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#2 How about meeting?

Listening to the laughter of the two, Song Yiren shivered and almost hatred to burn her soul. She saw a knife placed on the side of the table, and then held the body up and took the knife, crawling towards the dog and the man. go with.

    However, before she could hold the enemy, Chu Mingyao took the knife away.

    "Bitch! Want to kill me? You don't have this skill yet!"

    Seeing that she would come up to bite, he was somewhat disappointed and tenderly said to Su Yunfei: "Fifi, we will go home later and continue."

    After he finished, he stood up briskly, and after putting on his pants, he looked like the well-dressed man in front of the camera.

    "Okay, now it's time to do the right thing." He said, pulling the Song Yi people on the ground and throwing them on the previous bed.

    Song Yi people are struggling frantically, but where is her paralyzed Chu Mingyao's opponent?

    He pressed her on the hospital bed, and Su Yunfei, who came over, directly opened the handcuffs on both sides of the hospital bed and locked Song Yi's hands in.

    Chu Mingyao played with the knife in his hand and ridiculed his tone: "Yi Ren, if you say our dad saw it with his own eyes, what expression would his scalpel use to pick up your tendons?"

    On the hospital bed, Song Yi struggled violently. Her eye was already red, and it seemed that she might have left blood and tears at any time.

    She is the gold of the Su family in Ningcheng. Twenty years ago, her father adopted 9-year-old Chu Mingyao and took him as a pro son.

    Chu Mingyao has always been obedient and sensible at home, and is more caring for the Song Yi who is 2 years old.

    Growing up, Chu Mingyao pursued the Song Yi people. The father of Song was happy to see his daughter marry his adopted son from an early age, so when the Song Yi people were 24 years old, they held an engagement banquet.

    The father of Song Yiren is the most authoritative neurosurgery expert in Ningguo and the dean of Ningcheng Shenwai Specialist Hospital.

    Song Yiren's mother is the president of Ning Guohai Sheng Group. In her generation, the male at home died because of an accident, leaving her alone, so he inherited the Haisheng Group.

    Song Yiren also has a younger brother, 13 years younger than her, and 14 this year, so at first, the Song family can be said to be a more beautiful family.

    However, three years ago, shortly after Song Yiren and Chu Mingyao got engaged, Song Yiren broke through Chu Mingyao and Su Yunfei's unreasonable affair, but what he got was his real face!

    He tied the Song Yi people, cut off her ankles, and took them to this room of the yacht.

    After that, he brought Su Yunfei, and Su Yunfei directly poured concentrated sulfuric acid on Song Yiren's face!

    So far, everyone in Song Yi can clearly remember how painful the burning of his cheeks was! That is the pain that makes life worse than death!

    I don't know how long it has been since. The TV is installed here, and she knows the outside information.

    It turned out that she was 'dead' and her mother jumped off the building because she lost her daughter. Before committing suicide, she gave the group to Chu Mingyao to take care of it.

    But his father lost two loved ones at once and became insane. From then on, "Ning Guo Operated a Knife" completely disappeared.

    Then, the media also said that Chu Mingyao lost his beloved wife, was thin, and almost had a fever. Even if his body recovered later, he still kept a low profile and stayed out of the house, showing how deep his affection for his fiancee and adoptive parents!

    Since then, Chu Mingyao has been supporting his mad adoptive father and his brother Song Ziheng who lost his language ability overnight due to his family's accidents. Chu Mingyao's side no longer has any opposite sex, it seems to lock the atrium from now on.

    Every time the Song Yi people see these reports, they have a bit more hatred in the eyes!

    "Chu Mingyao, you are not as good as birds and beasts. If you dare to harm my dad, I will never let you go, and I will never let you die!" She screamed like a verge. Desperate beast.

    It's a pity that such a roar is only hers, Chu Mingyao doesn't care.

    "Why? Want to see your father?" Chu Mingyao smiled coldly, "You must be wondering, how is your father? How about I meet you?"