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Less than half an hour after the video was played, all major media in Ningguo, including many foreign media that paid attention to AI, reported on the Haisheng Group tonight.

    [Haisheng Group ’s new car global press conference revealed the strange video of its global spokesperson and unidentified man. It is reported that the spokesperson is the girlfriend of the group ’s president now]

    [Oversight at the Haisheng Group press conference, is the firewall too weak, or is it a human factor? 】

    Some media are quite polite and speak quite objectively.

    And more Weibo and self-media don't buy Chu Mingyao's account at all-

    [Hai Sheng ’s president Chu Mingyao was broadcasted wearing a green hat, did he usually fail to satisfy Su Yunfei? On the importance of men's kidney! 】

    [Su Yunfei mall locker room staged a large-scale emotional. Blockbuster, this is another hype way of Hai Sheng? 】

    Even soon, there was a video of ‘Su Yunfei ’s video. The complete and uncut zero mosaic’ video was streaming out. Soon, on WeChat and Weibo, there were over 10 million reposts and downloads.

    At the same time, the new car conference continues.

    After all, for this press conference, Chu Mingyao prepared for a few months. If it was interrupted because of this, the loss of the group would be indescribable, and it would also be the biggest joke of the year.

    Although, it is already the biggest joke.

    Here, Chu Mingyao dared to let the press conference continue, and the model on the stage has been replaced by a beauty named Su Mi.

    Under the stage, Su Yunfei easily got rid of the reporter's entanglement with the help of the security guard. Looking at Su Mi on the stage, his eyes were full of hate!

    This woman, the same brokerage company with whom she has a surname, has often been contracted before and has often been mentioned together and compared.

    And because she is Chu Mingyao's girlfriend, she certainly has an advantage in resources, so that woman has never won her.

    But just when she and Su Mi passed by, they clearly saw the provocation and pride of each other's eyes!

    Sorrowful to crush a silver tooth, Su Yunfei met Chu Mingyao's cold and silent eyes.

    It was also the first time she saw Chu Mingyao looking at her with such eyes, almost instantly, and she had goose bumps all over her body.

    Unlike the last time he was in the hotel, he looked at the murderous intention, and at this moment, he could cool her soul almost instantly.

    "Ming, Yao--" Her lips and petals shuddered: "I'm sorry, I don't know how ..."

    Chu Mingyao ticked his lips, did not speak, but turned and left.

    Su Yunfei looked at the back of his departure, the more the cold felt in his heart.

    The press conference ended on time at 11pm. Although the atmosphere at the scene was still warm, everyone's expressions were quite delicate.

    Chu Mingyao did not come out again. The last speech was delivered by the company's vice president.

    The reporters wanted to block Chu Mingyao for the interview, but they blocked a hole at the door.

    At the moment, Chu Mingyao had returned to the villa, and in front of him was Su Yunfei who was still wearing a formal dress.

    "Ming Yao, I'm sorry!" Su Yunfei brushed her mobile Weibo to find out that her video was not only exposed online, but also exposed in front of all the media at the press conference!

    "You listen to me, Ming Yao, someone must have framed me!" Su Yunfei grabbed Chu Mingyao's arm.

    Chu Mingyao withdrew his hand: "Well, you talk about who will do it."

    The first thing that emerged in Su Yunfei's mind was Su Mi. That bitch took the place of her. Was she still dead unexpectedly today?

    It's just that Su Mi can really buy through the staff and exchange such important videos?

    Su Yunfei's brain quickly glanced at many thoughts, and finally fixed the suspect on Yu Ruo Nuan.

    At the beginning, she hired people to do Yu Ruo Nuan, and those people caught Yu Ruo Nuan, but later they could not.

    Later, she searched the news and saw that there was a report of a car accident and the driver died on the spot, and she thought it should be the car.

    At that time, Yu Ruonan must have been injured and fled directly, so it would be fine.

    So, is her incident related to her?

    However, if it is really Yu Ruo Nuan, she not only needs to hire people in China to arrange the dressing room, but also needs to remotely control Ning Guo's press conference.

    What strength will that be?

    Su Yunfei thinks it's funny, how could a Ruo Yunuan be possible?

    And she has also inquired before that Yu Ruonuan and Gong Mochen have broken up. They also said that Gong Ruchen had never started with Yu Ruonuan.

    So Su Yunfei weighed it a bit, and felt that if she said that she had dealt with Yu Ruo Nuan, she would not only find someone behind the scene, but also cause more trouble to herself.

    So she said: "I think it's Su Mi! In this matter, the person who finally benefits is her! It must be her who sold the hue, bought the people in the background, and changed the promotional video!"

    "Really?" Chu Mingyao locked Su Yunfei's eyes: "What else do you have to tell me?"

    "No, no." Su Yunfei felt a little dazed.

    "What did you do in China after I left China?" Chu Mingyao pinched Su Yunfei's chin.

    Su Yunfei was shocked, did he already know that she was looking for someone to abduct Yu Ruonuan?

    But she still shook her head: "It's nothing, I wanted to find Yu Ruo Nuan, but I couldn't see her. Instead, I was drugged. It's really not voluntary in the dressing room!"

    Chu Mingyao narrowed his eyes: "Really? Then wait until you come up with it!"

    He has gone to investigate, and Su Yunfei's employment of people in China is not conducive to Yu Ruonuan, but the matter behind the car accident cannot be solved.

    Those people were arrested in prison for committing crimes. At that time, Yu Ruonuan had called the police as soon as the incident occurred, and there were registered alarm records.

    This matter seemed to be Yu Ruo Nuan's revenge for being calculated by Su Yunfei, but Chu Mingyao didn't believe it at all.

    The person behind the scene clearly wanted to deal with him. Therefore, whether Su Yunfei dealt with Yu Ruonuan would not change the result of their being arranged.

    However, this woman let him face off today, how could he let her go? !

    Chu Mingyao buckled Su Yunfei's wrist and slammed her against the wall.

    She struggled in horror, but he had already taken out the adhesive tape that had been prepared long ago, directly sealed her mouth, and then took out the twine to tie her hands and feet.

    Su Yunfei looked at the man in front of her, terrified, and she shook her head to beg for mercy, and her throat whined.

    "Don't worry, I won't kill you. How can I do it to you?" Chu Mingyao sneered, all eyes are dark: "I just want you to calm down, think about your duty now. ! "

    After all, he lifted the mattress, and then inserted Su Yunfei directly under the bed.

    Under the high-body bed, an adult can be completely plugged in. Su Yunfei watched the light disappear as the mattress was put down. Suddenly, the darkness invaded, and she was almost fainted.

    At this moment, the servant came and knocked on the door: "President Chu, Miss Su Mi is here."