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#84 Laughing face

That "Yu Ruonuan" actually did it!

    Did n’t she understand the code? How could it be possible to complete the content required by the teacher in a shorter time than He let?

    He Ran chose them, and the teacher chose them. When the Song Yi people wrote the code, it was also broadcast live.

    Judging from her proficiency in writing code and assembling robots, before this time, at least she had done at least dozens of robots before she could even assemble it!

    People who suspected the Song Yi people before, people who planned to wait for her to cry so that Lihua could take the chance to comfort her, and many people who were gloating and watching the lively people, their throats all seemed to be blocked and they could not make a sound!

    They wanted her to be beaten, but they didn't expect that they were beaten!

    Moreover, what is the vase girlfriend of the top group of Tiangong Group, huh, such a level, regardless of whether she is related to the top group of Tiangong Group, is the object of competition for major AI companies!

    It turned out that the beautiful and harmless girl on the field was a hidden big boss! It is simply the top three contenders in this competition!

    The faces of the students who participated in the team competition are even more bleak. It would be horrible to have a Xiao Pei on the Song Yi side. It may be even more powerful if it is an order of magnitude with Xiao Pei. That is simply ...

    Not to mention the mood of those classmates, because there is still one contestant, so, continue to start.

    I have to say that He Rang is indeed a player with good psychological qualities. In the situation where his opponent has finished, he still finished the game in his best state.

    The staff turned off the light again to test, and under the weakest light source, the robot's sensitivity was 0.8 seconds worse than that of Song Yi.

    The instructor responsible for the question was invited to play, check the code of the two, and announce the result of the game.

    The instructor finished reading He Rang ’s and Song Yi ’s, so he went to the stage and said, “Yu Ruan Nuan ’s code and works are perfect. If I do it myself, I should not be able to find a better way to deal with it. It can be said that it is impeccable. He Ran ’s work is also very good. In the end, although the reaction speed is slightly slower, it is only due to the redundant algorithm. I believe that He Ran ’s students can also do perfect work with enough time. This time As a result of the competition, Yu Ruanuan won the game with absolute advantage, congratulations! "

    The tutor applauded first, and He Rang also applauded humbly for congratulations. Then, the audience applauded warmly.

    The staff invited Song Yiren to walk in front of the microphone and asked, "Student Yu Ruonan, do you have anything to say to everyone?"

    Song Yiren said only six words into the microphone: "See you in the finals, everyone!"

    The finals are the top three games. Song Yiren means that she went to the last day of the game and waited for the scum. Let's watch her perform!

    The staff dumbfounded, well, this testimony is arrogant enough! However, they are also very powerful and arrogant!

    At the moment, Bae Jun was still in the teacher's heap. After listening to Song Yiren's speech, he picked up his mobile phone and sent a text message to Gong Lingye, and sent Song Yiren's original words exactly as they were.

    The top of Tiangong Group is holding a high-level meeting.

    Gong Ling Ye Jian saw the phone on the table vibrating, so he picked it up and looked at it.

    It was Bae Jun's 'live broadcast' inside. When I saw the words of Song Yiren, Gong Lingye's lips could not help rising, the temperament that was originally indifferent to abstinence was received, and a warm light blew out from the depth of my eyes.

    The financial director, who was reporting the financial settlement, saw Gong Lingye's smile, his head suddenly jammed, and his mouth widened, unable to make a sound.

    Seeing him pause for a few seconds without speaking, Gong Mochen asked, "Did you find something wrong?"

    The financial director suddenly looked back, wiped the sweat oozing from his forehead, and quickly shook his head: "No problem! No problem!"

    No, no, there is actually a problem, a big problem!

    Who will tell him that their glance at the people on weekdays can make people tremble with chills, what is going on today?

    Was he just dazzled? Why did you see Gong Lingye's smirk?

    However, his eyes are 5.3! The proudest thing in his life is that he has a good brain and good eyesight!

    In order not to be killed, the financial director decided to rot the secret he just saw in his stomach ...

    The Robot Contest is due to the end of the preliminary competition, so after two days of rest, the knockout competition begins. Generally, this time is also a time for everyone to fix the robot.

    After all, many robots already had damages in the preliminary competition. Even if there were no damages, some needed to adjust parameters to prepare for the next game.

    Therefore, these two days are actually busier for the contestants.

    Song Yiren was in the laboratory all morning. At noon, he ate some food with the members of the station team and went back to stay busy.

    Until the evening, she received a call from Gong Lingye and said to come and pick her up for dinner.

    When hanging up the phone, she noticed that there was an additional star mail in her mailbox, which was sent by Bei Mingmo's mother.

    She obviously didn't quite understand why Song Yiren asked her if she had any daughters, but she also told Song Yiren clearly: "I only have one daughter, Momo."

    After reading the news, the Song Yi people could not help being disappointed, but they also seemed reasonable.

    After all, from the information given by Gong Lingye, Li Xiaozi was indeed born in China.

    She put away her phone and went downstairs to see Gong Lingye, while Li Xiaozi was in front of Zhang Aihui's parents and said, "Dad, Mom, I want to divorce Aihui."

    Er Lao's complexion changed, almost lost his voice: "Azi, you just gave us a million to pay off our debts and Aihui's surgery. Experts also said that after this surgery, waking up is basically no problem, why are you ... "

    "It is because Aihui is okay, so I want to leave." Li Xiaozi lowered his head: "Four years ago, you helped me through the difficulties, I am very grateful to you. Now, I took 1 million, I should pay back Also, you should never be my wife! "

    Mother Zhang took her hand: "Azi, you told me, did you encounter any difficulties? How did you get that money? You never said, did you borrow a loan shark? Don't be afraid, what happened? , Let's solve it together! "

    "No, really not!" Li Xiaozi shook his head, seeming to hesitate for a moment, then said: "The money was given to me by my ex boyfriend, and he returned to the imperial city."

    After a long pause, the second mother sighed: "Azi, if you really decide, then we will make your decision. Over the past four years, we have always regarded you as a girl, your mother. Last year I left again. If the person you said is not good for you, just go home and be our dry daughter! "

    When Li Xiaozi heard this, she couldn't help but shed tears: "Okay."