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Chu Mingyao made a phone call and asked people to check the source of the Weibo account.

    However, the other party's feedback could not be found.

    If it was Su Yunfei, Chu Mingyao confessed that she had no such skill.

    If not, then should it be Gong Lingye?

    Gong Lingye did this in order to disrupt his position? After all, Gong Lingye didn't have any evidence at all!

    Or, what has Song Ziheng remembered? Can his testimony be regarded as a powerful testimony after going to court?

    Chu Mingyao's heart was complicated for a while, and he once again increased his search for Su Yunfei.

    At the moment, in the basement where Su Yunfei is located, several men framed her and were injecting something into her arms.

    "What's this?" She screamed, but her struggle had no effect at all, and soon, all the liquid had entered her body.

    "Want to know the effect?" The man in front sneered and brought in a little white mouse directly.

    When Su Yunfei saw the appearance of the little white mouse, she almost fainted.

    The skin on his body cracked, revealing bright red skin, like the dry cracked field.

    It seemed uncomfortable. When the man threw it on the ground, it jumped to the corner of the room, and then rubbed his body frantically.

    Its skin had been cracked, and when it was worn, blood soon came out, staining its white fur. But it didn't feel pain at all, still rubbing frantically, making a sharp voice.

    Su Yunfei shivered and almost collapsed: "Take it out! Throw it out!"

    The man smiled lowly and screamed at her: "Do you know why it became like this?"

    Su Yunfei took a step back and already guessed the reason.

    "Yes, as you guessed, injected the potion you just made!" The man smiled cruelly: "It won't die like this, it is estimated that it will wait until the whole body's skin cracks and rots before dying. We have done experiments before, and the little white mouse It occurs 30 days after the injection and it takes 90 days to die. "

    Su Yunfei's pupils were terrified.

    "Of course, we don't have data on the human time period, but because you injected it, it will be available soon!" The man said coldly.

    Su Yunfei's tears and snot came out, almost grabbing the man's arm, and screamed hysterically: "Suck me out, suck it out!"

    "Unfortunately, intravenous injection, has already been integrated into your body, how do you breathe?" The man's face is a pity: "And, the antidote of this medicine has not been studied yet. However, we can be kind enough to let you be sick At that time, die directly. "

    Su Yunfei's heart was cold in an instant, and she screamed for a long time: "What the hell do you want? What do you want?"

    "It's very simple." The man said: "It is estimated that there will be a moment when you are needed after 20 days, and then, perform well!"

    He left directly, Su Yunfei was locked up again, even stuffed in his mouth to prevent her from committing suicide.

    The room door was quickly locked and everything fell into darkness.

    Su Yunfei didn't know whether the potion was still sleeping, and she quickly fell asleep with her eyes closed.

    At this moment, Gong Lingye had already returned home.

    Song Ziheng was still reading in the room, while Song Yiren sent messages to Chu Mingyao online.

    She wanted to know the impact of that hot search on Chu Mingyao, so she asked, "Brother Chu, how are you doing recently? Have you bought new products?"

    Chu Mingyao had just answered the call of his men. The other party said that he couldn't find Su Yunfei. He was in the middle of the fire and saw the news of the Song Yi people.

    If it was someone else, he might have ignored it, but at the moment, the pressure of exposure and the humiliation these days suffered, when facing the Song Yi people, that kind of emotion immediately fermented and filled the chest.

    He replied: "Xiao Nuan, I miss you very much. Will you come to Ningcheng to accompany me?"

    Song Yi sneered, but still replied: "Brother Chu, I think you are in a low mood, did you encounter something? Last time I told you to relax, think about the future, you certainly did not do it!"

    Chu Mingyao replied: "I tried hard, but I haven't succeeded yet. Xiao Nuan, you give the elder brother time, and the elder brother will adjust it. It's just a little tired in the last two days."

    "Brother Chu will have a rest soon!" Song Yi said humanly: "We will go abroad after the New Year, so these days, I have to accompany my sister and brother in the Imperial City."

    "Xiao Nuan, going abroad with you is my motivation to persevere." Chu Mingyao said: "It's not early, Xiao Nuan goes to bed early."

    Song Yiren replied: "Okay, Brother Chu good night."

    When she put down her phone, Gong Lingye just came in.

    Song Yiren rushed into his arms, sniffing his clean and clear smell.

    Gong Lingye looked down at her and smiled at her: "Nuan Nuan, how did it become a puppy?"

    Song Yiren raised his eyes: "Just sent a message to Chu Mingyao, it was disgusting to me! I want to hear more about you and wash away that uncomfortable child!"

    Gong Lingye raised her hand and rubbed her hair: "The next time I feel sick, I will help you back to him!"

    Song Yi quickly shook his head: "The picture is too terrible, I dare not think about it!"

    Gong Lingye narrowed her eyes: "If you send messages to him all day, are you afraid that your husband will jealous?"

    Song Yiren blinked, seeing Gong Lingye was not as angry as ever, could not help tiptoe, kissed on his lips: "I know my husband is the best!"

    Gong Lingye was satisfied, took her to sit down, and told her about picking up Gong Mochen today. Then, he took out the pocket watch from his pocket: "Nuan Nuan, I didn't expect that my family's ancestor was not a surname palace It ’s Fu Shang Shang! ”

    The Song Yiren first ‘ah’, expressing some doubts about Gong Lingye ’s words, and then looked at the pocket watch in shock.

    She took it from his hand and looked carefully.

    The mind began to automatically search for the impression of the pocket watch that she saw in the safe of Ningcheng Bank. She was shocked to find that it seemed to be exactly the same!

    Gong Lingye saw that the Song Yi people had a strange expression on their face, and could not help asking: "Warm warm, what's wrong?"

    Song Yi raised his eyes and screamed at him: "This pocket watch, I have seen exactly the same in my mother's safe!"

    Gong Lingye's pupils tightened in an instant, and he said what the old lady told him.

    The Song Yi people looked at him in shock, with an unbelievable tone: "So, the two of us knew each other before? However, my family name is Song ..."

    Gong Lingye put Song Yiren's hand over his knee and he wrote the word Song in her palm, then wrote a word "Rong", and then looked up: "Warm warm, are these two words very good?" image?"

    Song Yi's heart is beating the drums: "You mean, my family was probably the Rong family before? In order to avoid the enemies, they will change their names and surnames and avoid the world in Ningguo?"

    Gong Lingye squeezed her hand tightly: "It seems, not only that."

    Song Yi people asked him: "What else?"

    Gong Lingye held her in her arms, seeming to be afraid of her. His fingers passed through her, ten fingers clasped: "Nuan Nuan, you have an accident with the whole family, our palace men died one by one, you think, this is really Is it just a coincidence? "