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That night was the birthday banquet of Gong Wenchen's mother Yue Wenqing.

    Because it was fifty years old, many emperors of the imperial city were present.

    Gong Lingye came in advance with Qi Lihuo. When the birthday party was about to begin, Gong Lingye had not yet seen Gong Mochen.

    He picked up his cell phone and was about to call Gong Mochen, and he saw him coming out of the lounge.

    Gong Mochen seemed to haven't slept at night. His clothes were the same as before. His hair was a little messy. The whole person looked a little haggard. There were blue marks under his eyes, and there was fatigue everywhere.

    Gong Lingye walked over and said, "Mo Chen, you change your clothes and tidy up, the banquet is about to begin."

    Gong Mochen glanced at him lightly, without speaking, and turned away.

    Gong Lingye rubbed his eyebrows, first found Lihuo, and went to greet the guests together.

    Yue Wenqing is in a good mood today, and there are many guests. Even if this emperor city is a rare and valuable person, she not only came to her birthday party today, but also brought a lot of gifts.

    Although she is considered a mother and son, she has at least an excellent son, doesn't she? ,

    At this time, another pair of men and women came in because of their outstanding appearance and temperament, which immediately attracted the attention of many people.

    Lie Yuan Shen is in a retro suit, and the girl next to him is dressed as a retro aristocratic girl, both of whom are mixed-race, impeccable from body to face.

    Straight to Yue Wenqing, Lieyuan Shen smiled and said: "Mrs. Gong, hello!"

    Yue Wenqing didn't seem strange to see him. She greeted him enthusiastically, and then looked at the girl beside Lieyuan Shen.

    The girl's facial features are three-dimensional and cool, and her voice is also a bit cold: "Hello Mrs. Gong, I am Xiao Ruan."

    "It turns out that you are Yuan Shen's sister! Just as handsome as your brother!" Yue Wenqing greeted them, took the gift, and greeted the newcomer.

    The two brothers and sisters of Lieyuan and Shen have few acquaintances here, but because of their excellent appearance, someone soon came over and talked to them.

    When Gong Lingye greeted the guests over there, they also saw the two.

    He raised his eyebrows slightly and wondered why they would receive Yue Wenqing's invitation. Did they know each other?

    However, before he had investigated the information of Lieyuan Shen, his father was Lie Chengan, a Chinese of country G, and his mother Miai, a standard Caucasian.

    Thirty-four years ago, although the two had a business marriage, although the relationship had not been good, but for the benefit of the group, the marriage had been maintained until now.

    Although L Group had some contact with unclean businesses before, since Lieyuan Shen started to take over the family business, it gradually started to whitewash. Now, it is not easy to grasp any handle.

    While the headquarters of L Group is in Country G, and now focuses on developing markets in Country M and China, Gong Lingye believes that they should not have any business dealings with Yue Wenqing.

    It seems that the brother and sister also found Gong Lingye, and Lieyuan Shen led her sister over.

    "Mr. Gong, good luck!" Lie Yuan smiled and shook hands with Gong Lingye, and then introduced the sister beside him: "This is my sister Xiao Ruo."

    Gong Lingye nodded slightly: "Miss Lie is good."

    Lie Xiaoruo looked at Gong Ling up and down at night and reached out: "Mr. Gong, hello."

    Just a few simple words, Gong Lingye left immediately. And just as he walked to the other side and chatted with others, Lie Xiaorou turned and rushed to the Lie Yuan beside him, saying, "Brother, I'm in love with him!"

    Lieyuan frowned: "A soft, what are you talking about?"

    "Brother, I think he and you should be the same kind of person. I used to worry about why the best man was my brother, but now I found out that the Emperor City also has a bright presence!" Lie Xiao's eyes were soft. It is all light of interest: "I will either not marry or just marry such a man!"

    "A soft, he already has a girlfriend." Lie Yuan said in a deep voice: "And, don't forget the purpose of our coming here!"

    "Brother, I only want him." Lie Xiaoruo's eyes have been following Gong Lingye at the banquet, his tone is cold and firm: "No matter what you do here, in short, just leave him to me."

    "A soft, you are also 26 this year, your parents mean, I hope you marry the Forte family." Lie Yuan Shen said: "And, you just came, you may not have heard of a rumor."

    "Brother, the soft-footed shrimp of the Forte family, I have no interest in him at all!" Lie Xiaoruo withdrew his gaze to Gong Lingye and turned to ask: "What rumor?"

    "The palace men of this generation in Gong Lingye can't live up to 32 years old." Lie Yuan Shen said: "His three elder brothers all died suddenly when they were 32 years old. He just turned 30, that is, at most only two Years are alive. "

    "Brother, I can't believe you also believe in these superstitions!" Lie Xiao softly smiled and didn't care: "I won't care! I believe him!"

    Lieyuan rubbed his eyebrows with a headache, and regretted bringing his sister over.

    At this moment, Gong Mochen had already packed up his instrument and came to the lobby.

    Although the emerged stubble has been repaired, the whole person still looks haggard.

    "Mo Chen, is your body better?" Yue Wenqing looked at his son with concern: "After the mother's birthday or something, you don't need to come over too busy!"

    She said nothing, and thought of something, she could not help complaining in a low voice: "Some people, in difficult places, he does not want to go by himself, but he just bullies you honest children! You see, in just over two months, you have become thin What's wrong! "

    Gong Mochen shook his head: "Mom, I'm fine."

    "It's okay! Come back this time, see if you can find someone to put you on top, that place, it's better not to go again!" Yue Wenqing took his son's arm: "Hey, I will ask Mom Zhang to give You need to get more nourishing stuff! "

    While talking, there was a fragrant wind blowing beside him.

    "Auntie is good." Le Haisheng finished greeting and turned to Gong Mochen aside: "Mo Chen, I just been looking for you."

    After all, she lifted her eyes and looked at him for a while, but she couldn't help feeling distressed: "Why are you thin and dark! It must be hard over there?"

    "Look, even Sheng'er sees it!" Yue Wenqing sighed: "Sheng'er, you have a good chat with Mo Chen, I'll go there to greet the guests."

    "Brother Mo Chen, haven't you been sleeping well recently? I think I have dark circles? I know a friend who does aromatherapy. The aromatherapy in her family is very useful for calming the nerves. I'll take you to make one tomorrow?" Le Haisheng raised Gong Mochen's arm.

    Gong Mochen looked down at the girl next to her. She was wearing a light blue dress today, and her skin was extremely fair and translucent.

    For some reason, another face appeared before his eyes.

    Unconsciously tightening his fists, Gong Mochen pulled his arm out and said indifferently: "I slept very well and didn't need anything."