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At nine o'clock in the morning, Song Yiren had already done makeup and put on a wedding dress.

    In the room, several bridesmaids were wearing light purple bridesmaid wedding dresses, all of them had great faces and were very eye-catching.

    Gong Moyan looked down at his chest and slightly pursed his lips.

    She is the position of the bridesmaid who was only asked after Chong Gong Ling Ye was coquettish. After all, she was only 12 years old this year.

    However, the hereditary genes of the Gong family are good. Even if she is very small, she is already one meter and six meters tall, but her body has not yet officially developed. It looks dry compared with other bridesmaids.

    Seeing her small movements, Song Yiren hooked her hand.

    She moved closer and listened to Song Yi's words: "How much cotton will your little aunt put in for you?"

    Gong Moyan's face suddenly turned red.

    Everyone laughed, but they all looked at Su Mi: "Little sister, don't worry, maybe she will have the same figure as Su Mi!"

    I have to say that the Su Mi model's origin is indeed different. The height of a meter and a few meters, and the figure of the front convex and the back is very prominent in the public.

    Everyone said with a smile, until the time was almost half past nine, and Wei Qianran, who was at the door, excitedly said: "Ah, I heard footsteps! It seems that the groom and the best man are coming!"

    Song Yi people felt nervous immediately.

    Sure enough, the footsteps were getting closer and closer until they reached the door.

    Gong Moyan glanced from the cat's eyes, excitedly said: "Ah, my uncle is here, he is so handsome today!"

    "Mo Yan, don't forget that you are a bridesmaid!" Li Huo reminded her, "We both guard the door!"

    There was a knock at the door, and then a low-magnetism male voice came: "Nuan Nuan, I'll pick you up."

    Song Yi's heart was beating fast, and the leaping rhythm could not wait to rush over to open the door for Gong Lingye.

    It's just that with so many eyes around her, she can't behave too much to hate to marry!

    In the room, there were naturally bridesmaids who helped her trouble the men outside: "You can only come in if you have answered the correct question."

    Beimingmo Question: "The first question, how much is 2999 times 3912?"

    Wei Qianran counts down: "Five, four, three ..."

    Gong Lingye quickly glanced at the calculator delivered by Luo Tianqi and reported: "11732088."

    Luo Tianqi raised his eyebrows. He had already prepared for this kind of problem.

    In the room, Su Mi said: "Please tell us how long have you known the bride? Five, four, three, two ..."

    Outside, Gong Lingye dropped his wrist to watch his watch and said calmly: "7,389 days and fifteen hours, thirteen minutes and seven seconds."

    In the room, several girls were stunned, looking at Song Yiren: "More than seven thousand days, wouldn't it be twenty years ago?"

    Song Yi people know that Gong Lingye said that they met for the first time in Ningguo twenty years ago.

    That was her first encounter with Song Yi.

    Suddenly, her heart was filled with emotion, but more of it was flowing warmly. She nodded: "That's right."

    Outside, Luo Tianqi was very excited: "How old are the lying trough, brother Ye, and sister-in-law this year. Have you seen her when she was wearing crotch pants?"

    Gong Lingye smiled and didn't answer, but Gong Mochen heard the words behind her.

    Yes, twenty years ago, people had seen each other.

    In the room, Gu Tingxue made the third question: "Brother Ling Ye, why don't you marry Ruo Nuan as your wife?"

    In the hallway outside, Gong Lingye seemed to think for a moment, and then he slowly opened his mouth: "All the desperate proximity is because of love."

    "At the beginning, I liked her seriousness and her lack of conscientiousness; later, I liked her strong and rational appearance; at the end, I liked what she looked like. Even to ask me, what I like best, I can't sum . "

    "I want to marry her, in fact, there is never any complicated reason. I just think that whenever I think of her as my wife, I feel that all the blood in the whole body is boiling with excitement.

    It was quiet around, everyone held their breath and listened carefully to every word of Gong Lingye.

    Among the bridesmaids present, Gong Moyan and Qi Lihuo grew up watching Gong Lingye, but even if they had been together for many years, they had never seen such a side of Gong Lingye.

    Not to mention a few other bridesmaids, especially Su Mi, the shock of his heart at this moment cannot be added.

    It turned out that in the news, the words spread by other people's ears, that cold-blooded and cruel Gong Lingye even had such a side, so that she could not help her eyes red, and suddenly, she wanted to have such a love.

    Gu Tingxue was sitting in a wheelchair, listening to those words, tears fell, but his lips were laughing.

    She understood the meaning of Gong Lingye, even if she might not be there anytime, but the kind of heart that wanted to marry the Song Yi people would not stop because of anything.

    It turned out that their wedding could be more beautiful than she had imagined in the past.

    The Song Yi people sat on the bed and almost couldn't help crying.

    She tried to take a deep breath, thinking that today is her happiest day, she should laugh, laugh hard, can't cry and spend her eyes, because she should be his most beautiful bride.

    "So, baby, I'll marry you."

    Outside, Gong Ling Night Road.

    Bei Mingmo has gone to open the door.

    She is really happy for the Song Yi people at this moment. Such a man can put down the cold arrogance of ordinary people in the presence of everyone.

    Suddenly, the door of the room opened wide, and Song Yi's eyes slammed into Gong Lingye's eyes.

    She reached out and wanted to hug.

    However, someone took a quick step and grabbed the steps of the groom and groomsmen.

    Qi Lihuo almost cried just now, but recovered quickly.

    She looked at the handsome guys and said: "My uncle has passed the test, but it does not mean that the groomsmen pass, so the groomsmen have to go through a test!"

    After all, she let Gong Lingye pass, but she stood in front of Gong Mochen and said, "Brother Mo Chen, you have to pass me, you have to fight me! If you can't beat me, then only One way is optional! "

    Luo Tianqi had discussed with Qi Lihuo before, and he always felt like a little girl who was a little bit big. However, when the two men played the second round, he was directly dropped to the ground by the little girl.

    So, seeing this battle, he silently pulled Xuanyuan Che to himself.

    This time the best man group includes Song Ziheng, Xuan Yuan Che, Luo Tianqi, Xiao Pei, Yu Xingfan and Gong Mochen.

    Gong Mochen was named by Li Huo, and he felt that he could not pass it without consulting him, but looking at the Song Yi in Gong Ling Ye's arms over there, he felt that if he was dropped by a girl, he would be even more embarrassed .

    Weighing, a young voice came from behind, but Yu Xingfan said: "Wow, so fun? I'm coming!"

    Luo Tianqi looked at him sympathetically.

    Moving away from the fire and starting the joints of the hands, Yu Xingfan raised an eyebrow: "Sao Nian, come on!"

    Yu Xingfan nodded, and put on a styling learned on TV and passed.

    Then, in a moment before everyone could see clearly, there was already a little boy on the ground who was still a white crane.

    "Next." Li Huo hooked his hand.