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#40 I will accompany you

This person even deliberately teased her in such a situation!

    Song Yiren didn't know how to describe the mood at the moment. She knew that Gong Lingye had made a killing. As for when he acted, she estimated that he was holding her in his arms just to give her the first hint.

    The following time passed extremely long, and the nerve seemed to be a screwed-up mainspring, and every second passed a minute closer to the break.

    In order not to let her emotions let Song Chengren know, Song Yiren leaned completely on Gong Lingye's arms like a human, her breath buried on his shoulders, hiding the disordered breath.

    The nose is full of the fresh taste of men. It seems to mix tea and mint, and breathe more, so that the brains of Song Yi people become clear.

    There was a knock at the door. It was Amian who had just walked out and walked in, whispering something in Gong Lingye's ear.

    Song Yi people felt that, across the thin clothing, Gong Lingye's heartbeat seemed to be faster and faster.

    Two minutes later, the waiter's voice sounded in the private room: "Two gentlemen, opened?"

    Gong Lingye cut his head and nodded: "Open."

    Opposite, Wan Chengrui also said: "Open."

    But at this moment, Gong Lingye grabbed Song Yiren's waist and put her behind him. He blocked her, drew a gun, fired, and flowed through the clouds without any hesitation.

    "Bang!" I don't know who was shot, but only a mumble from the man.

    Immediately afterwards, there were gunshots in the room. Song Yiren was kept behind Gong Lingye. She didn't know the situation, but she also had a gun in her hand at this moment, and the bullet was already loaded.

    It was only soon that the room was quiet, and the knowledge she had just learned today did not seem to come in handy.

    Feeling that the heart seemed to have gone again in hell, Gong Lingye in front of him opened his eyes, and Song Yiren saw the scene in the room.

    She just glanced at it, and couldn't help rolling in her stomach. She turned to the side and started vomiting.

    Just a few spit, Gong Lingye beside her suddenly pulled her and pressed her against the wall.

    Her eyes were completely blocked by him in an instant, leaving nothing but darkness. The nose is the smell of the man's body, and the fresh breath instantly dispelled the nausea that had just been nausea.

    At the same time, two gunshots sounded back and forth in the room and then, again, calm.

    Gong Lingye did not release Song Yiren, she could not see anything, but her hearing was particularly clear.

    She heard the room from the beginning of silence to the people walking in and out of the back, the sound of heavy objects being dragged away, and the sound of organizing things.

    Then, it was Amian's voice: "Emperor Shao, all cleaned up."

    "Huh." Gong Lingye slowly released Song Yiren and said to Pei Jun: "Bae Jun, you go to the second leader of the Jiujiang Society and complete the handover as soon as possible."

    "Okay, President." Bae Jun nodded and turned away.

    "Let's go home." Gong Ling night said.

    Song Yiren's sight finally recovered at this moment. I saw the huge private room. The corpses and blood on the ground had disappeared, as if the bloody fight just now was just her illusion.

    However, there is still a slight smell in the air, and the Song Yi people feel the coldness rising from the bottom of their feet, and they will not disappear for a long time.

    Gong Lingye saw her face pale and reached for her hand.

    His palms were wide and warm, and hers was very cold.

    The two got into the car, Amian was the co-pilot in front, and after the Song Yi people sat up, they didn't say a word, only looking at the neon passing by the window.

    Gong Lingye pulled her over and pressed her into her arms. She didn't move, didn't struggle at all, her eyes still looked out the window.

    Silent all the way until he reached the entrance of Gong Lingye's villa again.

    A Mian should still have a lot to do, so after they sent Gong Lingye back, they left again.

    Song Yiren and Gong Lingye walked up to the second floor together. Gong Lingye saw her going into the bedroom and suddenly took her hand.

    The Song Yi people shrank obviously.

    "You are afraid." He locked her eyebrows: "Warm warm, if afraid, I will accompany you tonight."

    When Song Yiren heard the words of Gong Lingye, she had already accumulated the river on the verge of collapse, and she screamed at him: "Gong Lingye, you are a pervert! Madman! Winking demon! "

    Gong Lingye froze for half a second, and then said: "If I don't start, I will die."

    "You want to tell me that it was this person who worked on you that day?" Song Yi people trembled and tears twirled in their eyes: "You found out that not only HQ company, but also someone started on you, so today came out intentionally, in order to Salary draw? "

    She continued to shout at him: "So the casino just now is yours? Underground casinos have the power behind them. Anyone who works inside will be wanted by the forces behind, but you dare!"

    She narrowed her eyes, her eyes filled with tears were all sharp light: "Because the power behind it is you! That brother doesn't know, so he promised to gamble with you there, but you are invited to enter the urn! So no matter what card he takes , He can only tell his life there today! "

    Her chest was undulating, and she shouted everything out almost once, and she dropped a question: "Since you have such a big influence, why didn't you kill him directly? You have to pull me and let me walk around the gate Circle, are you very fulfilled ?! "

    "Nuan Nuan, you are so smart, you guessed it, how can I be willing to let you go?" Gong Lingye stretched his arms around Song Yiren: "I'm not showing off my sense of accomplishment, just because a lot of things have happened recently, I Of people have injuries, and I do n’t want to expand these injuries. "

    He explained: "The Jiujiang Society of Wan Chengrui has a second in command and always wanted to take the position of the boss. I just made a handy relationship, otherwise, if I did not solve Wan Chengrui in my site, People know that it is also a hidden danger. "

    He reached out and curled her hair, his voice was low: "After tonight, everything is resolved, no one will know you, and no one will move you. I will send you to school tomorrow morning."

    His voice is gentle and falls on the ears of Song Yi people, but it is more terrible than the devil. Even after experiencing two lifetimes, even if he has seen someone like Chu Mingyao, Song Yi people feel that Gong Lingye is more terrible than Chu Mingyao. Times!

    His approach scared her, and she saw too much blood in a few days, which made her want to see the man in front of her all her life.

    She struggled hard, but he held her tighter.

    She burst into tears and waved her arms to hit Gong Lingye ’s injured shoulder.

    He ate a pain, freed a hand, and clasped her wrist tightly: "Nuan Nuan, I know you are difficult to accept for a while, but you will get used to it sooner or later."

    Song Yi people suddenly collapsed after hearing: "habit? What do you want me to do? You want me to watch you kill every day, and then numb enough to think it is a habit ?!"

    He brushed off the hair on her face: "Do you know how their society started? Nuan Nuan, everything is not as simple as you think."

    "I don't need to know! I only know that they are all living lives with parents and relatives!" Song Yi people struggled to no avail, and their tears fell: "Why do you teach me to shoot, why do you want to show me these ?!" "

    He listened to her and was silent for a few seconds before speaking. Deep eyes fixed her: "Because no one can guarantee that he will live long and long, I can only hope that if I am really not 32 years old, I After death, no one can treat you. "