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#433 Person to guard

Since I am going back to China soon, there is still a very important thing to do in these two days.

Lie Xiaoruo's medicine has not yet arrived, and the palace family clearly has no health problems. It proves that there must be prescriptions and herbs here.

Therefore, in the afternoon, Gong Lingye came to Shangguanao's study.

"Uncle, I want to ask something," he said.

Shangguanao pointed to the seat aside, and asked the butler to order a cigar.

He smoked a cigar and clicked on the table: "Stop."

"Uncle, you know my three elder brothers all died because of lack of that kind of restrained drugs, but on the j country side, my several cousins ​​are obviously all right." Gong Lingye raised his eyes: "the j country side has been Have medicine?"

"As far as I know, your problem has been solved." Shangguan proudly said: "And Mo Chen is the next generation, and their generation has no crisis in this respect."

"Yes, but I'm always curious." Gong Lingye took a sip of tea.

"About Rongjia, Gujia, Shangguan, and even Beiming and Xuanyuan, there are some things you know well in advance." Shangguan Ao smoking a cigar and began to talk slowly.

"In the former dynasty, the Rong family of generations of doctors was the premier medical family. The ancestors of the Gu family were the students of the Rong family. At that time, the Rong family saw the doctor for the royal family, and after the Gu family was successful, they had always been ministers or merchants. see a doctor."

"Generation military commanders of the Shangguan family have always had a tradition of marrying with the Rong family. The Rong family had researched a prescription to restore the wound quickly, and gave it to the Gu family, and then the Gu family gave it to the Shangguan family, and so on."

"It's just that our emperor's generation, the emperor succumbed, and the Rong family was ordered to be chopped off. And at that time it was a chaotic world and foreign enemies invaded. Where can our Shangguan family's cold weapons compete with those hot weapons abroad?"

"So, we are defeated like a mountain, and we agree that we can't protect ourselves. My grandfather died in battle, and my father is your grandfather. He took us to escape, but only a few of our brothers were separated in the escape. , There are even people in Ningguo."

Gong Lingye nodded, and then said again: "So what is the hatred between us and Beiming Family?"

Shangguan proudly said: "It was also a matter of the previous era. At that time, the Beiming family and the Xuanyuan family were both merchants. In the last years of the dynasty, the Beiming family produced a stunning young generation. But he has not been in good health since he was born. It’s good, so even in adulthood, the medicine will not leave."

"At that time, the Beiming family brought heavy money to the Rong family to seek medicine, but the Rong family was closed behind the door. It is said that the owner of the Beiming family asked for no less than three times. The last time, the younger generation was already ill. Family visits."

"In fact, this can't blame the Rong family, because the Rong family has always served the court, this is also the order of the first emperor, and the Rong family is not allowed to treat people outside the royal family, otherwise, there will be life worries."

"The Beiming family's rare century-old business genius was only 26 when he died of illness. After that, the owner regarded the Rong family as a feud. And after the genius died, the Beiming family's business collapsed, and the juniors took the opportunistic approach. , But violated national laws and was copied."

Shangguan Ao spit out a smoke ring and asked Gong Lingye: "Do you know who was ordered to copy the house?"

Gong Lingye jumped in his heart: "Is it Shangguan family?"

"Yes, it was a junior of the Shangguan family who was ordered to copy the family at the time." Shangguan proudly said: "So, besides remembering the hatred of the Rong family, the Beiming family also hates the family of Shangguan."

"And then, the situation became more and more chaotic, and finally became a pot of porridge. We fled to country j, and the Beiming family also came here. At that time, we had to deal with the aboriginal people of country j. If we were infighted, wait The nature that takes us is only death."

"So, we can only temporarily let go of family hatred, rest and recuperate here, and gradually strengthen ourselves."

"And after being powerful, the Beiming family shot against the palaces of Hua Guo and Song of Ning Guo?" Gong Lingye narrowed his eyes: "Why do they know that the true identity of the two over there?"

"This thing is naturally found out." Shangguan proudly said.

But Gong Gongye had already begun to doubt. The other party could know so quickly, I am afraid it is related to the Shangguan family?

In order to divert hatred, and the Beiming family also want to not violate the group training, naturally find someone to vent their anger.

Therefore, the Gong and Song families became scapegoats!

What a sacrifice for the bigger picture! Is it that the people on the j side of this country are human beings, but they are not from the Hua Ning country?

Poor Rong family, for generations of royal service, they ended up slashing all over the house, and finally escaped from an incognito, they were also bullied by the dogs!

He suppressed his anger and asked: "Since the people of the Rong family were almost dead, and their descendants did not engage in traditional Chinese medicine later, on the j country side, the medicine of our family was provided by the Gu family?"

"In those days, most of the Gu family died." Shangguan proudly said: "There are people in the Gu family who are engaged in traditional Chinese medicine, but they are not comparable to Gu Zhiyun. But after all, they have some prescriptions, so they can Restrain the toxic reaction after we stop the medicine. And the scarce medicinal materials can also be obtained in the international herb auction market."

Gong Lingye raised his eyes: "I really don't know of any herb auctions."

If he knew that he had just directly participated in the auction. Where else would he need to freeze or even Gu Guxue to donate blood? !

"You don't know that it's normal. This auction requires admission tickets. The admission tickets need that prescription to change." Shangguan proudly said: "Aye, are you interested in this?"

"My illness should look good, but in the future, I still feel prepared." Gong Lingye certainly wouldn't say anything about Li Xiaoxiao.

"The last auction was in June last year, it was annual, so this year should be fast." Shangguan proudly said: "But there is no prescription for Shangguan's family. After all, when the Rong family had an accident, the prescription was nowhere to be found. And Gu's prescription has also been used in these years."

"Is the fair in country j?" Gong Lingye asked again.

"Time varies from year to year. If you can get the prescription and go to a website to submit an application, someone will naturally contact you." Shangguanao said, and told the steward to write the website to Gong Lingye.

"Thank you uncle." Gong Lingye settled a little bit.

"Ling Ye, I admire you very much, but you are still too emotional." Shangguan Ao took a sip of cigar deeply: "Which one is not stepping on a pile of bones? For family fame and fortune, don't say It’s your friends who have no blood relationship, even your brothers can give up."

"Uncle, I always think that people in this world are divided into two kinds of people in front of my eyes. One is their own people, and the other is people who have nothing to do with me." Gong Lingye looked directly at Shangguanao's eyes: "I Although it is not a good person, but it also has its own person to protect."

"So you are in charge of Xuanyuan's affairs?" Shangguanao asked.

"Yes." Gong Ling night said: "Uncle, we have said, see who can laugh to the end, willing to gamble to lose."

"Good." Shangguan smiled proudly: "Aye, if you lose in the future, the door of Shangguan's house will still open for you."

"Uncle, this is not possible." Gong Lingye finished drinking the tea in the cup.