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The Song Yi people resisted the disgust in their hearts and pretended to look at the document curiously.

    Sure enough, as soon as Chu Mingyao saw her curious expression, all the traces of the original heart disappeared.

    He took a knife, fork and dinner plate from one side and cut a cake for the Song Yi people: "We will eat the cake first, and then look at the contract later."

    The Song Yi people saw that the cake was full of mangoes.

    Ha ha, Chu Mingyao really noticed what she loves to eat now!

    The cake was delicious, but it was like eating poison in the mouth.

    "Mr. Chu, you just said that this car is different from the market, what are the main aspects?" Song Yiren forked a piece of mango and slowly ate.

    "The radar system is more advanced." Chu Mingyao was relaxed at the moment, so he didn't hide it: "Our company just hired a top expert in this field this year. It can be said that it is well-known globally."

    Song Yi people couldn't help but admire: "The safety of this car will definitely be improved even more!"

    Chu Mingyao nodded: "Yes, for example, even when driving at high speed at night, suddenly a stray cat ran over in front of the car, it can also slow down ahead of time and avoid it in time by radar to monitor and judge the 360-degree surrounding 100 meters . "

    "Is there a previous car in this respect?" Song Yi asked, puzzled.

    "Before the car, the monitoring range was smaller, and the logic algorithm did not respond so quickly." Chu Mingyao explained.

    In the chat between the two, half of the cake was eaten.

    Song Yiren looked out of the window and suddenly found that the car actually drove into a tree-lined road.

    The car is still a piano and psychedelic light and shadow, and outside is a large patch of sunlight and tall and tall trees. If it is not the enemy in front of it, it can really be said to be a romantic scenery.

    Chu Mingyao took out the contract and said: "Yu Xiaomate, I really sincerely invite you to come to our Haisheng!"

    The Song Yi people took the contract and looked closely. It was indeed a standard spokesperson contract.

    She pretended to be somewhat distressed: "But I am now an intern in Tiangong Group, and it happens to be the AI ​​technology department. If I become your spokesperson for driverless cars, then you will release a new car, I am afraid ..."

    Chu Mingyao understood it all at once and could n’t help laughing: “Classmate Yu Xiao, I believe you. Moreover, we all have finished the car, so we need to speak. The spokesperson ca n’t get access to the core technical information, so you ’re worried Don't worry at all. "

    Seemingly afraid of the Song Yi people ’s rejection, he said again: "And on the Tiangong Group side, I will see President Gong tomorrow, and I can also explain to him that he should not be attentive. Your endorsement of our car will not provide us with any technical secrets. . "

    Everyone has spoken here, and the Song Yi people will naturally not refuse again.

    Moreover, she is now somewhat happy.

    Because she had tried his tone before eating with Gong Lingye before, she said that if she would go to work abroad, Gong Lingye directly objected.

    and so……

    If it is an endorsement, Gong Lingye will not interfere, and although she is only an endorsement, it does not seem to be an opportunity.

    Song Yiren raised his eyes and said seriously to Chu Mingyao: "Thank you President Chu! Actually, I do n’t hide from you. My dad still owes some debts at home because of some financial matters. So you will help me so much. I ’d appreciate it. Your!"

    Chu Mingyao suddenly said: "If there is any difficulty on your side, you can contact me at any time ... you have my contact information."

    Song Yi nodded and lowered his eyes: "Thank you Mr. Chu."

    "I appreciate your ability, so this is what I want to pity ..." Chu Mingyao paused, and said: "You and Mr. Gong ..."

    Song Yiren was silent for a moment and said, "We broke up."

    On the same day, the Song Yi people acted as "guides" and took Chu Mingyao to visit many places in the imperial city. This was only because of a phone call.

    The next day, the AI ​​exchange event began, and Song Yiren, as the organizer's employee, naturally appeared on the scene.

    She looks pretty, and with fluent English, she is almost a regular visitor in the spotlight.

    What no one knows is that after Song Yiren changed her professional attire, she put on her neutral clothes and took the flight directly to Ningcheng.

    Gong Lingye knew that when Song Yi left, she was already on a plane to Ningcheng.

    Just after the meeting with several company bosses, Gong Lingye went directly to the airport: "Buy the nearest flight!"

    However, his flight has just taken off, and the Song Yi people's flights have already landed in Ningcheng.

    She called Amian directly: "Amian, I'm at Ningcheng Airport. You can send a car to take me over."

    A Mian was puzzled, but thought it was Gong Lingye's arrangement, so he immediately arranged for people from the airport to pick up the Song Yi people and head to the Song family villa.

    Already driving into a familiar area, Song Yiren almost completely raised his mind.

    Just before reaching the nearby area, Song Yi picked up the phone and dialed out a string of numbers.

    In the Song Family Villa, Song Ziheng was reading a book in the room, and he heard a very special ringing sound on his mobile phone.

    He turned his head suddenly and looked at the screen inconceivably.

    The above is a series of numbers without names, but the numbers are already familiar.

    He picked up the phone and his heart beat so hard that it almost broke through his chest. He slipped to answer and held the phone tremblingly to his ear.

    The surroundings were very quiet, and only the breath sounded clearly in the ear.

    Song Yi's breath was tight, she said to the microphone: "Excuse me, is it Sands? I like your work ..."

    On Song Ziheng's side, the sound of striking the desktop sounded clearly, with two long and one short beats.

    This is their secret code, proving that there is no one beside Song Ziheng.

    Song Yiren's eyes were hot: "Zi Heng, I will go over and rescue you immediately! Five minutes later, you will have a blackout across the board. Before the blackout, you exercise on the grass of the villa. Once the blackout occurs, you will run away immediately! "

    Song Ziheng never thought that one day he could really escape this shackle.

    In the past three years, he has suffered the most painful and tormented time in his life, almost thinking that this is the end, but, one day, a strange girl came to him and brought him a ray of life.

    He believed her. Although he did not know why she knew the secret between him and his sister, he still had no reason to believe it.

    Either be free or die.

    He tapped at the table, two long and one short.

    Song Yiren urged: "Pay attention to safety."

    Hanging up the phone, the car turned a corner, and arrived at the villa area, Amian's people had slowed down.

    At the same time, Song Ziheng put on sportswear and walked to the living room on the first floor.

    When the servant saw him about to go out, he quickly stopped and said: "Master, are you going to go out? The sir is not here and it is not safe at night."

    Song Ziheng shook his head and gestured for movement.

    The servant saw this, and one person followed him out.