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#25 She

The children were very excited today, and all of them were dressed up vividly, because the palace's genes are good, so they are all beautiful. If it is paired with a pair of wings, it can play the role of angel baby.

    Song Yiren's condition is a little better than before, but she still hasn't slowed down. Seeing Zhang Mingyu speaking next to her, she just tried to pretend to be nothing, saying: "Go ahead, I'll blow it here, and I'll go in after a while."

    Zhang Mingyu nodded: "Okay."

    When he left, I didn't know why the yacht was swaying again. Suddenly, the feeling that the Song Yi people had just depressed again recovered.

    At this time, Gong Lingye had arrived in front of her.

    He actually saw her long ago, and the white skirt was quite familiar. When he thought a little, he remembered that it was the day he ordered the female assistant to buy it.

    The female assistant bought three sets, and he picked the one that suits her best.

    I didn't even think about what she was wearing when she met her. At this moment, it seems that the Song Yi people on the cruise ship are standing against the wind, and the sea breeze blows her skirt gently. Her temperament today is rare and soft, but it gives a person. A sense of weak willow wind.

    That day her pajamas and sanitary napkins were replaced by his female assistant, and Gong Lingye did not seriously look at the figure of Song Yiren. At this moment, she seems to be too thin?

    Gong Lingye walked closer, only to find that the Song Yi people in the morning sunlight had a pale face and clenched the fence in their hands, which seemed a little uncomfortable.

    "Mr. Gong." Song Yi people politely greeted Gong Lingye at night, the official with the right attitude, not intimate and not alienated, as if the ‘暧. 應’ in the hotel that day never existed.

    In fact, since that day, they have not contacted her, and she never remembered him. Of course, except when choosing a skirt today.

    Gong Lingye nodded lightly to the Song Yi people, and glanced calmly across her pale face.

    Behind him, the group of imps has arrived.

    One of the five- or six-year-old boys grabbed Gong Lingye's clothing corner and pulled him off, looking at Song Yiren with his eyes alert, but it was Chong Gongling Yedao: "Uncle, she wants to eat people, you leave her Stay away! "

    Gong Lingye heard the words and couldn't help but slightly pick: "How do you know?"

    "Big brother said! She also admitted that she likes to eat the child's heart!" The little guy said, and covered her chest worriedly.

    Gong Lingye's lips twitched, seeming to think of something, and rushed to a few ghosts: "You can play with her at ease, and I am here, she dare not eat your heart!"

    The little ghosts don't seem to believe it yet, but when they think of Gong Lingye's consistent momentum in their minds, they suddenly feel confident.

    A slightly daring child gathered in front of Song Yiren: "I am not afraid of you, uncle is here, no one can eat us!"

    Song Yiren was originally because of the bumpy emotions of the cruise ship, because the child's apparent fear and another serious look of fox and tiger power were dispersed. She felt better and lowered her eyes, because the voice was not very comfortable, and the voice was much lighter: "I am not afraid that I will join him together eat?"

    After all, his eyes stared straight at Gong Lingye's left chest.

    She was originally weak, but with the present eyes, it was surprisingly vivid, and the little guys shook their hearts.

    Suddenly, there are a few wall head grasses that have fallen: "Uncle, let's go to find the big brother first!"

    After all, he ran away.

    There were a few others, and when someone ran away, they hurried to keep up. Suddenly, only Gong Lingye and Song Yi left. Bae Jun went there as soon as he got on the cruise ship.

    Gong Lingye looked at the slightly better face of the Song Yi people, and said lightly: "People who are too young are easy to fold. Sometimes showing weakness is not incompetent. Appropriate showing weakness can actually do more with less. This is the inferiority of people. Can't escape. "

    Song Yi was stunned and seemed puzzled.

    Gong Lingye said again: "If you are seasick, there is no need to force yourself to come over." He said he would go inside.

    Song Yiren suddenly understood what he meant, and she subconsciously wanted to explain, but found out again that she didn't seem to know what to explain.

    He just said that since she is not comfortable, she should tell others and ask for help, so that she can be taken care of?

    Song Yiren found that she seemed to be unaccustomed to asking others for help, or that she wanted to arm herself to be invulnerable.

    It was as if she knew she was in a bad state, and she did not mean to leave. She does not want to have weaknesses, she must overcome the previous nightmare, so that in the future, she will not be caught by others because of such shortcomings and lose defeat.

    Gong Lingye had already left, and Song Yiren also felt that after speaking to him, he seemed to be better. Then he took a deep breath, adjusted himself, and turned and walked into the cabin.

    At this moment, there are already a lot of men and women in it, and several of them still have faces, but the men all look like 27-80 years old, it is estimated that they are Gong Lingye's friends.

    The girls can't see their age. They are almost all wearing bikinis. They are dressed neatly like the Song Yi people and are exceptional students. It seems that except for her, there is only a goose egg face and a sweet-looking girl.

    The girl saw Gong Lingye came in, and as soon as her eyes lit up, she trot towards him: "Brother Ling Ye!"

    Song Yiren heard the words and couldn't help turning to look at the girl.

    Obviously, this girl is very familiar with Gong Lingye. I saw Gong Lingye smiling at her, with a soft tone: "Listen to the snow, come so early today?"

    "This is not Mo Chen's birthday!" Gu Tingxue smiled and looked at the bag in Gong Lingye's hand: "What gift did you bring?"

    Gong Lingye didn't answer her, but walked straight to Gong Mochen: "Mo Chen, happy birthday!"

    Gong Mochen took it and opened it, which turned out to be a car key.

    When he saw his favorite sports car, his eyes lit up: "Thank you uncle."

    At this moment, Song Yiren feels that Gong Mochen is like a child who gets candy very much.

    She walked into the cabin. Because she was crowded and her mind was scattered, her condition was much better. Just about to walk to Gong Mochen, a girl looked at Song Yiren, her eyes lit up and said, "Well, who is this? It seems like I haven't seen it before."

    Gong Mochen followed her gaze and saw Song Yiren.

    She is very well dressed today, she looks like a college student, and she has no makeup on her clean face. However, her full collagen and delicate facial features make people more immobile because of the cleanliness. Open your eyes.

    Gong Mochen's eyes were stunned for a moment.

    Immediately, Gong Mochen reacted. Suddenly, Mei Feng jumped up and looked away from Song Yiren.