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#456 Let me go

Hearing that the phone was connected, Lieyuan's hand squeezing the phone increased his strength and began to call out: "Shuang'er--"

It's just that there was no sound over there, but after a brief silence, suddenly there was music.

It was the sound of the guitarist picking the strings. No one sang, but Lieyuan Shen didn't know why, and suddenly his heartbeat became intense.

Just after the simple prelude in front, a clear and gentle female voice sang: "Morning shattered dreamland, the last frost before Gu Yu. Pushing the window open, the smoke and rain are still in the tea country. The silver needle still hangs in the middle of the water, celadon blue The bottom of the snail pot is hidden, and the two leaves of the mind are quiet and long."

Lieyuan Shen's breath froze suddenly, listening to this familiar voice inexplicably.

This is He Wanshuang, why is she singing?

Also, is she on stage? Why did he hear the noisy applause from the distance?

Then, a male voice came, and the sound of the abyss Shen was familiar, but it was Xiao Cheng's voice.

When he sang this song, his voice was lower than usual, and He Wanshuang's soft voice couldn't express harmony.

"Feixu went around Liutang, and the cherries had a little red makeup, and how many pairs of swallows under the eaves of the hall flew over again? The spring dew was already full, and she inadvertently shed tears, and she paid a bowl of spring worry to Shaoguang. ."

Lieyuan Shen had never heard this song, but, from the lyrics, he heard such a classical and graceful picture.

She began to sing again: "Drink a cup and forget the spring and summer, and another cup will start to worry about it, and another cup will be Xiao Xiaoyu Yukong Mountain and tears."

He never knew that she sang so beautifully, and the sound of the guitar seemed to be played by her.

"The person who is sleepless in a foreign country, he looks into the distance, if his heart is tired, the dream is a tea fragrance."

Lieyuan Shen leaned against the bedside of the bedroom, holding his mobile phone all the time, without speaking.

He closed his eyes and seemed to imagine how she would sit on the stage and play the guitar and sing, which he had never seen before.

And she is surrounded by a group of her friends, young and enthusiastic.

After he went to Yicheng for so long, he was inevitably discovered by her.

When she saw him, she walked away from afar, and then, talking to a friend she had just met, treated him as transparent.

He lived next to her and watched her leave her little attic every day. Every time she left, he would tease her kitten.

Xiao Ju also seems to be used to it, every time He Wanshuang leaves, it will jump to the balcony, waiting for Li Yuanyuan to sink.

He prepared a lot of dried fish for it, so he sometimes heard He Wanshuang whispering on the balcony: "Xiao Tang, why are you eating so little and gaining weight?"

Then Xiaotang just snorted, and rubbed his head in He Wanshuang's palm, coquettishly.

Lieyuan sank staring three meters away from them, and every time she saw her about to stand up, she left.

He also went to the Hipop bar and sat in the same corner every time.

He thought she should know, but she never looked over there.

Until that day, he and her inevitably met in the hallway of the residence.

She saw him with shock in her eyes.

But he stretched his arms and held her shoulders: "Shuanger--"

She suddenly raised her eyes and met his eyes.

But at the instant that the four eyes met, Lieyuan Shen clearly saw the horror of He Wanshuang's eyes.

He seemed to be burned by her eyes and released her.

She asked him, "How the hell are you going to let me go?"

At that moment, Lieyuan Shen felt that his heart seemed to be penetrated by a sharp weapon. At that moment, he was so painful that he could not speak.

It was just that the corridor was too narrow, he did not turn sideways, and she could not leave.

For a long time, he lowered his head and asked her: "If I am still here, are you going to leave?"

She raised her eyes and nodded without hesitation.

He smiled, his lips were lonely: "Okay, I'm not coming."

Then, that night he left with his luggage.

Ten days have passed since leaving that day tonight.

Lieyuan Shen did not call He Wanshuang again, nor did he ever go to Yicheng.

Even after he came back, he heard Lie Xiaoren ask, and he said nothing about those past.

He tried hard not to think about her, and put into work every day.

Because the work is indeed too busy, everything is difficult at the beginning, he used to be the heir of the L group before the people, those customers would like to post it.

However, now he is nothing, even offended his father, offended the Tiangong Group, so he tasted the warmth of humanity that he had never tasted before.

He less and less thought of her. He was busy until late at night before returning home. After taking a shower at home, he fell asleep with a pillow on.

Even, he had never dreamed of her.

Maybe I had dreamed about it too. It was too exhausting. In the morning of the next morning, he had no memory of any dreams he had had the night before.

The days are going like this, he is fulfilling, but he is also numb.

Until now, a client today is a woman with short hair and in her forties.

According to the principle, there is no similarity with He Wanshuang, but there is a word ‘frost’ in the woman’s name.

They enter half of the entertainment, the woman's husband also came, her husband is also their company, just responsible for other businesses.

After he came, he helped the woman stop all the alcohol, and smiled and said: "Shuang Er had a car accident when she was pregnant. The child was gone, and his health was bad. He couldn't drink alcohol."

Lieyuan Shen heard that sentence and suddenly thought of the man.

He thought of her pregnancy and a miscarriage, and he drove her out of the house in one hurry.

When she saw her again, she had been frozen outside for most of the day, and the shrunken appearance made him wish to slap himself.

He also thought that Li Xiaoxiao had an accident, and she was locked into the police station. When she came out, the bruises on her arm...

Suddenly, the indescribable taste burned his nerves, and he drank one after another...

It seems to be really drunk, Lieyuan Shen at this moment, still a little unclear tonight.

Until the Qingwan female voice sang again: "Chenguang shattered dreamland, the last frost before Gu Yu. Pushing the window open, the smoke and rain are still in the tea country. The silver needle still hangs in the center of the water, the celadon biluo pot is hidden at the bottom, and the heart is tender. The two leaves of Bud grow quietly..."

Liyuan Shen suddenly thought, what does she look like making tea?

He suddenly realized that although he was her husband, he didn't know much about it.

Over there, the sound of the guitar and other instruments gradually became lower, and finally, after a series of plucked strings, the musical sound was drawn with a terminator.

Just listen to the following cheers. Apparently, He Wanshuang's singing was very successful.

Immediately. It was a noisy walking sound, and a familiar girl suddenly rang: "Why is my phone on a call?"