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Her hand had already touched, and her fingertips could even feel the muscle lines on the man's thigh.

    The Song Yi people poked lightly and rushed to the palace to show the night. But he didn't move and didn't respond at all.

    It seems that it is really angry.

    Song Yiren saw Gong Lingye driving, so he didn't disturb him, but took out the small mirror in his bag and dealt with the blood stains on his neck against the mirror.

    It must be said that Chu Mingyao was indeed in temptation, so he did not let anyone take her clothes or bags.

    Even, maybe he is still trying to test what cards she has, or who is she expecting to be able to report to?

    The Song Yi people took wet tissues, wiped the dried blood stains off their necks, and wiped their hands again.

    In the mirror, there is a superficial wound of about two centimeters on the neck, which has healed by itself. As long as it is not wet with water, the scab will quickly fall off.

    Aside, Gong Lingye saw her self-handling, the light at his eyes was colder, the hand holding the steering wheel was harder, and the joints were white.

    He is angry, very angry!

    He is trying his best to control his emotions, but the fast speed still reveals his extremely unhappy mood.

    Soon, the car turned the corner and entered the secluded villa area. Not long after, it had arrived outside Gong Lingye's villa.

    Gong Ling stopped the car at night, Wu Zula pulled the door to get off, and didn't return her head.

    Song Yi's lips were pursed, and Yibu also followed behind him.

    He opened the door, regardless of whether she entered or not, she took off her coat and handed it to the servant, and went to the study.

    Outside, the maid asked Song Yiren: "Sir and miss, dinner is ready, can you take it now?"

    Song Yi nodded: "Well, take it!"

    It's a pity that she just bought the milk and milk bricks and strawberry pancakes. It seemed that she was left by the roadside.

    The maid went to prepare things, but the Song Yi people changed their clothes and came to the door of the study.

    She knocked on the door, there was no sound in it, and there was no movement at all.

    So she unscrewed the door lock and went in.

    He turned his back to her and stood in front of the window smoking, and in the smoke, his outline became bright and dark, but there was a sense of coldness and loneliness.

    Song Yiren suddenly felt a little panicked. She walked over and hugged him from behind, her voice softening: "I'm sorry, I shouldn't be advocating like this, don't be angry, OK?"

    Gong Lingye didn't speak, but raised her hand and smothered the cigarette in the ashtray.

    Song Yiren noticed this detail, and she remembered that she had said before that she did not like the smell of smoke, so he really never smoked in front of her.

    Therefore, even if he is angry, he still cares about her!

    She felt a little bit in her heart, and her face rubbed on Gong Lingye's shirt, and went to pull him again: "Let's go to dinner first, and Yusao has done everything."

    Seeing Gong Lingye didn't move, Song Yi grabbed his hand and dragged him out.

    She pulled hard and finally dragged him to the table.

    After the dishes were set, the servant took out the tableware and left the restaurant.

    Song Yi people didn't know if Gong Lingye had washed his hands, so he took a wet tissue and came down to wipe his hands.

    She wiped it very carefully. He leaned on the back of the chair and wiped it clean from finger to finger. There were still no extra words or expressions.

    Song Yi wiped Gong Lingye's hand and went to help him actively serve the meal. Sheng put it in front of him and then went to hold his own.

    She sat down opposite him and saw that he also took chopsticks, which made her slightly relieved.

    The dining room was quiet. Song Yi people had been thinking about how to coax very angry men, while Gong Lingye ate quickly, and after a while, he ate his bowl clean.

    Seeing this, the Song Yi people quickly took his bowl and went to give him Sheng.

    Even though he was angry, the manner of eating was still noble and elegant, the Song Yi people began to just think about how to coax, and slowly, just watch Gong Lingye startled.

    When he saw her holding her chin to look at him, he forgot to eat and frowned slightly. When he was in the soup, he deliberately made some noise.

    Song Yiren recovered, his cheeks were hot for a while, and he quickly bowed his head to eat what he was in front of.

    Gong Ling finished eating at night and left first. Without even knowing her, she went back to the study.

    Song Yiren did not go to Gong Lingye immediately after eating, but picked up the phone and sent a message to Bei Mingmo: "Baby, why are you mad at men?"

    At the moment, Bei Mingmo was in the living room of his home, Xuan Yuan Che was sitting in the living room, and neither of them spoke.

    Hearing the vibration, Bei Mingmo picked it up and looked, unable to help raising his lips.

    She almost guessed that the Song Yi people must have made Gong Lingye angry for some reason, so she did not say that she was attacked today, but directly replied: "Women coax men and men coax women. Is it a routine? He does n’t sleep enough once, he sleeps twice, and twice does n’t sleep three times! In short, when he sleeps comfortably, everything goes away. ”

    Song Yi: "..."

    Can she say, has she really heard this? Gong Lingye himself said, but that time he coaxed her.

    The Song Yi people rubbed their brows and stood up, feeling anxious.

    I don't know if it's because I never took the initiative to do such a thing, so when she got up, the whole person was a little heartbeat.

    Song Yi first went to the bathroom to take a shower, carefully avoided the wound on the neck, then wiped skin care products, and even sprayed a little perfume prepared by Beiming Mo for her.

    After finishing this, she found a lace nightdress from the closet and put it on. Taking a deep breath, she came to the entrance of Gong Lingye's study.

    There was a voice inside, it seemed that Gong Lingye was talking on the phone.

    Song Yiren heard intermittently, it seemed that Pei Jun reported to him the follow-up situation today, because Chu Mingyao was also mentioned in the middle.

    Song Yiren kept waiting at the door until it was quiet inside. She then lightly buckled the door, unscrewed the handle, and walked in.

    Gong Lingye sat at the large desk with the computer in front of him and seemed to be working.

    Seeing her come in, his gaze just paused for two seconds, then moved away and continued to focus on the computer screen.

    Song Yiren knew that Gong Lingye was really iron this time and ignored her. She didn't take some medicine, maybe she couldn't be reconciled.

    So she strode across with a big heart.

    Gong Yiye, who looked at Song Yi who was coming over, had no plans to do anything. She saw that she suddenly raised his arm on the table, and then sat in his arms!

    He froze, almost quickly, raised his other hand and snapped the computer in front of him with a snap.

    And the moment the computer closed, a voice came out: "Mr. Gong, that bid--"

    Then, with the computer going to sleep, the sound stopped abruptly.

    Song Yiren realized something, her eyes widened suddenly, turned her head and looked at Gong Lingye with a broken face.

    Just now, after he hung up the phone, he started a video conference again? !

    So, those people at the meeting saw her? !

    Seeing her wearing lace pajamas, sitting directly on Gong Ling Ye's lap? !

    Song Yiren could not wait to be killed by one head. She grew up so big that she seduced a man for the first time, so she made such an oolong, and she was ashamed!