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#427 He's crazy

And when Xuanyuan Yao was about to pry open Beimingshen's teeth, he suddenly felt a vigorous grip on her shoulder.

Immediately, she was pushed away by him, a moment of trance.

She looked at Bei Mingshen in shock.

In the coldness of his eyes, with obvious murderousness, for a time, it was particularly terrifying.

Xuanyuan Yao suddenly realized that he had not kissed her back just now!

"Shen Brother--" She looked at the man, and the light in her eyes cracked.

"You can go." He seemed to be trying his best to hold back his anger, his pupils tightening like the tip of a needle.

Xuanyuan Yao's nails were embedded in the palm, but he didn't feel pain: "Why?"

He was close to her ear, saying one by one: "Because I have a woman I like."

Xuanyuan Yao was shocked.

She had long felt that Bei Mingshen was neither lukewarm nor hot to her, but she was also confident that in this Jincheng city, her Xuanyuan Yao was the first lady.

In terms of family history, appearance, and ability, she is a leader among young women. How can he like others?

But today I heard it with my own ears, and he said that there are people I like.

Moreover, just when he called, the expression of talking to the woman on the phone was the softness she had never seen!

Her heart was scorched by strong jealousy, and she reached out and hugged Bei Mingshen's arm: "Then tell me who she is? I also know if I lost my heart orally."

"Who are you? Why should I tell you?" Bei Ming sneered deeply, and flicked Xuanyuan Yao's hand away.

However, perhaps because of his movements, Xuanyuan Yao was thrown back with an unstable center of gravity for a time.

"Shen Brother, save--"

However, before she finished, her body had fallen down.

The man in front of him didn't mean anything to save people, just looked at it coldly, indifferently.

His eyes are indifferent to seeing life and death. Perhaps, only when he sees a special person will he be different.

After all, the horse is so tall, Xuanyuan Yao suddenly fell so painful that he could not speak.

The man in front of him owed even a glance at her and raised the whip directly.

So the horse started running, and soon disappeared.

Bei Mingshen rode all the way to the apron. He didn't move any hands or feet in today's affairs, but he only opened his eyes and closed his eyes.

People die on his site. As long as he can prove that he is not doing it, he just needs to take responsibility for mismanagement.

And who is Shangguan Ao, he has seen clearly these years.

Gong Lingye died, Shangguan Ao fired at most for a while, but for the family business, he wouldn't break the net.

And when his big family is in big trouble, just make a few percentage points in the cooperation and let the other party calm down the anger.

He solved a huge hidden danger and sacrificed a little interest, which could not be more cost-effective.

It's just, why is it quiet in front, as if nothing happened?

Deep in doubt, Bei Ming accelerated his pace and happened to meet Shangguan Xun who came over.

"Just now I saw a plane crash and fall?" Bei Mingshen asked directly.

Shangguan Xun's eyebrows were also tightly tightened at the moment: "I'm asking someone to check."

The problem is that the plane just seemed to crash. But where did it go in the end?

At this moment, Gong Lingye had just released the Song Yi from her arms.

Just when the plane was only 80 meters from the ground, he pulled her into his arms.

Everything in the past passed by in a hurry. He felt that he seemed to have known her for half of his life, but found that they were actually less than a year together.

"Nuan Nuan, I said skydiving later, we will jump again." Gong Lingye actually already guessed in his heart that there was a problem with both umbrellas.

But if you don’t try, how can you be reconciled?

He was a little remorseful, and still underestimated the cruelty of the people here, or, in their eyes, there was nothing else but benefits.

He held Song Yi tightly in his arms and buckled each other's seat belt buckles together, his voice was very low: "Baby, I love you."

The Song Yi people didn't know why, and the heart that was originally afraid suddenly settled down.

She sniffed Gong Lingye's breath, felt his heartbeat, and closed her eyes.

The plane is still approaching the ground, and Gong Lingye is still in the rescue control center. He will never give up until the last moment.

The alarm sound has become a sharp whistle. He saw that the height was less than 20 meters, so he hugged the Song Yi people and planned to go to the hatch.

But at this moment, the central control of the plane suddenly unlocked, and he regained the right to operate again!

Gong Lingye loosened the Song Yi people and pulled up the operating lever forcefully.

The plane still inertially dived seven or eight meters, and when it was almost close to the ground, it finally stopped falling and slowly pulled it up!

Then, the plane began to ascend, and Song Yi felt that his eyes were a little hot.

Her hero did not disappoint her after all!

Just after Gong Lingye regained control of the plane, after turning to a certain height, he turned his head and rushed at her: "Warm warm, let's go to a place."

"Where?" Song Yiren wondered.

Immediately, she reacted: "Aren't you talking about Beimingjia?"

"Yes." Gong Lingye nodded, his eyes crazy.

Song Yiren also feels that she is really crazy and goes crazy with him.

"Okay." She gave him the gun in her hand.

So, after hovering at a low altitude, the plane flew directly to the Beiming family.

At this time, Beiming Kun generally drink tea on the grass outside his courtyard, and then play a few sets of Tai Chi.

At the moment, he was drinking tea and heard the sound of a helicopter above his head.

Beiming Kun has some doubts. After all, in general, few helicopters pass by here.

The Beiming Family has a special apron, but it is quite far from his courtyard.

Could it be that the new pilots are not important?

He was a little angry and stood up, intending to train people.

The housekeeper had come, and looked at the sky with some doubt.

As the plane got closer, the two had seen the flying eagle logo above.

"The owner, it's the plane of the young master's skydiving center." The butler said.

It's just that as his words landed, the plane got closer and closer, and then it seemed to land.

"It's getting less and less ridiculous!" Bei Mingkun patted his thigh and was about to pass.

At this moment, there was a sudden presence of someone in the cockpit, and then a bang came out!

Gong Lingye fired a shot, but because he was still in charge of the operation on the plane, he missed his head a bit.

He aimed again and shot two consecutive shots at Beiming Kun's head!

"Homeowner be careful!" The butler hugged Beiming Kun with a shock and threw himself on him.

Immediately, the blood flower bloomed on his body, and his body fell slowly: "Homeowner, I can no longer continue to accompany you..."

However, Gong Lingye's gun continued.

But because of the distance, the bullet hit the housekeeper, but he did not know whether he penetrated his body and penetrated into Beiming Kun's body.