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#442 Do you love me?

Sure enough, after ten minutes, Gong Mochen's Weibo reposted the video recorded by a reporter with the words: "As the second largest shareholder and vice president of Tiangong Group, I announced that I would like to share with Chen Yuan and Li Wei. , Zhang Xinhua, three artists, never cooperate."

Afterwards, Gong Lingye, who was far away from abroad, after finishing a negotiation, heard Pei Jun’s report, picked up his mobile phone, and also forwarded the video, with the words: "I am the largest shareholder and president of Tiangong Group , Announced that they will never cooperate with the three artists Chen Yuan, Li Wei and Zhang Xinhua. In addition, congratulations to his wife @喻若暖's new game! When I get home, we will play games together!"

After sprinkling the dog food, he tweeted Weibo again, and found that Gong Mochen had posted the Weibo half an hour earlier than him.

As a result, there was another hot jump that turned out to be Bei Mingmo: "I announced as the chief perfumer of Unique, I only cooperate with trustworthy artists."

Gong Lingye glanced at him, even Beiming Mo was in front of him for ten minutes!

He rubbed his eyebrows: "Bae Jun, why didn't you tell me early?"

Bae Jun is silent. Is his boss because he is far away from abroad, so he is more jealous than when he is at home?

He smiled and said: "I always believe in the ability of my wife, and I don't need you to stop the meeting for her. But I didn't expect that the popularity of the wife is so good, everyone is helping her forward! But you are not the same as the president, only you Can go home and play games with her."

Gong Lingye raised her eyebrows, how do you feel that Pei Jun has become more and more dog-legged lately?

He asked: "Pete Zhu, are you still alone?"

Bae Jun nodded immediately: "Yes, maybe the fate has not yet arrived."

"Oh, if you want to find an object, you can post a Weibo and I will forward it for you." Gong Lingye was very generous in sympathizing with the people.

"President, don't need it." Bae Jun shook his head immediately: "Boss, your appeal is too great, I'm afraid there are too many people, but I can't take care of it."

"That's right." Gong Lingye thought of Amian, so he said: "Look at Amian, I dare not hide from the gym every day."

"I might have to practice fitness too." Bae Jun sighed: "I also want someone to block me in the gym and dare not come out!"

"Then work hard." Gong Ling patted Pei Jun's shoulder at night: "Yes, your muscles are far worse than mine."

Bae Jun: "..."

And thousands of miles away, the game conference has come to an end.

Many players are still excited on their faces, and many players who do not have tickets are also not willing to leave at the door.

The finale is still the lottery.

Song Yiren went up to draw a lottery for herself. She stood in front of the lottery box and said: "Today, I also helped my husband's company to make a promotion. So the winning partner can also receive an additional lottery ticket, that is Tiangong Group Coupons for smart products. We signed a contract with Tiangong and Tiangong, and will make some models around the game. These models are different from ordinary games around because they are all intelligent robots."

She said, took a small robot on the stage, and turned on the power.

So, the little guy made a gentleman's gesture toward the audience: "Hello everyone, I am Allen!"

The following everyone laughed: "Haha, so cute! Like a little stupid bear!"

"What, like a stupid bear? Not handsome enough? Then look at my handsome handsome guy?" It said, and suddenly a hip-hop danced on the stage.

The music is played by itself, with a strong sense of rhythm. From ordinary street dance to machine dance, it is very emotional.

At the end of the song, it stood still: "I am handsome, do you love me?"

The audience laughed and said in unison: "Love!"

But at this moment, a sound of violation sounded, the sound was a bit old, but the penetrating power was exceptionally strong: "No love!"

As her words fell, everyone looked at them together.

I saw an old lady in her seventies standing up, facing everyone's eyes and saying, "I'm not a player at all, I just took my grandson's ticket!"

"I came here, not to see what games you released! But to condemn you!"

"My grandson had always been very good at learning, just playing a game like yours! Now he has slipped from the top three of the class to more than thirty!"

"Games are harmful! It is simply the next generation that poisons the motherland!"

"Yu Ruonuan, you are a girl who looks beautiful too. How do you do such a lack of virtue? Are you afraid of sin?"

She said a lot in one breath, and suddenly, the whole venue was quiet and embarrassed.

Thousands of miles away, Xuanyuan Yao looked at her brother's last gift and finally let out a long breath.

The Song Yi people just happened to have other things, so they were resolved.

However, in the face of the old lady's doubts, such opposition on behalf of the parents is too easy to incite public opinion!

After all, once this problem is not handled well, then everyone on the Internet can drown Song Yi people with a spit!

At this moment, after the audience was quiet, they began to whisper again. Some people looked at the Song Yi people with concern, and some looked at the old lady with anger.

They all like games and feel that they can get a lot of happiness from it. Why should someone who doesn't understand blame?

It's just that the other party is getting older, and they can't help but bully the elderly.

Plus, which old man is good at this? It's good not to touch the porcelain.

The reporters held up the camera and pointed at the Song Yiren. She stood in the focus of everyone and picked up the microphone to slowly open the mouth: "This old lady, you said, I also thought about it. So, I also I've been wandering."

"However, I found that there are too many unknown fields in this world. You must have never played such a competitive online game?"

The old lady straightened her waist bar: "What if I haven't hit it? Who doesn't know that he is facing the phone or computer all day long, and his eyes are broken!"

"As I said, there are many fields in this world. When we don't really understand a field, what do we use to judge its merits and demerits? Based on hearsay? Or our own guess? None of these are used to judge The standard of things."

"I only know that existence is reasonable. The game industry has existed for so many years, and naturally there are reasons for its existence. Moreover, in this world, which field, you can say, is absolutely only good, no harm?"

"We have to face up to all its merits and demerits, and at the same time, strengthen our strengths and avoid weaknesses."

"Games have bad eyes and affect learning? Yes, there is this problem. However, I now invite a guest to come up and let him talk about his personal feelings!" Song Yi said humanly: "Xingfan, come on!"

Yu Xingfan walked to the stage, facing everyone, he was a little nervous, but more blood.

He never thought that he could also stand at a game conference and share what he once had.