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The voice of the chief judge Ran Ran echoed to his ears, and the Song Yiren sat on the hearing seat, his eyes suddenly red.

    After more than a thousand days and nights of suffering, the pain and despair experienced by their family finally have a justice. From then on, the dead souls of the unjust death don't have to scream, and they can finally rest in peace!

    Bei Mingmo got up from the plaintiff's seat, stretched his arms, and was embraced by Mrs. Beiming and Beiming Bridge.

    The flashlights of the surrounding reporters kept on, recording all the joys and sorrows.

    Chu Mingyao was taken away in handcuffs, and he faced a life prison. As a serious prisoner, he will be held incommunicado and will not be able to step out of jail for life.

    When he was taken down, his eyes were tightly locked on the Song Yi who was still sitting in the hearing room, and she almost called her name.

    Until he was taken away, he still maintained his movements, excited.

    He was taken to prison and put on uniform uniforms. Came to a small room and was told that this is where he lives for decades to come.

    He clasped the door handle in one hand, his voice hoarse: "I want to see my family!"

    The warden came to him: "You are a heavy prisoner. According to the regulations, you can only see one family member for decades after being detained. Do you have to specify his name now?"

    Chu Mingyao nodded, "I will see her now!"

    "Then prepare the family form!" The warden took a booklet and began to record.

    After the record was completed, the prison chief said: "I will contact her, you are here to wait for the result!"

    Chu Mingyao nodded, uneasy.

    He did n’t know if she would like to see him, but at this moment, he was just crazy and wanted to talk to her. He wanted to tell her that he knew wrong. If he met her at the beginning, there would be no love and hate. , How good!

    The waiting time is always extra hard. When Chu Mingyao was feeling that he was dying in the room of less than six square meters, the warden brought a sentence: "Miss Yu said she didn't want to see you."

    Chu Mingyao suddenly fell back, almost paralyzed in a wheelchair.

    The warden added another sentence: "But you have already registered the contact person and cannot be changed, so if she does not see you, you will not see any family members after that."

    Chu Mingyao didn't even bother to listen to what the warden said. At this moment, his heart was swallowed by despair, his face was buried in the palm of his hand, and a painful voice was heard in his throat.

    She really hated him and hated him! Even she doesn't want him! He has nothing!

    Suddenly, he thought of the day when he asked someone to kidnap her and put a knife on her slender white neck.

    He was sorry for her first, he shouldn't do it to her, now, is it his retribution?

    Tears rolled out, Chu Mingyao made a whimper, and remembered in her mind that even if her neck was injured, even if she experienced life and death, she still supported the little boy ...

    She's so good, she really shouldn't have anything to do with him.

    He is dirty, dark, and vicious. Where does it deserve to be bright and kind?

    He was suffering in a wheelchair, and he seemed to see himself for the rest of his life. It was only a small square, and a high wall that never saw light!

    At this moment, Song Yiren stood in the corridor next to the court. She didn't really miss Chu Mingyao, but she intended to air him deliberately. When he was almost completely desperate, she passed by again, making him think he saw hope, but it was unexpected , That is the real fatal blow!

    Thinking about it, Song Yiren planned to stay in Ning Guo for one more day. She took out her mobile phone and prepared to send a message to Bei Mingmo about an appointment.

    However, when she came to the stairs to prepare to go downstairs, suddenly, there was a voice.

    Just listened to a rather hoarse male voice: "This piece of Chu Mingyao has long since given up, and the success is not enough, and it is exactly the same as his cheap father ..."

    Song Yi people breathed tightly and their hairs stood up instantly!

    Chu Mingyao, chess piece? Shouldn't that be the tone of the people behind the scenes?

    Unexpectedly, she came to this unintentionally small building intentionally to organize the next plan and heard such a conversation!

    She held her breath, and in order to prevent the phone from ringing suddenly, she mute the phone almost immediately, and then leaned out little by little.

    Around the corner, the man's clothes showed a little bit.

    Song Yi people dare not breathe or move, continue to look out.

    Until, she saw a man sideways facing her, talking to another person. However, the other person only showed a little clothes, and from the perspective of Song Yi people, he could not see it anyway.

    The man who can see, because he leans forward, the Song Yi people can only see his legs. The height of this man is about 176 to 185. The body is strong and he ca n’t see the age.

    And at this moment, he put his hands down, and at a moment, Song Yiren saw that there was a black flying eagle tattoo on his right wrist!

    The Song Yi people slowly took out their phones, turned on the camera, reached forward, and were ready to take pictures.

    But at this moment, I saw the man turned suddenly: "Someone!"

    Song Yi was surprised, squeezed the phone quickly turned around, strode downstairs.

    Behind him, the footsteps of the two men also approached quickly: "Catch him!"

    "There is no monitoring here, and it's directly killed!"

    Song Yiren's heart instantly mentioned her voice, she was running at the fastest speed of her life.

    At this moment, she suddenly remembered what Gong Lingye said. He said that she didn't exercise well, don't be tired of running, and a day of good fitness would always be useful.

    Yeah, she should listen to him. The things he said are always useful, but she is lazy, and acting like a baby is over.

    Now that I am wrong, is it too late?

    The spiral staircase behind him hurt her chest with footsteps. The tighter the string of her heart was, the harder she could almost find any way to go down at any time.

    However, a voice in her heart was telling her that she could not fall down, nor could they be taken away by them, because Gong Lingye was still waiting for her.

    The moment when he rushed down the corridor, Song Yi quickly turned his gaze.

    The road ahead is flat and there is no place to hide!

    It seems that the sky is dying her!

    However, the unwillingness in her soul made her suddenly clearer, her eyes turned, and she suddenly found a sewer entrance!

    Song Yiren doesn't know what she will face when she rushes down, but she knows that if she doesn't rush down, she will definitely be caught and die!

    She didn't know if Gong Lingye's people had been restrained, so no one had found her until now, so the only thing she could do was to let go!

    When the Song Yi people jumped off the sewer, the two had just come out of the corridor, and the two looked at each other: "What about people?"

    "This factory is so big, he can't be so fast--" One of them said: "The kid must have been hiding!"

    They did not see the figure of the Song Yi people, so they instinctively thought they were men.

    "Is it there?" Another person pointed to the sewer entrance.

    "Find!" Said the tattoo on his hand.