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#156 Men are like clothes

Song Yiren did not expect that the old ghost was one day earlier than expected, and he completed the pupil.

    He handed the card to Song Yiren and said, "I am planning to invade the network this weekend. Once it succeeds, it is only a few minutes to create an identity. You are waiting for my news."

    Song Yi people couldn't help getting nervous: "Okay, old ghost, I can't help you in this respect. I can only say that you also pay attention to safety."

    The old ghost stretched his waist: "Okay, the big deal is that it was the same as that time. It was found, chased down the world, and stayed incognito for a few more years! When it comes out, it is not a good guy!"

    The Song Yi people had no choice but to wait for the news.

    She absolutely believes in the ability of the old ghost, otherwise, there will not be such a sensational past.

    It was just that global sensational network intrusion incident, the planner was at her base, with a face that was very different from the original, cracking at the computer for a while, completely without trimming.

    On Saturday, perhaps to force myself to relax, Song Yi people asked Beimingmo to go shopping early in the morning.

    The two first ate a celebrity breakfast together and went to the mall to shop for clothes.

    Song Yiren thought that Gong Lingye had already prepared a lot for her, so she didn't want to buy it, but suddenly she saw a rather unique shop.

    The clothes in the store are all the kind of cool neutral wind. In the previous life, she wears clothes in a more regular manner and has always been reserved by ladies.

    And now, no one seems to stipulate what she has to do?

    Song Yi's heart moved and pulled Bei Mingmo in: "Momo, let's get together and take a picture together."

    Twenty minutes later, the two have completely changed their style.

    The Song Yi people tied up their long hair and turned it into a ball head with loose and neutral heavy metal clothes. In an instant, they looked like a handsome young man.

    Bei Mingmo still has big wavy hair, handsomely draped behind him, dressed in a racer sportswear, the whole person looks smart and capable.

    The two simply dressed like that, went out to eat dessert, watched the movie, and as soon as they came out, Song Yiren received a call from Gong Lingye.

    "Nuan Nuan, I'm back on a business trip, where are you, and I'll pick you up?" Gong Ling night said.

    Song Yiren thought about it, she happened to be eating with Beiming Mo, it is better to be together, so he said: "Then I will send you an address, but I want to bring Mo Mo."

    "Okay." Gong Lingye deserved to be very cheerful.

    It didn't take long for Gong Lingye's car to stop at the entrance of the mall.

    Seeing the two, Gong Lingye's eyes jumped.

    Song Yi raised his eyebrows at him: "What, isn't it pretty?"

    "Good-looking." Gong Ling night said: "It's just a little smaller, but it makes our age difference bigger."

    Song Yiren laughed: "Just, let them see how President Gongda eats the tender grass!"

    Gong Lingye approached: "Nuan Nuan, my cow doesn't seem to have eaten you yet? Or, are you suggesting that you can serve today?"

    "Hello, are you two talking about this kind of paragraph in front of me?" Bei Mingmo protested.

    The three came to Phoenix together, Gong Ling night said: "A lot of desserts have been served recently, you can try them."

    Bei Mingmo smiled: "Isn't it the chef who specially invited my baby to warm me?"

    As she was talking, she walked into the private room with Gong Lingye and Song Yiren, only to find out that there were others in the private room.

    Luo Tianqi, He Wanshuang and Xuanyuan Che are playing cards, and when they hear the movement, they raise their heads together.

    The smile that Bei Mingmo had just raised was too late to recover, and he raised it again: "Hey, you are all here!"

    He Wanshuang was drunk that day and failed to say anything to Beimingmo. Now she heard that Beimingmo was Sabrina, and her eyes lit up, and she stood up: "Sabrina, I am He Wanshuang, just call me Night Cream, I I really like the perfume you designed. "

    Bei Mingmo also passed, shook hands with He Wanshuang, blinked: "Then I will specially adjust one for you?"

    The girls love this, and soon, He Wanshuang chatted with Bei Mingmo. Next to it, Luo Tianqi wanted to talk to Bei Mingmo, and he was driven away by He Wanshuang.

    Luo Tianqi shrugged and sat down to Gong Gongling night said: "Someone just broke up, this is full of blood and resurrected? Woman without conscience!"

    "Cut--" He Wanshuang whispered: "A man is like a dress, so change it."

    Wen Yan Luo Tianqi didn't say anything, but Xuan Yuan Che on the side raised his eyes and looked at He Wanshuang.

    On the other side, Gong Lingye pushed the menu to Song Yiren: "Nuan Nuan, see what you want to eat."

    The Song Yi people are indeed hungry and have appetite for watching many things, so they ordered a lot.

    Soon, the food came up, and Gong Lingye presented Song Yiren with the favorite dessert she just said to her: "Warm warm, see if you like it?"

    Song Yiren took a sip and his eyes lit up: "It tastes authentic!"

    After all, Chong Gongling said at night: "You also try it."

    Gong Lingye scooped up the spoon she just used and raised the corner of her lips: "Well, I like it too."

    With that, he scooped a spoonful and fed the Song Yi people.

    "Lying trough, Brother Ye, aren't you!" Luo Tianqi finally couldn't see it: "Don't you know that this room is a single dog except the two of you? You are an animal cruelty like this! Right, Xiaoshuangshuang ? "

    He Wanshuang only bowed his head to eat. Hearing his name, he raised his head: "No, what's wrong with people's love and love? You can't stand it, go home and eat!"

    "No, Xiaoshuangshuang, why do you have such a big opinion on me?" Luo Tianqi reluctantly looked at Xuanyuan Che, who ignored her at all.

    So, he asked Bei Mingmo: "Momo, don't you comment?"

    Bei Mingmo saw Luo Tianqi like this, and he couldn't help sighing. This guy was dressed like an innocent person. He was drunk that day, but he was about to cry.

    She patted him on the shoulder: "My warm baby has been given to others. My heart hurts more than anyone else. Don't spread salt on my wound."

    As she was saying, her cell phone rang, and it seemed that the company was there.

    "I'm sorry, there is an emergency in my company, so I have to go first." Bei Mingmo put down the tableware.

    "Momo, aren't you full yet?" The Song Yi people were about to get up, but Gong Lingye was pressed back.

    His eyes swept and said, "Tianqi, has your car drove?"

    "I let the driver drive to buy something. A Che should be there." Luo Tianqi looked at Xuan Yuan Che.

    "A Che, please send Miss Beiming!" Gong Ling Yedao.

    "It's okay, I'll fight--" Bei Mingmo's words weren't finished yet. Xuanyuan Che had stood up and said lightly: "Go."

    Everyone had already gotten up, and Bei Mingmo had no choice but to say goodbye to everyone, and said to Xuanyuan Che's back: "Thank you, trouble!"

    He didn't answer, and went straight out.

    Arriving underground, Bei Mingmo walked to the front passenger seat, hesitated, and sat up.

    All the way, Xuanyuan Che didn't like to say much, but just asked for the address and drove silently.

    He is indeed darker than Bei Mingmo's impression. The face that was too pale at the moment looks tough and angular, but still maintains the cold and nobleness of the top of the snowy mountain.

    At this moment, he was holding the steering wheel with one hand, and his shirt was raised to the position of the forearm. The arm was very strong, not thin and thin, the finger joints were clear, the nails were clean and neat, and he looked at the front without squinting.