Mingmo's hint that he glanced darkly at the bottom of his eyes, but he didn't explain but continued to sit there.

    The two stalemate for half a minute. Bei Mingmo saw that the other person really didn't leave. She couldn't really reach out and push the person out, so she didn't bother to pay attention to him, but turned to the bedroom.

    The bedroom door closed, and Xuanyuan Che looked at the closed door for a while, before slowly leaning his body against the back of the sofa.

    In the room, Bei Mingmo lay on the bed and turned over.

    Today, after those people attacked her and were taken away, he accompanied her home.

    She ignored him, he didn't speak, and the two seemed to not know each other, so they sat.

    Even, he did not explain why he happened to be in front of her community when she came home.

    Bei Mingmo listened to the movement outside for a while and determined that Xuanyuan Che hadn't left. She was a little uncomfortable at first, but when she got to the back, she couldn't stand too sleepy, but she slept.

    Early the next morning, Bei Mingmo was woken up by the alarm clock. She sat up, yawned, and pushed the door out.

    The morning sun poured over the house, and Bei Mingmo turned around and saw the man on the sofa.

    Xuanyuan Che should have fallen asleep in the middle of the night. At the moment, he was lying on the sofa with his eyes closed, and the sun was shining a circle of gold glitter on his hair.

    Did he really never leave last night? Ca n’t you catch a cold if you do n’t even cover the bed?

    Thinking of this, Bei Mingmo turned around and went to the bathroom.

    What does his cold have to do with her? She let him go last night, he didn't go.

    Besides, he is all 30 years old. Will he still take care of himself?

    Bei Mingmo thought of this and went to wash without a psychological burden.

    When she came out and opened the door, she found that Xuanyuan Che had risen.

    He didn't have any clothes to change, so he was still the same as yesterday. His hair was slightly messy, and there seemed to be signs of not sleeping well under his eyes.

    Bei Mingmo glanced at him, and then withdrew his gaze.

    She had to go to the company this morning. Because it was late, she had no time to eat, and she planned to buy some at the company.

    Yesterday, it was clearly done by Chu Mingyao, and Bei Mingmo was also a little surprised. The other party was so breathless that he directly adopted extraordinary methods. It seems that the days of chaos in him are really not far away!

    Moreover, if he fails once, he will inevitably not continue immediately, so at present she should be safe.

    Bei Mingmo went directly to change his clothes. When he came out, Xuanyuan Che was already standing by the door.

    He took the key and said, "I will send you to work."

    She stopped and looked at him, her tone calm and alienated: "No, thank you."

    He looked at her for two seconds, then stretched out his hand, and took her by the arm: "Momo, let's socialize!"