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#428 Bet

Everything happened in such a dozen seconds, almost a gunshot sounded, the people in the dark part of Beiming's family had already started, and then they came out together.

Suddenly, there was a gunshot, but most of the bullets hit the cabin.

Gong Ling saw that Beiming Kun had been carried into the room by night, so he quickly pulled up the operating lever and took the plane to leave.

Everything seemed to return to calm, and the plane, after disappearing from Beiming's home, flew directly to the apron of Shangguan's home.

Ha ha, no matter whether Beiming Kun died or not, this matter is probably not as simple as a personal grudge.

The plane that injured Beiming Kun was in the Shangguan family, and Gong Lingye and the Song Yi people's parachute were manipulative, trying to kill the two. Before and after, these things have long been unclear.

At this moment, Gong Lingye stopped the plane and walked down directly with the Song Yi people.

Song Yi's palms are all sweat, she really did a crazy and happy thing with him!

Beiming Kun killed her family and Gong Lingye's brother. Today, they finally avenged themselves.

However, it is clear that Beiming Kun did not die on the spot. Whether he can be saved or not depends on his own life.

Didn’t he say it all, depending on his ability!

"Warm, are you afraid?" Gong Lingye turned and asked.

Song Yiren smiled, looking at the backlight, his exceptionally tall figure, she raised her lips and said: "If you are there, don't be afraid!"

He moved closer and kissed her profile.

She saw that the sunlight was blocked, leaving only a small light to dance on his ears, and then, when he straightened up, the sunlight came back and plated him with gold.

Suddenly, I felt that my heart was full of emotions and I didn't know how to express it.

Song Yi people pulled Gong Lingye: "I want to run."

"Okay." He nodded and took her to run on the grass.

After just running for a while, she felt tired again, remembering the past, could not help saying: "Devil instructor."

Gong Lingye stopped and squatted: "Come on, apprentice, the devil instructor carries you."

Song Yiren smiled sweeter and saw no one else around, so he lay on Gong Lingye's back.

He supported her, got up steadily, and took her to the distance.

The palace, which looked magnificent, was filled with unpredictable coldness and decay. He carried her closer and stepped closer.

Although they know the thorns ahead, what are they afraid of?

Gong Lingye then carried the Song Yi people to the lobby, and then walked in.

Inside, Shangguan Ao has received a call from Shangguan Xun.

Shangguan Xun said on the phone that Beiming Kun seemed to be in trouble, because seeing Beiming Shen suddenly left in a hurry, his eyes were murderous.

Who is Shangguanao?

When I heard that the planes of Gong Lingye and Song Yi were gone, I almost guessed the ins and outs.

At the moment, seeing Gong Lingye carrying Song Yi people inside, he asked quietly, "Aye, what happened?"

"Uncle, today the plane is out of control, and Nuan Nuan is terrified." Gong Lingye said, fearing the general after his face: "Our parachute broke down, and it was easy to finally control the plane to fly over."

Shangguan proudly said, "It's okay to come back. It's just that I just heard that there is something wrong with the head of the Beiming family. I don't know what happened to Aye."

Gong Lingye raised an eyebrow: "Uncle, do you want to listen to the truth or falsehood?"

Shangguan is arrogant and interested: "What is falsehood and what is truth?"

"The hypothesis is that if a person dies, I'm going to send a larger wreath, which is a little more stylish." Gong Ling Yedao said: "The truth is, in fact, I don't even want to send a wreath. Because the wreath is too expensive now, I am really Don't want to waste money."

Song Yi was amused by him, and he felt that he should not laugh on such occasions, so he could not bear to laugh.

Shangguan Aowen also smiled, and then said, "Aye, have you ever thought that even if Beiming Kun died this time, he still has a son?"

Gong Lingye nodded: "So?"

"If you can directly annex the Beiming Family, I naturally approve and appreciate it." Shangguan Aohua Feng turned around: "But if you cut the grass and leave roots, you just make enemies out of thin air, and the trees are still strong enemies."

"I can cut the grass, and it can naturally remove the roots." Gong Lingye's momentum also suddenly increased: "Doesn't the uncle think that no matter whether Beiming Kun is dead or not, can't we stand with them?"

"Aye, you are still too young." Shangguanao sighed: "Let me think of the previous me. However, we were fighting Jiangshan at that time, and you need to keep Jiangshan."

"I always think that the best defense is offensive." Gong Ling night said: "Uncle, let's make a bet."

"What bet?" Shangguan proudly ordered a cigar.

"Just bet our two different roads, who is the last one who laughs." Gong Ling night said.

"Okay." Shangguanao said, narrowing his eyes: "Aye, you are gambled in exchange for my guarantee!"

Shangguan Ao understands that Gong Lingye said that it is natural for him to ensure his safety during his stay in Country J, and he left smoothly.

Gong Lingye also smiled: "Uncle, don't you want to see the future?"

"I am also curious, then I will wait and see." Shangguanao said so, even if he agreed.

Gong Lingye's mind was settled. Although the man in front of him was actually harder than anyone, as the head of a family, since he promised, he would have to say a word, which is the most basic principle.

Otherwise, how to serve the crowd?

If before, Shangguan Ao still kept his eyes closed on his safety, at this moment, Shangguan Ao was really serious for the first time.

Gong Lingye needs such protection. After all, this is Country J, and his influence has not yet been extended.

Moreover, he is not alone, he still has a wife around him and needs protection.

"Then thank you uncle," he said, embracing Song Yiren: "Nuan Nuan was too frightened, and I took her to rest."

Seeing Shangguanao nodded, Gong Lingye picked up the Song Yi people again and left directly.

After arriving in the room, Song Yiren couldn't help but smile: "I'll pretend to be halo?"

Gong Lingye rubbed her soft hair: "Wife, you can debut."

Song Yiren blinked: "If I made my debut, wouldn't you be the film emperor?"

"Okay, let's come to the husband and wife stall?" Gong Lingye said, leaning over in front of Song Yiren: "Nuan Nuan, do you say that person is dead?"

"I looked carefully at that time, it should be seriously injured, if I can survive it, I will look at his own body." Song Yi said: "The housekeeper should be dead, but I think he must have participated in the two of us. a lot of."

"Yes." Gong Lingye nodded: "The housekeeper looked at Beiming Kun for many years, which was a nest of snakes and rats."

And as the two guessed, at this moment, Bei Mingshen had rushed back home, and together with the emergency staff of Bei Ming's family, quickly sent Bei Ming Kun into the operating room.