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#461 Wait for me to grow up

What was the experience of being sternly praised by my husband in front of thousands of classmates and teachers?

Song Yi people feel it now.

Her cheeks were burning, but her heart felt sweet again, the kind of sweetness that overturned the honeypot.

After Gong Lingye finished speaking, she took back her gaze, and finally concluded her sentence and left the podium.

The audience applauded thunderously.

Gong Lingye walked down, not to the guest seat, but to the family area on the side.

Today, Gong Moyan came with him.

Gong Moyan asked him for a long time before he agreed to let her over.

At this moment, the little girl was sitting in the family area, her big eyes looked at the stage, and the eagerness of her eyes seemed to be that she was going to be picked by the headmaster.

Gong Lingye saw this and couldn't help crying: "Mo Yan, do you really want to grow up?"

Gong Moyan nodded: "Yeah, uncle, it would be nice if I were as big as my aunt!"

"I saw their ceremony today, and I should study hard at home, and strive to stand on such a platform." Gong Ling night said.

"Well! I will!" The little girl nodded, and saw that financial graduates had queued up.

Students of various majors went up one after another, and it was their turn to Song Yi people soon.

Gong Moyan's eyes clearly captured Xiao Pei's figure.

He was wearing a bachelor's uniform. Although the clothes were a bit big, he still seemed tall and slender. He was behind the Song Yi, lining up to the principal in front.

Gong Moyan glanced at Gong Lingye and thought, is she in the same mood as him now?

They are all at the moment when the witnesses like themselves, such a ritual.

However, Xiao Pei must not know it, she came over the class specifically for him.

Soon, all major graduates completed this ceremony, and the host came to the stage and said: "There are some outstanding graduates from this year, Yu Ruonuan, please speak on stage!"

This is not the first time Song Yiren has spoken on behalf of an outstanding graduate. When she was at Ningcheng University before, her mother donated a playground to the school because of her excellent grades and the huge amount of money from the Haisheng Group. So, she It is also the one on stage.

At this moment, after a few years, standing on such a podium with different identities, her thoughts passed by, but she finally turned into precipitation.

She opened the microphone and said, "I am honored to be here today to share my thoughts..."

"Everyone knows that when I first tested the City of God University, I was an artificial intelligence major with a score of science. However, because the university life is too new and shocking, I also lost..."

Under the stage, Gong Lingye listened to her voice, only to think that those voices had become notes, one by one hit the hearing, all fell into the heart.

He has officially known her for a year, his girl, his wife.

Although the Song Yi people did not prepare speeches, many things really came from these years of perception.

At first, everyone looked at her curiously. After all, in addition to those who are familiar with her in this major, in the eyes of students of other majors, she is actually more like a legend.

It's just that everyone finally got their eyes moistened by that feeling.

So many years later, they still remember the sentence that the Song Yi people said at the beginning: "We strive to adhere to our principles, do not forget the original intention, do not hesitate in the first half of life, and do not regret in the second half of life."

At the end of the speech, Song Yiren was about to bow down. Gong Lingye had already walked up. He held a bunch of flowers in his hand and stretched his arms to hug her: "Warm warmly, congratulations on graduation."

She smiled, but there was water in her eyes.

Coming out of the auditorium, Gong Ling saw Gong Moyan absent-minded at night, and said: "Mo Yan. I will ask the driver to send you back to school?"

"Oh." Gong Moyan didn't see Xiao Pei, and was a little unhappy.

The driver has come, Gong Lingye and Song Yiren still have something to do, so Gong Moyan left with the driver.

But when she was about to walk to the parking lot, she suddenly ran into a familiar figure in her eyes.

"Brother!" She ran to Xiao Pei joyfully.

Xiao Pei was also surprised when she saw her: "Child... Mo Yan, why are you here?"

"I came here with my uncle." Gong Moyan bit her lip and said nothing. In fact, she came for him.

"Isn't class today?" Xiao Pei said: "Have you skipped class?"

Gong Moyan made a booed expression: "It's important today, I won't skip class in the future!"

Xiao Pei nodded. It happened that several boys asked him to take a group photo together. They saw Gong Moyan and smiled and said, "Xiao Pei, your sister?"

"Almost!" Xiao Pei said.

"Sister, did you go to middle school?" The crowd teased Gong Moyan.

Gong Moyan's cheeks were reddish, and he nodded: "I went to the first grade."

"It's so nice to be young!" Everyone smiled: "Xiao Pei, when did you have such a small sister who hasn't listened to you?"

Xiao Pei smiled, without explanation.

Actually, you don’t really want to ask anything, but just said: "I just saw a few girls add WeChat to you, why don't you add it? I think they are pretty beautiful!"

Xiao Pei shrugged: "I'll agree if they add me? Who stipulated?"

"You still do this!" several boys said, with a hook on Xiao Pei's shoulder: "I don't know any girls in Tiangong Group? To be honest, have you never been in love? What do you like? Very demanding?"

After hearing this, Gong Moyan squeezed his clothes unconsciously, looking up at Xiao Pei, waiting for his answer.

He seemed to really think about it: "I like beautiful, mature, rational, capable and non-sticky people."

Speaking of which, he suddenly thought of the Song Yi people, but, he thought about it, he felt that she was just a comrade in arms and appreciation.

Perhaps it was because she felt that she had a boyfriend at the beginning?

"Lying trough, really demanding more." A boy said with a smile.

Xiao Pei shrugged: "Come on, take a graduation photo."

Having said that, he remembered Gong Moyan, but he saw the little girl pulling her head like a little cabbage that had been scorched.

He reached out and rubbed her hair: "The child hurried back to school, don't skip class."

She nodded and pouted: "Oh."

"I'm gone." Xiao Pei said, and left with his classmates.

Gong Moyan looked at his back and saw that he seemed to be moving away. He couldn't help but call him: "Brother!"

Xiao Pei turned his head, and his face was still clear under the backlight.

She moved her lips and her voice was low: "Can you wait for me to grow up?"

Can you not fall in love first and wait for her to grow up?

She will work hard and grow up quickly,

When she grows up, she looks like the beautiful, mature, rational, capable and non-sticky person he likes.

Xiao Pei apparently didn't hear it clearly and asked her: "Huh?"

She waved her hand, and then ran towards the driver.