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He Wanshuang heard Gong Lingye's voice, then slowly turned his eyes and looked at him.

    In the old days, she looked at him with bright eyes, but at the moment, she was as if it were two empty holes.

    Gong Lingye saw this, his pupils shrank, and almost immediately, he reacted-He Wanshuang's depression must have been committed again!

    He turned his head and said to his father and mother: "Uncle and uncle, I have something to say to Xiaoshuang alone."

    The two went out to avoid it, and only Gong Lingye and He Wanshuang were lying in the room.

    Gong Lingye closed the door, and before turning back to the bed, he saw that He Wanshuang seemed to want to remove the needle from his hand.

    His heart tightened, and he quickly hurried over and held her hand.

    Because he moved too fast, he lost too much blood, his brain dizzy for a moment, and his body shook.

    He Wanshuang shook God slightly because of Gong Lingye's almost falling motion: "Brother Ye -"

    Gong Lingye stood firm against the wall, and then grabbed He Wanshuang's hand, and then opened her sleeve with a shovel.

    Sure enough, there were mottled pinch marks on the surface, deep and shallow, obviously all left over the past few days.

    She obviously didn't expect him to move like this. The whole person shrank into the bed with tears under her eyes: "Don't look, ugly..."

    Gong Lingye felt her breath instantly blocked. If she just wanted to beat Lieyuan to sink, then now, he just wanted to kill the man!

    He could not care that Lieyuan Shen's commercial suppression of Starry Night, after all, this was just a commercial act, but he even moved him to see his older sister from an early age!

    He Wanshuang is still crying: "Brother Ye, it's my fault. I killed all the people. It's me who should die..."

    He saw her look of self-blame, his hands clenched into fists were shaking, trying his best to hold back his anger, Gong Lingye's voice slowed down: "Xiao Shuang, it's none of your business, Liexiao fell completely It was an accident. Tell me, what happened that day?"

    He Wanshuang seemed to be completely immersed in his own world, murmured, or those words.

    Seeing her lying on his stomach, he seemed to want to suffocate himself, and quickly stretched out his arm and picked her up.

    She was already sweating and trembling.

    Gong Lingye was shocked, and it seemed that He Wanshuang's problem this time was even worse than when he was a child!

    He remembered the scene just now, and a flash of thought crossed his mind.

    So Gong Lingye suddenly let her go, then, as if she was powerless, she fell to the side.

    He Wanshuang, who was immersed in his own world, saw Gong Lingye suddenly falling down, and his heart was suddenly shocked. Then he came back and panicked: "Brother Ye, Ye brother, what's wrong with you?"

    Gong Lingye closed her eyes tightly, motionless.

    Horrified, He Wanshuang jumped out of bed to see Gong Lingye and saw him slowly open his eyes.

    It seems very difficult, Gong Ling Yeqiang propped up, and the voice of his voice was a little sullen: "Xiaoshuang, I have been sick for a few days, so I am also in the hospital. Please cooperate with the doctor, rest more, don't let me. Worry, okay?"

    He Wanshuang heard this and couldn't help worrying: "Brother Ye, what's wrong with you?"

    Recalling that before Lieyuan Shen said, Gong Lingye was sick, afterwards, Xingye Group had an accident and Gong Lingye did not appear.

    At this moment, when I saw Gong Lingye's face was very poor, she could not help bringing a bit of crying: "Are you also sick?"

    Gong Lingye saw her coming back reasonably, knowing that her method was useful, so she said: "I'm fine, it's not a serious illness, it can be recovered in a week. Xiaoshuang, it's not your own fault. Don't take it. You tell me , What the hell was going on?"

    He Wanshuang escaped subconsciously, but to the bright eyes of Shang Gong Ling Ye, she felt as if she had awakened the courage in her heart.

    When she spoke, her voice was a little trembling, and her hands unconsciously grasped the bed sheet: "At that time, I was going to the supermarket to buy things, but as soon as I walked out of the community, I saw a person who was like you. ..."

    He listened to her quietly, and his cell phone hidden in his pocket kept recording the conversation at the moment.

    Speaking of Lie Xiao's falling into the water, He Wanshuang was still uncontrollably excited: "I didn't push her, Brother Ye, in fact, I think she was pretty good. Although we didn't have any communication, I never thought of hurting her. !"

    Gong Lingye patted He Wanshuang's shoulder: "Xiaoshuang, Lie Xiaoruo was rescued, she was fine, you didn't harm anyone."

    She couldn't help being shocked, and then her eyes filled with joy: "Is she really okay?"

    "Well, she's okay, but she still needs hospitalization to recover." Gong Lingye said, and said: "But you can't hurt yourself anymore, don't take what you did not do wrong on yourself, you know? "

    She clasped the sheets tightly and nodded.

    "My body is not very comfortable, so I have to infusion." Gong Lingye said, slowly stood up: "Xiaoshuang, I let my uncle and uncle come in to accompany you."

    She nodded: "Okay."

    Gong Lingye walked out of the room, gave the two some explanations, and went directly to the hospital where Lie Xiaoruo was.

    There, the operation has ended, and Lie Xiao's soft lungs choke a little, causing mild pneumonia. There is a slight frostbite on the hands and face, but after treatment, there should be no scars.

    Gong Lingye passed by with A Mian. When she walked to the door of the ward, she saw the abyss sinking out of it.

    Perhaps it was the enemies who were extremely jealous when they met. Almost instantly, Gong Lingye raised his hand directly and punched Lieyuan with a fierce punch!

    Although he was very ill at the beginning of his illness, his body was still very weak, but because he punched too fast, Lieyuan Shen simply avoided it, and he was directly beaten with a long nosebleed.

    "Gong Ling Ye!" He immediately reacted and raised his hand to beat Gong Ling Ye.

    However, A Mian immediately rushed up, directly blocking Li Yuanshen's fist.

    Although the sister is okay, Lieyuan Shen is still irritated, so it is not weak to fight with A Mian.

    Aside, the people of Lieyuan Shen saw their boss was beaten, so they rushed over immediately.

    As a result, the people on both sides directly fell into a dogfight.

    There was still a doctor's inquiry, and they finally pulled away the people on both sides.

    Gong Lingye had a painted face on the side of his face, but his eyes were still cold and locked up in the abyss Shen, saying one by one: "I told you after the wedding, what can you do to me, bully Woman, what is it?"

    "I bullied a woman?" Lie Yuan sneered, wiped the blood from the nose and corners of the lips, and the eyes were full of hatred: "Yes, I am. Mom is bullying a woman! My woman, you don’t talk in public, but also Let her push my sister down the river!"

    Gong Lingye also smiled: "Lie Yuan Shen, so you have 31 years of life, you have no judgment at all?"

    He sorted out the messy clothes that he had just fought: "I have been hospitalized these days, and the people in the video are completely imitating me! Even people are fake, you can think about it, what can bear in the middle. Deliberate!"

    Gong Lingye said, Pei Jun had already rushed over there, and was a little surprised to see the battle where everyone was hanging out, but the tone was calm and honest: "President, the evidence has been collected."