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He Wanshuang was shocked that there was no one around here and she could not call for help. And Lieyuan Shen, even if he can deal with this crazy dog, I am afraid he might get sick after being bitten and caught!

    In a hurry, He Wanshuang looked around, but saw a stone pier on the side.

    The stone pier is not big, and it looks as small as a small stone bench for children.

    She did not know where the strength came from, picked up the stone pier and smashed the dog over!

    At that time, the dog had just been temporarily beaten by Lieyuan Shen. When he was about to jump up and prepare to attack again, his head was suddenly smashed. Suddenly, he made a scream and fell to the ground.

    It struggled twice, and finally stood up, but no longer dared to attack the two, but turned and limped, and soon disappeared into sight.

    He Wanshuang still maintained the movement of throwing the stone pier just now, but his hands shivered afterwards.

    Lieyuan Shen turned his head, and saw her standing stiffly beside him, trembling.

    A corner of his shirt was torn off, but there were no scars on his body. Originally, he thought it might be possible to put on the color today, but because of her bravery, she was lucky to escape.

    "Night Frost?" He called her.

    She lifted her eyes with tears under her eyes.

    "It's okay." He looked at her terrified, and held her in his arms the next second.

    At this moment, she realized that she was terrified with cold sweat, still trembling, shrunk in his arms, motionless.

    It was at this moment that he realized that she was really thin, she was very small, her arms were slender, and she just didn't know how she could hold such a big stone pier.

    "Hasn't your sprained hand?" Lie Yuan asked with his head bowed.

    He Wanshuang shook her head, tears just after being frightened, and then came out.

    He only wore a shirt, her tears soaked his shirt, and fell on his chest, but it seemed to be in his heart.

    The first time he greeted her gently and coaxed: "It's okay, just a mad dog, we hurt it, it dare not come again."

    Then she said dumbly: "I thought it was going to bite you."

    He took a breath, only to feel that the heartstring was suddenly pulled, pulling her out of his arms a little, staring at her: "Are you nervous about me?"

    He Wanshuang was asked by Lieyuan Shen so that she realized what she wanted to shake her head, but she was afraid that he would be angry. If he nodded, afraid that he would say something that would make her blush, he lowered his eyes and said nothing.

    However, he smiled: "Wife, you are clearly worried about me."

    Having said that, he suddenly raised her chin, then bowed her head and kissed it.

    The moment his lips touched, his fingers were inserted into her hair, and her back was suddenly lifted by his force, her body unconsciously leaned back, and the lips and flaps opened slightly.

    He took advantage of the captain to drive straight in and broke into her sweetness, occupying all her breath.

    She was a little shocked and unconsciously wanted to avoid, but his strength was so great that her arms were like unshakable steel, and her entire body was completely rubbed into his arms, and her body was numb. .

    She didn't know what to do. With the lack of oxygen, the whole person became more and more chaotic. She only felt that the man in front of him seemed to be eating a whale step by step. Not left.

    Her forehead began to ooze fine sweat beads, and she didn't know whether it was nervous or because of it. She felt that his powerful arm took her and leaned over to the side of the ancient city wall.

    Suddenly, the last light of the distant sky was covered by thick shadows. They seemed to be immersed in the night, their sight was missing, and the sound of ears was unrestrictedly expanded.

    When she was lifted by him, she suddenly lost her center of gravity and quickly stretched her arms around his neck. She heard a low laugh on his chest, and then there was a clear metallic sound.

    Realizing what he was going to do, she was struggling with fear, but his strength was far greater than hers, so, instead, it seemed like a matter of course...

    Although they have been married for so long, but the last time they were so intimate, it was his hotel room when she was drunk.

    That day, she was crying all the time, but she didn't have the strength to push him.

    At this moment, she bears his strength, the whole person wants to come down, but is afraid of falling, and can only still surround his neck, let the body be bumped into pieces.

    The surroundings were very quiet, so the breathing of the two was particularly clear. He Wanshuang had never done such a thing outside. She was afraid and shy, and because of her physical weakness, in the end, she could only lie on the shoulders of Li Yuanyuan and let him attack the city.

    There was a crescent moon hanging quietly in the sky, and there was even more light in the dark corner where they were.

    When the moon's brilliance fell on each other's cheeks, Lieyuan Shen looked up at the woman in front of him and whispered, "Wife, Shuang..."

    Her heart shook, her hands unconsciously pinched on his back, but there were muscles, and at most only two more scratches.

    By the end, she was completely powerless.

    He seemed to be more energetic, and the corners of his lips evoked a pleasant arc, put her down, and helped her organize her body again.

    He Wanshuang's legs were shaking and tears were twirling in her eyes. When Liyuan Shen helped her to organize her skirt, her eyes were finally overwhelmed, and two teardrops fell, falling on the back of Lieyuan Shen's hand.

    After he had a meal, he could not help crying and laughing: "Shuang'er, you are my wife, is this kind of thing normal?"

    He Wanshuang didn't say anything, biting her lip to ignore him.

    Lie Yuan smiled: "It's as if I bullied you."

    He saw her legs shaking, and suddenly felt that she was so cute, so weak that she wanted to be pampered.

    So, after tidying up his clothes, he picked her up one by one and deliberately scared her: "This will not be able to move? Won't we have to lie in bed every day?"

    She heard her heart tremble and asked softly, "What are you doing?"

    "Shuang'er, of course, is what the husband and wife should do!" Lie Yuan Shen was in a good mood. When he spoke, he bowed his head and kissed He Wanshuang's forehead.

    She didn't even know where to hide her face, so she could not see him with her eyes closed.

    Moonlight was like washing, Lieyuan held the woman in her arms, looking at the shadow of the elder who was drawn by moonlight, and suddenly felt that this kind of life is actually quite good.

    Because the scenic spot is long, it is quite close to the hotel from the other end. Therefore, Lieyuan Shen did not take a taxi, but walked all the way to the hotel with He Wanshuang.

    The sight became brighter and brighter, and He Wanshuang was a little embarrassed, and quickly asked Lieyuan Shen to put her down.

    He rarely ridiculed: "The legs are not soft?"

    She didn't speak, only to find out through the light that there were traces of him left at the neck of her skirt.

    Lieyuan Shen apparently saw it, and raised an eyebrow: "Do you really want me to hug?"

    He Wanshuang was so embarrassed that he buried his face in his arms.

    He just carried her to the hotel, and at this moment, the VIP activity area behind the hotel was particularly lively.