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#425 Biological father!

"Baby, okay?" Gong Lingye embraced Song Yi from behind.

Song Yi turned his head, raised his eyebrows at him, proudly said: "Of course! Do you want to know what they will see if they look at the record now?"

Gong Lingye bit her earlobe: "What do you see?"

The Song Yi people opened the picture.

Suddenly, I saw the room they were in. After two seconds, there was a sudden burst of joy in the center of the room.

As time went on, one after another came out, gradually occupying the entire room.

When the room was filled with joy, a question appeared on the screen: "Some sheep in the room have two legs, some sheep have three legs, and some sheep have four legs. It is known that there are 204 sheep heads and sheep. There are 612 legs. How many are there for each type of sheep?"

After reading the question at night, Gong Ling couldn't help crying: "Warm warm, naughty."

Song Yiren winked at him: "Will you do it?"

"I will do it." He said, his eyes darkened a little: "We will do it now?"

Song Yiren stayed with him for so long, how could he not know what he was talking about?

She twisted her body: "We are in country J, but not at home..."

His throat knot rolled: "So, I haven't done it here yet. Our needs are more practiced all over the world, and different feelings in different regions."

Song Yi: "..."

His theory is really crying ghosts and gods!

The next second, Song Yiren was already held in bed by someone: "Okay, it's time to practice. Wife, we also checked in country J."

Song Yiren: "..." She has nothing to say.

Fortunately, someone still has moderation tonight, and at the end, the Song Yi people still have the strength to nest in Gong Lingye's arms and say the information about Xuanyuan or what they said.

Gong Lingye put her hair strands around her fingertips, staring down at her profile, and asked, "Wan Nuan, did you find that you are similar to Uncle Xuanyuan?"

"Our similarity?" Song Yiren wondered: "I don't think so, I just think he is kind and kind."

"The bystander is clear." Gong Lingye thought when Shang Guanao met the Song Yi before, he said, "I watched carefully today. You look like him four or five times."

Song Yi was shocked: "Is there any?"

"Baby, you haven’t thought about it. He happened to have been to China once, and he happened to ask Yu Ruonuan’s parents. Isn’t it because he knows something?" Gong Lingye followed the temptation: "For example, he may What did Yu Ruonuan's mother have, for example, he was actually Yu Ruonuan's biological father?"

Song Yi's heart shook hard.

Yeah, she felt Xuanyuan or kind, and the other party felt the same way.

In this unfamiliar country J, there is nothing else to explain such doubts except blood relationship.

If at the beginning, Xuanyuan or Yu Ruannuan's mother had spent the night, and both chose to forget, then everything made sense.

"Then let's find a way to get his hair and do an identification?" Song Yi said humanely.

"Baby, in fact, I don't want you to have too much relationship with Country J." Gong Ling Yedao said: "But your body belongs to that girl after all. If she is still there, you should also hope to recognize your biological father!"

Song Yiren also nodded: "Yeah, in fact, she has never felt her father's love since she was born. Although Yu Chengzhi treats her so deeply, deep in her heart, she longed for her father to really care about her once. Good , I'll find a way to get Uncle Xuanyuan's hair."

The next day.

Gong Lingye and Song Yi ate breakfast, and really heard Shangguan Ao say, let Shangguan Xun take them to walk around.

After yesterday's banquet, Gong Lingye didn't think Shangguanao didn't know, and several of his'brothers' deliberately invited Beiming Kun to come over.

Therefore, Shangguan Ao still wants him to go out with them today, it must have some ideas.

Shangguan Ao should not have given up on him yet, so the person to be dealt with is probably Song Yi.

If there are any accidents when they go out, they will blame them completely. Even if he avenged him, he will not find anyone!

However, if the Song Yi people are at home, Gong Lingye is even more at ease.

Therefore, when he went out, he gave her a gun: "Nuan Nuan, this is definitely a Hongmen feast. You have to be energetic, you can't relax at all."

Song Yi responded and got on the bus with Gong Ling at night.

All the way down the Zhuanshan Road, the distant cities are getting closer, they penetrate into the prosperous city, surrounded by high-rise buildings, a modern metropolis.

Finally, the car stopped at a plain on the north side, which was quite large and looked green at a glance.

Shangguan Xun came down from the previous car and said, "Is it good here? This is my friend's skydiving center. I often come when I'm fine."

He said that he saw Shangguan Yan ran out of it, wearing a safety helmet on his head. When he saw the Song Yi people were about to say hello, they saw Gong Lingye again, and some were guilty.

So, just beckoned the two.

"There is also a racetrack here, we can parachute first, or we can ride horses first." Shangguan Xun introduced.

When everyone walked in together, they saw a man and a woman approaching on horseback.

The man has wide shoulders and a narrow waist, and has a straight posture. The woman is dressed in a red riding outfit, and still has a delicate figure.

Song Yiren recognized at first glance that one of the women was Xuanyuan Yao.

When the two came to them and jumped off the horse, Shangguan Xun introduced again: "A Ye, Xiao Yu, this one you haven't seen before, is A Yao's brother, Xuan Yuan Lin."

"Two good!" Xuan Yuanlin pulled the horse and smiled: "Yesterday I heard A Yao mentioned that you are here. I regret that I can't play together! Today we must drink a few more!"

"That's not drunk." Gong Lingye said, holding Song Yi's hand, and walked towards the apron side.

Several foreign coaches are explaining knowledge to a novice, and in the sky, a parachute has been opened, the figure of the man has grown from small to large, gradually clear.

He fell to the ground, and soon, he took off his seat belt and walked over.

Song Yiren's pupils tightened instantly.

This person is familiar with it, and it is the Northern Mingshen!

Holding the helmet in one hand and the equipment in the other, he walked in front of Shangguan Xun: "A Xun, why did you come here suddenly?"

"I just introduced it." Shangguan Xun said: "A Shen, this is my fourth and fourth siblings. A Ye, this is Bei Ming Shen, the heir of Bei Ming family."

Gong Lingye raised his eyes, and his sight collided with Beiming deeply.

After a while, both of them smiled slightly and reached out: "Fortunately."

Only Song Yi, who was by Gong Lingye, knew the undercurrent between the two.

"This skydiving training base is A Shen." Shangguan Xun introduced, Chong Bei Ming Shen said: "A Ye and Xiao Yu want to play, A Shen, your boss will help arrange it!"

"The two come with me." Bei Ming deep said.