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Song Yiren left Ning Guo early the next morning. To her surprise, she had never contacted her once since she and Chu Mingyao were separated in the cemetery that day.

    Is this what happened on this day?

    Song Yi was puzzled, but still politely, after the security check, a message was sent to Chu Mingyao saying that she had returned home, thank you for his kind.

    Surprisingly, Chu Mingyao did not reply.

    Song Yi boarded the plane and was about to shut down, and the phone rang.

    Seeing that Song Ziheng called, she smiled: "Zi Heng."

    There, there was a voice from Song Ziheng lightly buckling the table.

    Song Yiren smiled and said, "Do you want your sister?"

    This time, after two seconds, she felt that the person at the end of the phone was breathing heavily, so she was about to ask if something had happened, and she heard a familiar and a little strange male voice: "Sister, I miss you so much. "

    Song Yi people's hands squeezed the phone and froze. She stared blankly at the front. Her eyes were not focused so much that she had just heard.

    Song Ziheng said again: "Sister, I will speak."

    Song Yiren's eyes suddenly turned red, and she asked quickly and eagerly: "Are you really Ziheng? Are you really talking?"

    Song Ziheng's voice slowed down: "Yeah, sister, I can talk, I'm fine ..."

    "Ah--" Song Yi exhaled for a long time, comfort, surprise, and distress. Many inexplicable emotions filled the chest, and she wanted to laugh and cry.

    Song Ziheng seemed to be the child who had just learned to speak again, "Sister, I'm sorry, I haven't heard back from you before. I made a mistake, my mother didn't record the video, but was killed by Chu Mingyao! Self-hypnosis, to avoid accepting everything! That day, it was Su Yunfei who was following Chu Mingyao. She seemed to be taking pictures with her mobile phone, but I am not sure! "

    Song Yi stiffened in his seat, breathing tightly.

    "Sister, my mother was stunned by Chu Mingyao and pushed down the balcony!" Song Ziheng said: "I was there at the time, but I couldn't beat Chu Mingyao. When I saw my mother killed by him, I was so scared and so painful in my heart, I was really hypnotized by him, forgetting that he is the real murderer! "

    So far, Song Yiren finally knows why there is no video in the safe.

    She did not blame Song Ziheng, but was full of distress.

    "Zi Heng, my sister doesn't blame you. It's because we didn't recognize that person's true face!" Song Yiren took a deep breath: "I will let him pay the price, this day is not far away!"

    After all, she asked, "How did you suddenly get better?"

    Song Ziheng paused for a few seconds, and his voice was a little excited: "It was my brother-in-law who helped me!"

    "Brother-in-law?" Song Yiren was surprised: "When are you so good with him?"

    Song Ziheng's expression flew: "Yesterday, he just came to see me! He is really good, unlike Chu Mingyao! Sister, you finally found a good person this time! He said he might marry you next year. I ’m going to be a best man! "

    Song Yiren couldn't help crying: "Can he be so brainwashed? How did he heal you?"

    "Secret!" Song Ziheng remembered everything yesterday and said, "In short, I really appreciate him!"

    "Is there a secret to your sister now?" Song Yi pretended to be angry: "You have seen someone twice? Have your sister and you been with you for more than ten years, and you have never met one twice?"

    Song Ziheng quickly said: "No! In my mind, my sister is the most important! Of course, my brother-in-law is also very good! We are a family!"

    Song Yiren smiled helplessly: "Well, next time I meet, I have to examine you! I'm on the plane, I might be about to take off, I have to shut down."

    "Well, my sister is safe all the way." Song Ziheng said.

    Song Yiren hung up the phone, opened WeChat, and sent a message to Gong Lingye: "You bought my brother?"

    Gong Lingye seconds back: "Wife, your brother is also my brother."

    Song Yi sniffed, typing: "However, he can talk, he is so happy, thank you so much!"

    Gong Lingye also returned in seconds: "I am also at the airport, but I must be a few hours behind you when I get home. I really want to thank you, then wash and wait for me in bed!"

    Song Yi: "..."

    She turned off her cell phone, the plane began to taxi, and Song Yi looked at the runway outside, her eyes were foggy, but she was smiling.

    In the following time, Song Yi and Chi Jingyu were almost busy with the TG-01 test.

    Tiangong Group is absolutely confidential about the newly released driverless cars, so even the tests are selected on special road sections.

    Unconsciously time is just one month past, and it will be New Year's Day soon.

    On the 28th of this month, Song Yiren and others conducted the last test before launching TG-01.

    The sky is snowing, but everyone is particularly excited, because, if everything goes well in this test, then they will release a new car to the world on New Year's Day!

    On the same day, when Gong Lingye came over to watch the test, the assistant brought a big cake.

    Today is Anic's birthday. Everyone completed the first round of testing first, and then they ate cake and blow candles together. Finally, wait for the night to fall before starting the last night test.

    Obstacles, the various situations that have emerged all the time, but it did n’t bother TG-01 at all. On the contrary, it seemed like an elegant night beast, calmly walking on the roads with frequent obstacles, and finally, stopped steadily in front of everyone .

    eah! Succeeded! "

    Everyone cheered, excited at the moment, unable to speak.

    There are still uneaten cakes. I do n’t know who grabbed the piece first and pressed it against Chi Jingyu ’s face. Chi Jingyu quickly jumped back to fight back.

    During the counterattack, some people were affected by the pond fish, so more and more people joined the battle group. In the end, even Gong Lingye and Lao Wu had cream on their clothes.

    Everyone laughed late into the night, and because they were too tired, they went back to their dorms and fell asleep.

    On New Year's Day, Tiangong Group held a press conference and invited major media from China and some well-known foreign media.

    Gong Lingye sat in the first seat and said, "First of all, I wish you all a happy new year! I invite everyone to come over today, and there is one thing to be announced-Tiangong Group successfully developed the first unmanned driver through the research and efforts of the AI ​​team Automobile TG-01, and the test has been completed. Today, TG-01 is officially released globally, you can understand the performance of TG-01 through the network at 10 am. At the same time, you can also go to the major distribution of Tiangong Group in the world Click to test drive! "

    The words fell, and everyone was surprised.

    Tiangong Group even released the new car in a thundering situation without knowing the whole world!

    On the Internet, the hot search for TG-01 quickly swept across the major platforms, and Ning Guo, at the door of the president ’s office of Haisheng Group, Chu Xinyao ’s special assistant Wang Xin quickly walked in and said: "General Chu, Tiangong Group has just released A driverless car! "