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Chu Mingyao turned his head suspiciously and looked at the Song Yi people in front of him.

    Song Yi's face did not change color: "I had seen some reports about your fiancee before I was in China. At that time, I admired her! Come here today, just when you want to go, I just thought, Go to see her in the cemetery ... Of course, if you are inconvenient ... "

    "It's okay." Chu Mingyao smiled: "She also liked to make friends before she died. If you are going to see her, she must be very happy."

    Song Yi nodded: "Okay, that's for sure, I'll wait for your call."

    Chu Mingyao nodded.

    When Song Yiren left him, he felt that Chu Mingyao hadn't taken back the eyes that fell on her back.

    That night, Song Yiren did not see Su Yunfei throughout the journey, and he understood that Su Yunfei was completely hidden by Chu Mingyao.

    As for whether it is still alive, you really need to see Su Yunfei's ability.

    Early the next morning, Song Yiren received a call from Chu Mingyao, saying that he was ready to leave and let the driver pick her up.

    Song Yiren wore a plain down jacket. Before going out, he shared the positioning with Gong Lingye. Then he went downstairs and got in the car sent by Chu Mingyao.

    The cemetery is in the suburbs. In the early morning of winter, the mist has not dispersed, and the whole cemetery is covered with a layer of veil.

    Song Yiren and Chu Mingyao got off the bus and stepped forward on the slightly damp bluestone road.

    This is the first time the Song Yi people have visited her family's cemetery.

    At the beginning, she was the first to have an accident at home, and was tortured on a cruise ship for the next three years, so she didn't even know where her mother was buried.

    Only one person can pass the Qingshi Road, so the two walked one after the other.

    Looking at the back of the man in front of me, I think that all my pain and loss have been because of the man in front of me for so long. Song Yiren only feels that his chest is undulating, and the hatred and killing intention buried in the blood are almost beyond control!

    What's wrong with their Song family? He gave him the best education since childhood, and he has no worries about food and clothing. When he grew up, he gave his biological daughter Xu to him, but what he got in the end was the ending of his family!

    Just when Song Yi people looked at Chu Mingyao's head and his breathing was gradually messed up, Chu Mingyao suddenly stopped and said, "Xiao Nuan, this is it."

    The Song Yi people suddenly stopped.

    The hate in her heart was just put away by her in an instant. She looked at the black tombstone in front of her.

    "Tomb of the beloved wife Song Yiren."

    Beloved wife? !

    She really wanted to smash the tombstone!

    She never married him, an engagement, but only a formality.

    She was humiliated and tortured by him trapped on a cruise ship, and even "dead", she must be put on such a disgusting hat!

    "Yiren, I'm here to see you." At the moment, Chu Mingyao's face appeared affectionate and nostalgic, and he bent the bouquet of flowers in his hand before the tombstone.

    After he put it away, he took the dust off the tombstone, and his eyes were sad: "Are you alone in the ground, cold or cold?"

    Ha ha, it's really clothed beasts and beasts. After doing those things, I can still ask such words with peace of mind!

    Song Yi people can't describe the mood at the moment, anger, absurdity, and hatred full of hearts!

    "Yiren is buried here." Chu Mingyao turned to her and said: "When she left, I failed to find her in time, or it was discovered a few days later."

    The Song Yi people looked at the tombstone and sneered. Who is buried in it? Or, in fact, nothing at all!

    She can remember that just half a year ago, she was ignited by his fire, her body turned into coke, and then fell into the sea, which was broken into thousands of bubbles by the spray!

    Under the sky, where else can she put together the body of the Song Yi people and put it in this little tombstone? !

    Under the world, I am afraid that only she is so absurd, standing alive in front of her tombstone, coldly looking at the person who killed her next to her, and whispering about her miss!

    She reached out and touched the cold tombstone, and said softly: "Sister Yiren, I am Yu Ruonuan. President Chu takes me to see you. He misses you, must you miss him too?"

    Songtao around, responding silently.

    Chu Mingyao looked at the hand placed on the tombstone, and suddenly remembered the appearance of Yu Ruonuan in the video of the modified car at that time.

    He turned his head and his eyes fell on the Song Yi people.

    Song Yiren looked at him and asked, "Mr. Chu, do you often dream of Yiren sister?"

    Chu Mingyao took a breath.

    I don't know why since last week, he often dreamed of Song Yi people. He dreamed that she was looking at him in the dark, with deep eyes, with strong hatred and resentment.

    However, every time he looked back, he found that there was no one behind him.

    He has never believed in gods or ghosts. Recent events only make him feel that his work is too stressful, so his nerves are a bit weak.

    He said: "I often dream about her, dream about our days together, it's a pity ..."

    With a sigh, he turned his head sadly and went to see the tombstone in front of him.

    Both were a little silent. In the large cemetery, only them were too quiet.

    At this moment, Chu Mingyao suddenly turned his head: "Yi Ren!"

    His eyes locked on Song Yi's face, his eyes rolled with sharp emotions.

    At that moment, the Song Yi people only felt cold all over the body, and an excited spirit went straight through the spine from the sole of the foot to the scalp, and the whole body seemed to be tingling.

    Chu Mingyao hooked her lips at her and called out again, "Yi Ren."

    If the Song Yi people were struck by lightning.

    Did he find her, or was it just a temptation?

    And here, there are only two of them. She is a self-defense thing, and Gong Lingye has always had her position. It is estimated that if something happens to her here, the people he lurks around will also come over as soon as possible.

    However, if this is the case, and everything is exposed, you will fall short of it!

    She didn't know how she stabilized her emotions, and she had a blank expression on her face first: "Mr. Chu, have you seen the Yi sister?"

    She seemed to be afraid, so she glanced back nervously.

    Chu Mingyao, who had just locked her eyes, turned her head slowly. His mind is still a bit unstable, because just now, he obviously felt a grudge behind him, looking back at him like a man!

    Therefore, his two "Yi Ren" are completely instinctive behavior!


    He has come back to Weier now, only he and Yu Ruonuan are here, and he just felt that someone behind him hated him, is it ...

    The black tombstone is bright, reflecting the figure of the two, he is in front, the outline is clear. And she was behind, a little vague and unpredictable.

    Chu Mingyao turned his head again, looking at the Song Yi people.

    The distance between them was not more than two meters. He stepped forward two steps closer, and his voice was a little low. The coolness in the cemetery was sandwiched, as if soaked in ink: "Xiao Nuan, why do you come to the cemetery?"