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#77 The taste of cheating

When Le Haisheng heard his name, he thought about it.

Just now, Gong Mochen has always been polite to her and called her "Miss le". But now, he calls her "Haisheng".

Is it because of the girl in front of you? Yue Haisheng was puzzled and looked at the people of the Song Dynasty.

At this time, Gong Lingye, who was on the phone, hung up his cell phone and came over.

He pulled out his chair and sat down. He said to Song Yi, "Miss Yu, I didn't expect that this suit suits you very well."

Song Yiren smiled: "thank you, Mr. Gong."

Gong Lingye looked at Le Haisheng again: "Miss Le, I'm really sorry. I only have this set of clothes in my car that I was going to give to others, but the color is also bumped with yours."

There are many people around them. At the moment, hearing Gong Lingye's words, they all look at Le Haisheng.

It's only Gong Lingye who dares to order this kind of thing.

What's more, it's not terrible to hit the shirt. Whoever is ugly is embarrassed.

At first, we thought that the well-dressed dress of yuehaisheng could get 9.5 points, but as soon as song Yiren came out, we found that there were really 10 points, and the 9.5 points were still rivals!

So, people began to eat melon mode, I just wish today's two girls would tear it up, it's really a big play.

However, when Le Haisheng heard Gong Lingye's words, the smile on his cheek continued to be graceful appropriately: "uncle, who were you going to give the skirt to?"

"A girl I like." Gong Ling night is very natural. After all, she looks at the Song Yi people like nothing.

Le Haisheng is interested: "is that right? Who is it? I don't know if it's an honor to meet you. "

"Palace Ling night hook hook lips:" you will see

After that, he picked up his cell phone and pressed it quickly.

Then, the phone put in the bag vibrated.

She raised her eyes and saw that he was looking at her, and immediately realized that he was just sending her a message.

She had another drink, and then slowly took out her mobile phone, and saw that Gong Lingye had sent a few words: "it has been sent to the person to be sent."

Inexplicably, her heart beat missed a beat, and her ears were a little hot.

She didn't return the news. She put away her mobile phone and made some polite remarks with Le Haisheng.

Over there, Yue Wenqing announced the opening of the dinner party, so people moved from the manor to the palace's banquet hall.

Except Gong Lingye's uncle and nephew, they are almost all women. Song Yi people have seen many girls secretly looking at Gong Lingye. They seem to want to chat up, but they dare not.

She can't help being funny. It seems that Gong Lingye's scandal is rare. He killed it in this way? Yes, it works.

Entering the banquet hall, Yue Wenqing sat down with her little sister and waved to le Haisheng: "sheng'er, sit here."

Wait for Gong Mo Chen's both sides to sit a person, she just as if just remembered what general, rush to go to other table Song Yi humanity: "if warm, come, here still have a position."

Song Yi people saw that one side of Gong Mochen is Le Haisheng, the other side is Yue Wenqing, and the other side is her little sister, plus there are two elders, so this table has only two vacant seats, and it is also the lowest place on the table and the nearest place to the door.

As soon as the Songyi people sat down, someone sat down beside them. It was gong Lingye.

Yue Wenqing saw this and said: "Lingye, I heard you said something just now. I thought you didn't come to eat. Come here. Let's change seats."

Gong Ling shook his head at night and said softly, "it doesn't matter. It's just a seat. You don't have to pay attention to it."

Seeing his insistence, Yue Wenqing stopped saying anything and began to greet everyone to prepare for the opening ceremony.

Different from the formality on their side, the topics of other tables are obviously much more open.

"Who do you think might be the wife of the palace?"

"It must be Miss Le! You didn't look at her seat, but it was next to the palace, and there was also the attitude of Mrs. Gong! "

"Not necessarily! You see, Liu Shao is next to yuruo, and yuruo's dress is designed by Kevin, I'm afraid you don't know! "

"But you don't find it. In fact, it means that ruohuan is not only more beautiful in appearance, but also not bad in etiquette and temperament! If I didn't know in advance that she was Yu's, I think her family history is not inferior to le's, even like the gold from our top families in China! "

"I also found out that she knows Y & M's bag and has such a good temperament. She really doesn't look like an ordinary college student. Before, I thought she was just a vase, but just now I searched some information about her and found that she was still learning to bully. "

"Is that right? Let's hear it. "

"She was admitted to the Imperial University with good results, only ten points less than the number one scholar in the imperial city. Later, he was invited by MsrA Research Institute to participate in the research and development of driverless vehicles. "

"Isn't Tiangong doing self driving now? It's said that it's still a key project, so it's no wonder that Liu Shao will pay more attention to her. "

"In fact, I read an article before that said that the benefits a woman can bring to a man's family can not only be focused on the immediate. Some people do have a good family background, but if they can't keep up with it, it becomes a burden. But if some people are strong, they can also bring endless benefits to their husband's family. "

"But the ability of Le Haisheng is not bad. She graduated from a famous foreign school."

"Well, I'll see. But didn't you find that it was always Le Haisheng who challenged Yu Ruonan, as if to gain Gong Shao's sense of identity, but Yu Ruonan was able to resolve every time, and it was more and more surprising. "

"Really Listen to you so analysis, our family also wants to reconsider, cannot stand in line too early! "

When several people are chatting, the main table is always very polite.

Yue Wenqing always greets her mother and daughter, while the other two elders on the table always chat around the music center.

The whole table seems to be the world of Le Haisheng, but the people of Song Yi don't care about it at all, because she really doesn't care about it.

Just a few minutes ago, her hand under the table was held by Gong Lingye. She wanted to pull it away. He scratched her palm and caused her chopsticks to fall.

She was annoyed and raised her foot to step on him, but he released her left hand and grabbed her left leg.

When she sat down, the skirt naturally went up, so his palm easily fell over her knee.

His palms were dry and hot, and as she slid up her knees, she felt only a heat burn along the skin they touched, all the way to the bone.

Song Yi people looked around and saw that no one could see her side. Their hearts were a little loose. However, Gong Lingye unexpectedly stepped forward and went inside her big leg!

In an instant, the Songyi people only felt an electric current flying around. She instinctively shrank and the spoon on her hand fell off.

The spoon fell into the bowl and made a crisp sound, so everyone looked over.