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A moment later, Song Yiren logged in to her million fans' Weibo and reposted Gong Lingye's Weibo——

    Nuanguang Weiying V: "Husband, happy wedding! Love you @ 宫 凌 夜."

    A few minutes after the two of them posted on Weibo, suddenly, the whole network fryers.

    Countless people left a message below: "What's going on, lying down?"

    "Ah, are you really Gong Lingye deity? Oh my god, I saw the deity's high-definition photos!"

    "This is simply the legendary handsome look !!!! I saved the picture, how can the girl's avatar be replaced by AI with face technology, online? Wait online, urgent ...

    "Brothers and sisters, I found a financial report, and the photo of Gong Lingye is this! So it is really a deity!"

    "So I am not sleepwalking? Then I must have clicked on Weibo the wrong way!"

    "I quit Weibo and come in again. Why didn't the Weibo my male priest announced marriage?"

    "Ah, my goddess is married to my goddess! Am I dreaming?"

    "God, in my lifetime, when I saw my male god posting a private Weibo, it was an official marriage!"

    "So, is this really married? Why have I been so slow?"

    And Gong Lingye's business partners are much quicker than the people who eat melons-

    "Congratulations to Mr. Gong and Mrs. Gong, two happy newly-weds! Hundred years of marriage!"

    "Mrs. He Xigong, I wish you a good son early!"


    As more and more people discovered Weibo sent by Gong Lingye and Song Yi, the Weibo official server could not bear it anymore, and almost became paralyzed.

    Waiting for the recovery again, the melon-eaters came again, constantly brushing comments: "So, is this true?"

    "My god is married, do I have to congratulate? Woo, why do you want to cry? No, you should be happy, because I have long been worried about why the god didn't get married ..."

    "On behalf of tens of thousands of otakus, I am saying that my heart is broken today! Goddess, I must be happy!"

    "Is it just me who hasn't digested the news? Why do I feel that my male god will always be the top of the snowy mountain and will not fall for anyone?"


    Countless netizens fry pan room, the party has already drove to the door of the old house of the palace.

    To be honest, it is false to say no. After all, the Song Yi people came to the Gong family as the girlfriend of Gong Mochen.

    Now, she has transformed into a wife of Gong Lingye, and without any buffer in advance, Song Yi people don't know how to react to the old lady Gong.

    After stopping the car, Gong Lingye directly took Song Yi's hand. Knowing that she was nervous, he squeezed her and took her into a big stride.

    The servant had seen the Song Yi, and it was shocked to see Gong Lingye holding Song Yi's hand.

    He hurriedly saluted Gong Lingye and Song Yiren, and then quickly greeted the two of them and said, "The old lady, the master is back!"

    The old lady Gong just happened to take a nap, teasing her granddaughter in the living room, hearing the movement and raising her eyes.

    Gong Lingye took the Song Yi people to the entrance, changed shoes, and walked in.

    "Mom." Gong Ling Ye Chonggong's old lady cried, and then, she took Song Yiren formally and said: "Mom, I brought Nuan Nuan back to see you. I am married to her."

    The old lady Gong thought she had heard it wrong, but she looked closely at her son. She really held Song Yiren's hand, and she was a little stunned: "Ling Ye, if Nuan Nu is not Mo Chen's girlfriend?"

    Song Yi was a little embarrassed at the moment, and Gong Lingye pulled her directly and approached Mrs. Gong, saying: "Mom, I'm sorry, in fact, I have been hiding from you. I have been with Nuan Nuan for half a year. Chen ’s affairs are just to cope with her family, things are more complicated, I will explain to you later. "

    The old lady Gong was still surprised, and the Song Yi people took a deep breath and smiled sweetly at her: "Mom, indeed, as Ling Ye said, we actually have been together for a long time. Just because of some reasons Tell you, sorry. "

    Mrs. Gong apparently realized that the two were not kidding.

    She was angry, happy, and even relieved.

    After all, her son has no girlfriend and finally brought the girl back. How could she be unhappy as a mother?

    But thinking of Song Yiren's previous relationship with Gong Lingye, she was a little worried, and worried that Gong Lingye was confused by Song Yiren's beauty, so she would do something impulsive.

    After all, Mrs. Gong is a traditional woman. Whether Song Yi and Gong Mochen were really just playing, but since she has been with Gong Mochen, she finds it difficult to accept.

    Just as her mind was complicated, footsteps suddenly came from the stairs.

    Yue Wenqing walked down the stairs slowly, and when she saw the Song Yi people, her heart suddenly lighted up, but then she saw Gong Lingye and Song Yi people holding hands together.

    She narrowed her eyes and found that the two were really holding hands between the couple, only to feel that her head was hit hard.

    Even the pace of going downstairs became a little faster. Yue Wenqing walked to the old lady Gong and said, "Mom, Ling Ye, this is ..."

    Mrs. Gong did not express her position, but Gong Lingye said: "Sister-in-law, I am married. This is my wife Yu Ruonuan."

    "Marry ?!" Yue Wenqing looked at Gong Lingye in shock, almost blurted out: "Ling Ye, I don't think this joke is very nice."

    Gong Lingye directly took out the marriage certificate: "We went to get the certificate today, and Nuan Nuan and I really love each other. There is no other reason to get married."

    Yue Wenqing looked at the marriage certificate, only to feel a sudden burst of annoyance at being cheated: "Do you do this, is it worthwhile Mo Chen?"

    "The thing between me and Nuan Nuan has nothing to do with Mo Chen." Gong Lingye said, stretching his arms to embrace the Song Yi people, in a protective posture: "What's more, Mo Chen knew that Nuan Nuan was me six months ago. girlfriend."

    Yue Wenqing's face was unbelievable, but then she thought of something and sneered: "Ling Ye, I can clearly remember that Miss Yu was always chasing us Mo Chen. At that time, you met her, even greeted Don't fight! At that time, where was she your girlfriend? "

    Listening to her saying this, the old lady Gong also reacted and frowned: "Ling Ye, what the hell is going on?"

    Song Yiren was a little embarrassed now, Gong Lingye whispered to her in a low voice: "Warm warm, nothing."

    He said, "Mom and sister-in-law, I am together with Nuan Nuan, after both parties have my wishes and careful consideration. As for Mo Chen, when he comes back from work, you can ask him to see if he is Not unaware. "

    Gong Lingye said here, took the Song Yi people to sit down, poured her a glass of water, and rushed to the old lady said: "Mom, I have something to say to you and Nuan Nuan."