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#32 Does it hurt?

"Wait for me to slow down." Gong Lingye's voice was very soft, her breath spit in Song Yi's ear.

    He was naked, although she was still wearing a skirt, but her whole body was wet. This distance made Song Yiren clearly feel the temperature of the man next to him, and it was hard to ignore.

    She frowned slightly and was not used to being so close.

    It's just that the rock cave is too narrow, and she has no room for avoidance.

    The man beside him was so heavy that the Song Yi people couldn't move at all, neither of them spoke again, so quiet that they could only hear the sound of the sea breeze and waves outside.

    It seemed that after a while, Gong Lingye finally propped up and said, "Okay."

    The Song Yi people answered, turned around, and in the forced space, picked up the cloth to help Gong Lingye bandage.

    "Bleeding again." Song Yiren said angrily, and changed the gauze again for Gong Lingye.

    She stared at his wound, perhaps the dazzling red was too dazzling, and it reminded her of how she felt when her hands were scrapped more than a month ago.

    His fingertips fell lightly on the skin beside Gong Lingye's wound, and his voice was soft, with a little trembling, but when he was asked, he even asked through himself and asked himself: "Is it very painful?"

    Her fingertips were slightly cool, and when she landed on his back, Gong Lingye suddenly remembered the moment when she was raining as a child and the rain touched her.

    The distressed meaning in her tone was so obvious that he was stunned.

    Perhaps women are all born with maternal auras, so she was a little sad to see his injury?

    Thinking this way, Gong Lingye saw the red eyes of Song Yiren.

    She lowered her eyelashes so that he could hardly see his emotions, but he just thought she was crying.

    "I'm fine, don't worry." His voice also softened.

    Song Yiren was holding the cloth, raised Gong Lingye's left arm, and then touched his shoulder and wrapped a wound. Hearing his eyes when she heard him, she was still confused.

    She didn't even hear what he just said.

    All her thoughts were immersed in the lingering pain memory.

    She and her dad were on that cruise ship. There was no other way. No one was covering her wounds. She could only watch the blood spread, and then the endless flames swallowed them ...

    After the Song Yi bandaged Gong Lingye, he turned around.

    She didn't look at him again, the whole person was cold and alienated, but this kind of rejection was thousands of miles away, and there was an inexplicable depression.

    Gong Lingye didn't know what she thought, and now he still has a lot to do. It's never his character to sit and wait.

    He tried to lift his left arm, and he noticed that every movement caused a dizziness in the cerebral cortex.

    Gong Lingye can only say: "My watch has a signal positioning function, but the transmission function is broken, and I have not had time to repair it. There are tools in my right pocket. See if you can repair it."

    Song Yiren was surprised, she looked down at Gong Lingye's watch for a few seconds, but it was unexpected that this watch was also modified.

    She just took off her watch, Gong Lingye said: "I should be able to fix it, but my left hand cannot move."

    The Song Yi people responded lightly, ‘um’, to speak, and went directly to Gong Lingye ’s pocket.

    His casual trousers were wet and his trousers' legs were stuck on his thighs. When Song Yi's hand stretched in, Gong Lingye's leg muscles inevitably tightened.

    He could even feel the softness of her finger pads, and it seemed to be cool with a thin layer of clothing.

    However, the Song Yi people quickly found the gadget and still did not look at him: "I try."

    It should be about three or four o'clock in the afternoon. The summer sun falls in through large and small holes. The entire small space seems to be cut into many irregular small pieces by the beam.

    Gong Lingye felt that the wound still felt a little numb, and even seemed to be in a trance with the whole nerve.

    He leaned halfway against the stone wall behind him, his eyes falling on the Song Yi people's hands.

    Her fingers were white and slender. First, he operated all his watches, and then began to disassemble them from the screwdriver.

    "The chip is integrated, but the bad thing is the contact. After you open it ..." Gong Lingye felt very exhausted in speaking, so he stopped after half of the talk.

    "Got it." Song Yi didn't raise his head, his expression was serious and focused, and his fingers were playing with those small components.

    The light fell on her trimmed nails, making the pale pink on her nails somewhat transparent.

    Gong Lingye only felt that her sight was a little trance, and there was an inexplicable thought in her mind: did she look like this when she made that robot for Gong Mochen?

    Song Yiren tried while researching. She had never been in contact with this, but some things would be the same, and others were similar.

    So, after groping for more than twenty minutes, she found the problem.

    At this moment, Gong Lingye had no strength to speak.

    He felt that he should sleep to recover his energy, but he never liked the feeling of being out of control.

    Song Yiren is helping him now, but he also remembers the indifference when she just walked past him almost drowning.

    He didn't believe her, so he couldn't close his eyes.

    Song Yiren tried it before installing the dial, and found that there was no problem, and then he was relieved.

    Although they seem to be temporarily safe now, there is no guarantee that those people will not come here. Moreover, the tide has already begun, and this cave does not yet know how long it can stay.

    She tightened the last small screw and handed her watch to Gong Lingye, saying, "It's fixed."

    Under his surprised expression, she chose to locate and then clicked to send.

    As the screen lighted up, Gong Lingye's lips slowly curved open: "Warm warm." She really can give him a lot of surprises and surprises ...

    Song Yiren didn't get it, she turned around: "What are you talking about?"

    He didn't answer, and looked straight at her. In the half-light and half-dark space, the black eyes seemed to have been soaked in the deep sea water, and could not see the deepest place.

    The air seemed to be pulled away little by little, and the space was inexplicably ambiguous, but the Song Yi people turned away.

    She ignored the real gaze of the man next to her, put the watch into Gong Lingye's arms, and leaned against the stone wall, and ignored him.

    The time was suddenly stretched for a long time. The Song Yi people looked through the hole and looked far away, and a thought suddenly burst into her mind: Was her original body turned into coke and finally beaten into foam by waves?

    Gong Lingye clearly felt that the girl next to her had returned to her world. Although she was quiet, her mood was low, reminding him of her expression when she was seen on the reef.

    So, she is not just seasick, but also sad because of Gong Mochen's cold attitude?