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Gong Lingye nodded and took a kraft paper bag from Pei Jun.

    Open it, he narrowed his eyes when he saw things clearly.

    Lieyuan Shen actually started thinking about the beginning and the end of things just when Gong Lingye said those words.

    Before, he had been immersed in the pain of his sister's drowning, the life and death are unknown, so he never thought about whether this would be a conspiracy.

    And exactly, the other party did a very good game. I don't know if he knew that He Wanshuang liked Gong Lingye, or whether he had only had a holiday with Gong Lingye. He wanted to deepen this contradiction.

    In short, if Lie Xiaoruo is really dead, then he and Gong Lingye, L Group and Tiangong, and Starry Night are all endless knots.

    But calm down now and think about it carefully. If Gong Lingye is affectionate to He Wanshuang, he doesn't need to marry Song Yi at all.

    Moreover, if Gong Lingye really wants to have a meeting with He Wanshuang, why should he choose to be near his community?

    Also, although the man in the video that day resembled Gong Lingye, it seemed to lack the natural and noble atmosphere of Gong Lingye.

    Especially when he jumped from the bridge pier, he had a feeling of running away. Will Gongling Night do this kind of thing?

    And the most important thing is that the person in the video has no face!

    If it was not Gong Lingye, then, the person arranged a person who was very similar to Gong Lingye. It was clear that he wanted to make a break with the Gong family. So, why did Lie Xiaoruo go to the bridge pier?

    And He Wanshuang, in his impression, has always been a weak girl in need of protection. Is it really the culprit who pushed Xiao Ruan into the water?

    Thinking about it, there was a paper bag in front of me.

    Lie Yuan took it down with a sense of consciousness, and many of the photos were scattered out. It was awesome, the photos and materials of the man that day!

    It was a fairly handsome face, and his figure was indeed good. From the data, it was a mixed-race model on the Chinese side.

    In the photo, if you only look at the back, it is really similar to Gong Lingye.

    Plus the pixels of the camera are there, so with the same hairstyle as Gong Lingye and the suit with the same height, I thought he was really understandable.

    However, Li Yeyuan's expression froze when he saw the following document.

    Suddenly there was a million more transfers in the man's account, the day before the incident happened!

    According to the information, this model spends a lot of money. Although he usually earns a lot of money, he often gambles, resulting in a lot of money owed.

    So, if you take a private job, you don’t need to spend anything, you can easily get millions. Why can’t a gambler agree?

    Gong Lingye looked at the darker and darker face of Lieyuan Shen, and raised his eyes: "Lieyuan Shen, there is a recording, you should probably listen more."

    After all, he turned on his phone and played the conversation he had just had in the hospital.

    The surroundings were quiet, and He Wanshuang's voice was particularly clear.

    The girl was trembling, uneasy and self-blaming in her soft voice. From the beginning, she took everything to herself, and to the back, she was guided by Gong Lingye to restore the truth a little bit. Lie Yuan's complexion faded.

    After the broadcast, Gong Lingye said: "Xiao Shuang, she was a child because of her brother's death in her face, had depression, and had a tendency to commit suicide. It took us a few years to make her finally like an ordinary girl. . A few days after she was at the police station, her depression recurred. I just saw it in the hospital. Her arms are all bruised after masochism."

    Lieyuan was shocked and took two steps backwards in disbelief.

    Gong Lingye narrowed her eyes, and there was a terrible murder in her: "Although she is not related to me, I always treat her as my sister. You ruin her like this, and I will ruin you and yours. Group L."

    Li Yuanyuan's hand suddenly clenched into a fist.

    I just felt that Gong Lingye's words seemed to tear his chest apart into a huge mouth, and there was a cold wind in it, and it was cold.

    At the same time, there was an indescribable panic, rising from the depths of the soul, only to feel that he seemed to be losing her completely.

    Seeing Gong Lingye and others turning around to go, Lieyuan Shen quickly followed two steps and blocked her throat: "How is she, Shuang Er now?"

    Remember, it seemed that a few hours ago, the police called that she had a high fever and was in danger of life...

    "You are not qualified to ask again." Gong Ling night said: "I have hired a lawyer. After Xiaoshuang is discharged, see you in court!"

    Let's just leave in a big stride.

    In the hallway, people quickly went empty.

    Lieyuan stared at the empty corridor, and only felt that at this moment, his life seemed to be like this corridor, empty and somewhat desolate.

    Some things do not need to be investigated at all, and he also believes that Gong Lingye cannot possibly use some fabricated evidence to reverse He Wanshuang's case.

    So, he was wronging her, and he was wronged a few days ago, he also planned to spend his life with his wife!

    The reason why she confessed at the police station was not to admit it at all, but to take all the blame on herself!

    Only because of her depression!

    He used to have a friend who also had depression. When he had an attack, he closed himself in the room. Sometimes he didn't say a word all day. Later, he became more and more serious and even started to self-harm.

    Finally, when they found him, the man jumped directly upstairs and ended his life.

    Just now, Gong Lingye said that He Wanshuang was self-harming.

    Lieyuan Shen only felt his eyes hot, and the regret and self-blame in his chest swallowed him up in a row. He drowned in it, and his mind was full of pictures of her hurting herself.

    He destroyed her by hand and pushed her to the abyss of despair!

    Lieyuan was leaning against the icy wall, remembering the scene when he saw her in a rage that day.

    She should be expecting him to avenge her, because, after seeing him, her eyes lit up, and then immediately explained to him that she did not do it.

    However, at that time, he had no reason anymore. His vinegar and jealousy burned all his will. He did not listen to what she said and sentenced her to death.

    He remembered that at that time she suddenly became painful and depressed, and then suddenly took everything to herself.

    Recall carefully that at that time she was trembling and sweating on her forehead, which was clearly the appearance of depression and drowned by negative emotions.

    However, he did not find out at all, but thought she finally confessed! Then, she was thrown directly there, unnoticed!

    It is conceivable that she was desperate in a cold closed room alone, and the girl who was so afraid of pain and self-harmed herself!

    He thought that when she picked up the stone pier and helped him run away the mad dog that day, he made up his mind to hurt her well.