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Luo Tianqi arrived earlier, seeing Gong Lingye brought so many people, and he had all the skin colors, he couldn't help but wonder: "Brother Ye, are all your friends?"

    Gong Lingye nodded: "They are all friends of the Nuan Nuan team. This time it is everyone's credit to get TG-01."

    "Wow, it's all awesome technical elites!" Luo Tianqi gave a thumbs-up. Because he knew Chi Jingyu, he got up and came to Chi Jingyu, hooking his shoulder: "Chi brother is powerful, before I can't make an appointment with you, it turns out to be a big deal at the door! "

    Chi Jingyu hooked his lips: "We have been in a hurry before, and we really can't get out! Now it's okay, we also have to relax completely. Today we are here to drink, and we are not drunk together!"

    While talking, He Wanshuang came up with Bei Mingmo.

    Song Yi said: "Hey, did you come together?"

    He Wanshuang said: "Well, I just met at the elevator door."

    Bei Mingmo stepped forward and took Song Yi's hand: "My dear, I just saw a TG-01 in the underground parking lot. You said, did you drive it?"

    Song Yiren smiled: "I can't hide you! Yeah, it's our team's self-retained money. There are two more. They parked in another area of ​​the parking lot. You didn't see it."

    "Yo yo, the little rich woman has you!" Bei Mingmo raised his eyes and rushed to Gong Ling night: "I look at the stock today, Tiangong Group's stocks have soared, is your wife worth it?"

    Gong Lingye also smiled, embracing the Song Yi people in her arms: "My family's warmth is a treasure!"

    "Stain, kill our single dogs!" Bei Mingmo was talking, and after turning his eyes, he saw many acquaintances present.

    She used to go to the Song Yi people's studio when she used to. It was not as convenient and fast as takeaway now, so Bei Mingmo also gave them many meals.

    Unexpectedly, three years later, they will meet again. At this moment, it seems that everyone is familiar and strange, and it is really touching.

    Bei Mingmo walked over and kicked Chi Jingyu: "Aesthetics are getting worse and worse. Look at you, gay in gay!"

    Chi Jingyu was drinking with Luo Tianqi, raised his eyes after hearing the words, and then, his eyes stopped, they were all surprised: "Fuck! Where have you been in the past few years?"

    Bei Mingmo took an empty glass and poured himself a glass of red wine. He said, "Boo man!"

    After finishing talking, lift the glass and dry.

    She had just put down the cup and saw Xuanyuan Che coming in from outside. She seemed to hear her words and looked straight at her.

    Bei Mingmo squeezed the cup's hand slightly, then immediately turned away and squeezed to sit next to Chi Jingyu.

    Lao Gui, they also seemed to see her fellow villagers when they saw her, and all of them looked excited: "They almost didn't recognize it, they became more and more beautiful!"

    "Lao Niang was not beautiful before?" Bei Mingmo was dissatisfied.

    "It used to look like a pure girl, but now it feels like a wind." Anic said.

    As soon as he finished speaking, he was caught in the head by a violent chestnut of Bei Mingmo: "Say another word to try?"

    ic grieved in his face: "Obviously, people are not allowed to say ..."

    After all, Hua Ge was married, and his EQ was a little bit higher: "This is getting more and more feminine, Anic, no wonder you are always broken up!"

    With an arrow in his mind, ic picked up the glass: "Drink, drink! Momo, are you single now?"

    Bei Mingmo nodded: "Yes! Why, would you like to introduce me to my boyfriend?"

    "You're really single!" J muttered: "I remember you said, you're never single for more than a month! Because shopping requires bags, going out to drive, and hungry and you need to take out anytime!"

    Bei Mingmo: "..."

    "At that time, people were still little girls, they were just playing with each other, and they weren't even in love." Old Wu said just now, "Momo, you can now find a down-to-earth person and stabilize."

    Old Pan Wenyan smiled and said, "Lao Wu is now a parent again!"

    Bei Mingmo looked down at the wine glass in his hand and said, "Actually, you are right, and I plan to stabilize. But wait for half a year! And get married or not, you have to listen to the family's opinion? I estimate to go back in half a year. , What will happen to my parents at that time? "

    "Lying trough, am I right?" Chi Jingyu exaggerated: "Are you going home to accept family marriage?"

    Bei Mingmo kicked him: "Why not?"

    Chi Jingyu drank a glass of wine: "Oh, anyway, you should play enough when you are young, this is the rhythm of returning home!"

    Bei Mingmo was too lazy to care about him, but turned to laugh at the ghost: "Laughter, I want to see your tattoo!"

    When everyone heard it, they all gathered together and were curious.

    Bei Mingmo said: "Or black fire unicorn?"

    The laughter simply lifted his back and showed it to everyone: "Are you satisfied with curiosity?"

    I saw a few cursive Chinese characters above: "I don't have a mom!"

    After everyone was surprised for a few seconds, they all laughed together, and Brother Hua even laughed with tears: "Daughter, are you stimulated?"

    "He must have been exploded. Ju!" J said wryly.

    The laughing ghost turned to beat him, but he ran fast and escaped.

    The laughing ghost sat back and said depressedly: "I used to be a pattern before. I went to see the handsome guy that day and asked the boss what he meant. He said it meant the best in Laozi's world. After I finished the pattern, someone came over and looked at my back and laughed. I, his mother, knew that they were pitted ... "

    Everyone laughed: "The next time you want real-text Chinese characters, bring Xiao Nuan, she will explain to you what it means!"

    "Okay, let's stop talking! Drink!" Said the ghost.

    Seeing Bei Mingmo crowded with them and drinking, the Song Yi people pulled Gong Lingye and passed: "Come and come, everyone has worked hard recently, toast!"

    "There is more and more boss lady!" Everyone cheered.

    Everyone sat down to drink together, the atmosphere was warm once.

    Luo Tianqi saw that Xuan Yuan Che was there alone, so he greeted: "A Che is coming!"

    After talking, he rushed to evening cream and said, "Xiaoshuang, you used to drink quite a bit, but now how can you not be a woman?"

    Xuan Yuan Che sat down and said, "Xiao Shuang is a girl, it is better to drink less."

    Luo Tianqi pouted: "Look at others Momo, how simple to drink!"

    Xuanyuan Che heard the words and turned to see Beiming Mo.

    She is holding a cup in her hand, and she is talking and laughing with J, and unlike the appearance of the polite, the light in her eyes is real and fresh.

    He looked at her for a few seconds, and she didn't turn her head, it seemed to be interesting to chat with J.

    Over there, He Wanshuang said: "I don't have as much wine as Sabrina. Besides, if I'm warm, I don't drink much!"

    "That's someone else's control." Luo Tianqi said, giving He Wanshuang a rum ice cream.

    Song Yi people also took an ice cream, scooped a spoon, and suddenly covered his mouth.

    "What's wrong?" Aside, Gong Lingye asked her when she saw her face looking ugly.

    Song Yiren covered his mouth and strode to the bathroom.

    On the seat over there, after a brief freeze, Luo Tianqi said, "Don't you be pregnant, sister-in-law?"

    After hearing this, everyone looked at Gong Lingye.

    Fortunately, Song Yi came back soon. She sat down and saw that everyone looked at her with a very subtle expression, and she was hairy, so she couldn't help but ask, "What are you doing?"

    "After taking a bite of cheese ice cream, I feel sick and vomiting. In my experience, I must be pregnant!" Luo Tianqi raised his eyebrows.