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Today is still on the holiday of New Year's Day, the Song Yi people opened their eyes and turned to rush next to Gong Ling Yedao: "I think where I am going to travel."

    Gong Lingye hooked her hair: "Where?"

    "I dreamed of dreaming last night!" Song Yiren raised his lips: "How about going to Mauritius? You can watch the sea over there, and you can watch the animal migration in nearby countries. And you are not saying, do you want to take a constant hunting? There is also a dedicated hunting ground over there! "

    Gong Lingye nodded: "Okay, listen to my wife! I let Bae Jun book the itinerary, and we will leave as soon as Ziheng is on holiday."

    As he said, he pulled her up and said, "Nuan Nuan, it's time to go to the gym."

    Song Yiren only felt that the original desire to travel was instantly wiped out by the ruthless reality. She asked weakly, "Want to exercise again?"

    Gong Lingye obviously didn't let her go: "This must go, no negotiation."

    Song Yi people flattened their mouths and reluctantly got up and dressed: "It's so cold outside!"

    Gong Lingye sorted out her neckline: "Good boy, it won't be cold after a while."

    He wrapped her hands and took her out. Suddenly, the cold wind rushed to his face.

    She talked to him about the conditions: "Otherwise, only one lap?"

    He dragged her to continue, ignoring her soft and hard bubbles.

    Song Yi people ran, but found that, after adapting to such cold air, there was a kind of unspeakable joy.

    She deliberately pretended not to run, pulling Gong Lingye on her side: "I'm so tired."

    He turned his head, looked at her for two seconds, and said, "Then I will run the whole way with you on your back."

    She was about to say that the devil instructor was back, and he added: "Nuan Nuan, I am nine years older than you. You are not exercising well. Do you have the heart to let me carry you back ten years later?"

    Song Yiren was about to lie down suddenly, and she gathered to Gong Lingye's ear: "After that, if you are seventy or eighty, will you walk and ask me to push you a wheelchair?"

    Gong Lingye really seemed to think about it seriously: “Generally speaking, men ’s life expectancy is lower than women ’s, so I ’m going to treat you better now, lest I ca n’t walk anymore after you ’re seventy or eighty, you leave me aside . "

    Song Yi pretended to be angry: "Am I that kind of person?"

    Gong Lingye and her fingers clasped forward and ran forward: "My home is warm and heart-felt, and I will definitely not ignore me. Therefore, exercise well now and have the energy to take care of me in the future."

    Song Yiren whispered: "It turns out that it's good to me now, it's the future abacus!"

    Gong Lingye laughed: "Businessmen, all will calculate."

    She was also amused by him and asked him on tiptoe: "You don't know what it is like when you get older? Will you be blessed?"

    Gong Lingye pulled her hand on his chest muscles: "So touch it now and enjoy it enough so that you don't have to touch it afterwards!"

    The two said that they were jogging and laughing without knowing anything, and thousands of miles away, Chu Mingyao was almost crazy!

    Ning Guo is on a holiday. Almost everyone is at home with his family to greet this new year together. Chu Mingyao looked at the data on the desk, and then angrily swept them all to the ground!

    Beside him, Special Assistant Wang Xin still has a financial statement in hand, but he dare not hand it to Chu Mingyao.

    The man obviously did not intend to deceive himself, so he directly snatched the report.

    When seeing the red numbers above, Chu Mingyao really wanted to tear up the report!

    Wang Xinjie stammered: "Mr. Chu, on the marketing side, I have stopped publicity because the cost of publicity is much higher than our profit ..."

    Chu Mingyao didn't speak, his eyes locked on the figures, and his eyes were all in the breath of Sen Han.

    In order to reduce the impact of the video event of the previous conference on the company, he even used his own money as a publicity.

    Previously, the effect of publicity had reached expectations, but just as he was waiting to reap the rewards, the release of Tiangong Group ’s TG-01 directly smashed all his hopes, let alone all his previous efforts Go home!

    A big project before me was about to be completed, but I just saw that people have signed a contract with Tiangong Group!

    Although the Haisheng Group is not the only driverless car segment, it is, after all, something the company has invested heavily in in the past five years.

    The input and output are seriously unbalanced. What is lost is the interests of shareholders, and what is lost is the trust of shareholders!

    After he took charge of Haisheng, although he also trained a group of his men, but he did not have the shares of Haisheng Group, it was always a bruise.

    Originally, Song Ziheng was in his hands, and he could wait for Song Ziheng to reach the age of 18 and take everything away.

    However, Song Ziheng disappeared. He only relied on the wealth accumulated over the years and the 1.3% of the shares held by Haisheng. He did not have much say in the shareholders' meeting!


    Chu Mingyao's eyes popped with a murderous murderous bird of prey.

    Some things, if it really forced him to a dead end, then he is not afraid to make another shot.

    Working on the first day after the holiday, Haisheng Group announced that it will sell a series of AI peripheral products to the world, including: family housekeeping artificial intelligence robots, home appliance intelligent systems, and urban camera face recognition systems.

    Because all are upgraded products, the household type is also divided into high, medium and low grades, which fully meets the difference between different consumption levels in the market. Therefore, after the product was launched, Haisheng's share price finally rebounded slowly by 0.58 percentage points.

    Thousands of miles away, Gong Junye ’s office knocked on the door and delivered a report: "President, Hai Sheng, as you expected, issued a series of AI products."

    Gong Lingye clasped her desktop lightly, thinking for a moment, and said, "We are not going to act for the time being. Wait until 0 am the day after tomorrow, and then directly announce on Weiwei."

    Pei Jun nodded and thought for a moment: "Haisheng's shareholder meeting will be held tomorrow morning. It is estimated that Chu Mingyao will win some support for the stock price rebound tomorrow. If the shareholder meeting, the stock price will start to fall the next day. Then ... "

    Gong Lingye licked his lips, and his eyes were full of playfulness: "Chu Mingyao hit his face and repeatedly turned his back on it. I think those shareholders will certainly be unable to sit still!"

    Pei Jun looked at the expression of his own president, and his heart was secretly secret. Where did Chu Mingyao offend his president? Is it because you invited Miss Yu to be the spokesperson?

    God, it ’s terrible that the CEO is jealous, and really ca n’t easily offend the man in love!

    On that day, Hai Sheng's share price ended with a 0.91% increase. Although Chu Mingyao was not particularly happy, he was finally relieved.

    Some things, once you act, you need to consider too many aspects.

    And because of the whole body, if he ignores any details, he may lose all!

    Now that the man who secretly rescued Song Ziheng, he has no clue, if he is going to the shareholders again, he is worried about the enemy.

    Therefore, he will not resort to extreme means unless it is absolutely necessary.