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#37 Question

Song Yiren felt that if he was really Yu Ruo Nuan, he would be mad if he heard Gong Lingye's words.

    Who knows, this is not the most poisonous.

    Only Gong Lingye said: "We had an accident yesterday. When I came back, I contacted him and said you were here with me, and he did not greet you for half of your situation."

    Song Yi: "..."

    Seeing the expression on Song Yiren's cheeks pause for a moment, Gong Ling narrowed her eyes: "Before me, still acting affectionately with him?"

    Song Yiren didn't know how to provoke this demon, in other words, because she challenged his authority? Because she didn't save her life before?

    She decided to appease Gong Lingye in front of her temporarily: "Not later."

    He scrutinized her eyes and smirked and pecked on her lips: "I like obedient women. I will let you go for now."

    After all, the Song Yi people were released.

    Gong Lingye returned to the bedroom and thought of the feeling of the kiss just when she took a shower, only to feel a fire burst from her lower abdomen, her eyes deepened a bit.

    In these years, he has always been doing what he wants. If he has anything he wants, he will fight for it directly.

    And these days, she has given him an accident, or too many surprises, so that he has only one thought-that is to catch her.

    Maybe it was many days ago, she was in desperation and she could strike at the person who committed violence, or maybe it was her focus on repairing her watch yesterday, or maybe she was confident in wearing a skirt to repair the car today, he felt that she was all in Glow.

    In short, he did not want to give her such a person to anyone.

    As for the future, Gong Lingye did not consider it. He did n’t know whether his life could exceed 32. He did n’t believe in ghosts and gods, but he knew that he had made many enemies in recent years. The danger encountered this time was evidence, no one Can guarantee that he is the winner of the last laugh.

    I was just curious about her before, but today when she saw her covering the front cover of the car, he felt that he would not be a spectator.

    If you want to, then go for it, he has never hesitated in the dictionary.

    She was obviously reluctant, but these were not problems, he did not take some measures.

    That night, the Song Yi people did not know how many times they swallowed their mouths.

    She had never kissed a man in her previous life or after rebirth, so that as soon as she closed her eyes, it was just a strong kiss.

    The book says that there is an over-electric touch when kissing, which makes people addicted.

    But for her, being kissed by a man she didn't like, she just felt uncomfortable.

    Or because there was little exercise during the day, Song Yi people fell asleep long after lying on the bed.

    So that the next day, when she got up, it was already past nine.

    As soon as I got up, I heard a loud voice outside.

    Confused, I heard Gong Lingye's men rushing to him: "Emperor Shao, I heard Miss Xue came to see you. We said you were fine, but she insisted on coming in."

    Gong Lingye responded: "Okay, let her in."

    The Song Yi people had to step out of the bedroom and slam the door again.

    Then I heard that Gu Tingxue's voice went from far to near to the door of Gong Lingye's bedroom, and then seemed to go in.

    "Huh--" Song Yi snorted softly.

    In the next room, Gong Lingye also got up late today. She just changed clothes and went out. Gu Tingxue came in.

    She red eyes: "Brother Ling Ye, I knew you were injured, where is the wound, is it serious?"

    Gong Lingye smiled gently at her: "It's okay, silly girl, what to do with red eyes, what should I really have, can I stand upright now?"

    "Don't take this risk in the future." Gu Tingxue sniffed his nose, his voice still dull.

    "Good." Gong Lingye was good at it.

    "That--" Gu Tingxue's expression was uncomfortable: "Is Miss Yu still there?"

    "Well, she's next to me." Gong Ling night said: "If it weren't for her this time, you might be in danger. You have to thank her."

    "Well, I also know that I'm causing trouble for her." Gu Tingxue lowered his head: "I can't do anything, and I'm even tired of other girls. Brother Ling Ye, how can I thank her?"

    Gong Lingye thought for two seconds: "She should have a problem with Gong Han, that is, she will have abdominal pain during the regular holiday. You can help her to make a prescription. I remember you have studied this comparison."

    Gu Tingxue raised his eyes: "Did she tell you this?"

    Gong Lingye said in a natural way: "Just know that she will have a stomachache in a special period."

    "Good." Gu Tingxue thought about it for a while, and finally asked: "Brother Ling Ye, do you like her a little bit?"

    Gong Lingye heard the words and smiled: "It should be."

    Gu Tingxue was really surprised this time. She watched Gong Lingye didn't say anything for a long while, and for a long time, she murmured: "Isn't she Chen Chen's girlfriend?"

    "You have also seen Mo Chen's attitude towards her. They will be divided sooner or later." Thinking of Song Yiren's infatuation with Gong Mochen, Gong Lingye didn't want to continue this topic, so he said: "Listen to snow, let's go out."

    Song Yiren came out of the bedroom after hearing that Gu Tingxue entered Gongling Night Room.

    She didn't have the habit of listening to the sound of the next door. In case someone was inside, how embarrassing it was when she came out.

    She went to the restaurant to get breakfast, and just halfway through the meal, she saw Gong Lingye coming over, and he didn't listen to Xueting behind him.

    Song Yi people were surprised, almost blurted out: "I thought Mr Gong was at least half an hour, the result is ..."

    Her words implied too strong meaning, Gong Lingye narrowed her eyes, pulled the chair beside her, put her arm on the back of her chair, her voice was low: "You don't seem to know the price of questioning the length of the man's time. "

    The Song Yi people actually regretted their words, but when they thought that their first kiss had been taken for no reason, they were still forced, and they couldn't hold back their anger.

    There was a sneer on her lips: "Who knows, I think this is your family's inheritance."

    The implication is that Gong Ling can't do it at night, so Gong Mochen can't do it either.

    "Very well, I would think that you are inviting me." Gong Lingye leaned in to Song Yiren's ear, blowing his throat generally, "Is it right, warm?"

    The ears are always sensitive. Song Yiren only felt a current from the pinna to the earlobe, and then quickly spread to the whole body, making her shudder all over her skin.

    She didn't move, but her breathing was messy, and her body seemed to be fixed.

    "You will know sooner or later." Gong Lingye said, and she had stood up and came across from the Song Yi people and began to eat breakfast.

    He is wearing a shirt and trousers today, and he looks cold and abstinent. It is not like the person who just said those rumors.

    And he really didn't like to talk about eating, and he didn't talk until he finished eating: "Follow me to practice shooting range, I will teach you to shoot."

    Song Yiren only felt that they had misheard: "What gun?"

    "True gun." Gong Lingye dropped a sentence: "Beside me, you have to learn some life-saving methods."