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The network signal on the side of the cemetery is very poor, so the two used Bluetooth to transmit the video.

    Song Yiren asked: "Is Su Yunfei on your side?"

    She said nothing and explained: "She should be a participant in the incident and an important witness. Zhang Cuixian, you gave her to me, we have the ability to ensure her safety before the court. In addition, you help To us, in order to prevent Chu Mingyao from doubting you, we will send someone to secretly protect you. "

    Su Mi thought about it and said, "Well, you come with me."

    In fact, she has been thinking about how to deal with Su Yunfei these two days.

    In order to avoid Chu Mingyao, they have always been on the side of the cemetery. It was mid-winter and the weather was very cold. Su Yunfei was originally injured. In addition, Chu Mingyao was locked for so long. .

    Although Su Mi gave her medicine, Su Yunfei's fever has been intermittent because of the lack of a good recovery environment. Until now, she has always been in a semi-coma state.

    However, Su Yunfei could be handed over, and Su Mi was not reconciled. If she did not hand it over, she was worried that the other party would die here.

    Now that the Song Yi people are taking over, Su Mi feels a lot easier.

    As she walked, she explained to Song Yiren and Gong Lingye: "She was given a medicine by me before. That kind of medicine would delay the official holiday and increase the progesterone in the body, so if you check it, you will think she is pregnant. But actually She is not pregnant. After you take her away, you can fully examine her body. Chu Mingyao has been shutting her down for a long time, and I do n’t know if there is anything wrong. Anyway, she has a low resistance and is having a high fever. "

    Song Yi nodded, Gong Lingye took the phone and called a follower.

    Soon, he came to the tomb, and Gong Lingye's people took Su Yunfei out.

    Su Yunfei has really fallen into a coma, and the whole person has not reacted at all. Although the Song Yi people felt happy, Su Yunfei was an important witness, and he could not die before going to court!

    Soon, Gong Lingye's people had already brought Su Yunfei to the car, and then Gong Lingye ordered the old man to be released, and everyone soon disappeared into the thick night.

    The car traverses the streets of Ningguo all the way. Song Yi people have been holding the phone in their hands. In order to confirm the video, she just watched the first few seconds, and the whole 7 minutes later, she didn't watch at all.

    Beside him, Gong Lingye understood her mood, so she reached out, took the phone in her hand, and squeezed her cold hand, saying, "Okay, everything has passed."

    Song Yi's body was a little stiff, let Gong Lingye hold her until the hotel door came into view.

    "Nuan Nuan, it's here." Gong Lingye said softly to Song Yi in her arms.

    The Song Yi people seemed to have just reacted and nodded.

    She walked off the bus and suddenly thought of something, nervously said: "What about my mobile phone?"

    Gong Lingye quickly pulled out Song Yiren's mobile phone and showed her: "Here I am."

    The Song Yi people were relieved and nodded, grabbing Gong Lingye's hand: "Let's go up first."

    Gong Lingye's hand was pinched tightly by her, and his heart seemed to be blocked by a strong emotion, and there was an unspeakable distress.

    That video, she tried everything she could to get it, but for her, it was indescribably cruel!

    The two went to the room together, but the Song Yi people behaved as if they were okay. Chong Gong Ling said at night: "I'm going to take a shower first. I was outside today, and my body was a little dirty.

    Gong Lingye nodded and looked at her with some worry, saying: "Okay, I'll be waiting for you outside, you wash first."

    Song Yi nodded, went to the bathroom, and remembered that he didn't change his slippers. He hurried out quickly and went to wear slippers.

    Gong Lingye reached out to support her: "Slow down, be careful."

    Song Yiren looked up and smiled: "Well, I won't fall."

    She said, wearing slippers to the bathroom.

    Opening the shower, the warm water poured, but the Song Yi people did not feel warm at all.

    Although she only looked at the beginning for more than ten seconds, she saw that her mother was intimidated by Chu Mingyao, and the noble elegance on her face was frightened. She turned to run away, but was caught by Chu Mingyao and fell. On the ground.

    Song Yi people bite their teeth, tears can not help but fall wildly.

    She hugged her head, and the past pain seemed to swept over her again, causing her to tremble.

    Outside, Gong Lingye opened the video.

    After all, he must determine the validity of the video and the provability after going to court.

    So he read it all.

    In a short seven-minute video, Gong Lingye didn't know what kind of mood he finished watching, but after watching it, his hands squeezing his phone were a little trembling.

    In the bathroom, the sound of water is constant.

    Gong Lingye felt a little moved, and walked over quickly, taking off his jacket quickly while walking.

    He opened the door and saw the Song Yi squatting on the ground.

    There was a lot of water in the bathroom, and her figure became particularly blurred, but he could also see that her shoulders were shaking, and the whole person looked weak and helpless.

    The heart suddenly seemed to be grasped by a huge force, squeezed hard, leaving only a cone of pain.

    In the past, I heard her talk about those, because there is no intuitive picture, it seems that it is just something imagined by words.

    But no matter how he imagined, he didn't really see the picture so shocked!

    This is only seven minutes of her mother's experience, what about her?

    In the first three years of her life, how did you come here?

    Gong Lingye walked forward to the Song Yi people step by step, she looked up at him, her eyes filled with water vapor.

    He squatted down, wet the shirt on his body regardless of the water flow above his head, and hugged her tightly in his arms.

    Song Yi didn't speak, his fingers clung to Gong Lingye's shirt, and he almost broke his nails.

    He tightened his arms and comforted her: "Yiren, don't be afraid, everything has passed!"

    "We got the evidence, and Su Yunfei is also in our hands. I have many ways for her to testify in court."

    Gong Lingye ’s fingers passed through the Song Yi ’s hair: "Everything in the past will not be buried, and the pain of your family will be punished!"

    "I won't let Chu Mingyao die so easily, so he won't be present when he goes to court. Those things will only let the world know his true face, and for him, I will let him die better than life!

    Gong Lingye took Song Yiren's face: "Baby, cry if you want to cry, everything will get better and better in the future!"

    Song Yiren finally cried out when she heard this, and all the pain and hatred for Chu Mingyao that she suppressed in her heart cried hard!

    Gong Lingye had been holding her for fear that she would choke, and turned off the shower, and wrapped her tightly with a dry bath towel, patting it gently.