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#89 It's so big ...

Song Yiren quickly asked at the hospital, "Sister, are you sick?"

    Yu Ruoxia's voice seems to be a little dull: "It's not me, it's a mom ... Come here, 1309, Building 2, inpatient department."

    Song Yi's heart snapped and went straight to the downtown hospital.

    When I came to the door of the ward, as soon as I opened the door, I saw what Yu Ruoxia was talking to the doctor. The doctor was shaking his head, and Yu Ruoxia was a little excited.

    Song Yi quickly stepped on: "Sister."

    The doctor had finished speaking and turned away.

    Yu Ruoxia took Song Yiren's hand and her eyes were red: "Warm warm, go and see Mom!"

    She dragged the Song Yi people into the middle of the bed, and a woman with gray hair was lying on the bed.

    The woman is very thin and her skin is all wrinkled together. She should be in her fifties, but she seems to be sixty or seventy.

    She was still hanging a bottle on her hand and was losing nutrition, but the whole person was pale and not half angry.

    Although not his own mother, perhaps because of this body's natural blood, Song Yiren felt that his throat was blocked and he could not make a sound for a while.

    Yu Ruoxia dragged her to the bed, tears in her red eyes, and she choked: "The doctor said to her, it was delivered too late ..."

    Song Yiren's heart snapped and looked up to Yu Ruoxia: "Sister, what is going on?"

    Yu Ruoxia took out her comb and combed her mother's gray hair, tears down one by one: "It turned out that fourteen years ago, my mother didn't divorce her father because Fang Lingyi had a son during pregnancy. It ’s not that after divorce, I climbed Gaozhi and do n’t want our three sisters! "

    Song Yi was shocked and had a bad guess: "Why?"

    Yu Ruoxia's lips twitched a bit of sarcasm, but her eyes were full of hate: "Mom was sick at the time, she had no money, and the money was on Dad's side. In order to force her to divorce, Dad said that she would only give her a divorce. Heal! "

    Song Yiren's pupils tightened instantly. A woman had three children for a man. Not only did the man not shield her from the wind and rain, she also threatened her with the money for treatment? !

    Yu Ruoxia continued: "Later, my mother was transferred to my father's home to recuperate. Hehe, although it was recuperating, I only knew that in recent years, Yu Chengzhi's poultry and beast only gave his mother 1,000 yuan per month. The cost of living! Nuan Nuan, you said, you need to buy medicines and have to live. How can this thousand yuan be enough? "

    "Moreover, he also deducted his mother's ID card, all of the documents were deducted! Looking for someone to look at her, just because she was afraid to run out and disturb his life! Ruin his reputation!" Yu Ruoxia said here, hands tight Clenched a fist: "Do you know how I found Mom? I went to Jiangcheng on a business trip and saw a woman wearing Mom's bracelet picking up a bottle of mineral water on the side of the road! I walked over to ask and she said it was It was given to her by an elder sister, who had no money and gave the bracelet to someone to help buy medicine! "

    Yu Ruoxia laughed and cried: "I followed her to the dilapidated basement and saw her lying on the bed, she was dying ..."

    Song Yi's face was pale, but he felt that his chest was blocked by emotions, distressed and angry, and could not express his taste.

    "I originally sent my mother to Jiangcheng Hospital, but when she woke up, she insisted on coming back, saying that she was going to die, and wanted to see the sky of the emperor city before she died ..." Yu Ruoxia sucked: "So, I will immediately Bring her back by car and call you. "

    Song Yi people remembered a long memory, Yu Ruo Nuan's mother, although not very smart, but diligent and frugal, is a very good woman.

    At the beginning, when Yu Chengzhi gave a lecture in a school, he met Yu Mu, who was an internal worker at school. He was attracted by her appearance, and it didn't take long for the two to marry.

    However, since Yu mother has never had a son, the feelings between the two have been worn away. Until later, Fang Lingyi outside Yu Chengzhi gave birth to a son ...

    However, whether it is love or not, it should not be so right for a woman who gave all her youth to herself!

    This woman is still ill, but Yu Chengzhi treats her so much, she will not be saved!

    Song Yi people can't even imagine, how did the woman in front of the sick bed for more than ten years survived? !

    At this moment, Yu Mu suddenly moved.

    Song Yi and the two quickly ran to both sides of the bed.

    Mother Yu opened her eyes slowly, her eyes cloudy, and for a long time, she slowly looked at Yu Ruoxia, and then grabbed Yu Ruoxia's hand: "He, what about him?"

    Yu Ruoxia's eyes widened instantly, and she looked at her mother angrily and sadly: "Mom, Yu Chengzhi treats you like that, you actually ..."

    Yu Mu still still said the sentence: "He? I want to see him ..."

    In a flash, Song Yiren understood why Yu Mu insisted that she should return to the roots.

    It turned out that she held her last breath just for the man who abandoned her for many years!

    Song Yiren didn't understand, what kind of feelings in the world, after such destruction, can they still maintain their original intentions?

    Ridiculous? Sad? Moved?

    She was uncomfortable, and felt sad for the woman who was about to die.

    At this moment, she is not a Song Yi person, but the woman's youngest daughter, Yu Ruonuan.

    She said: "Mom."

    On the hospital bed, the woman turned her head suspiciously, and looked at the strange and somewhat familiar girl by the bed. Her cloudy eyes suddenly lit up: "Warm, warm!"

    Song Yiren's eyes couldn't help but turn red: "Mom, I'm warm!"

    "My youngest, so big ..." Yu mother's voice also choked up: "I, when I left, you were only six years old ..."

    She said, and began to cough violently again, and soon her eyes became cloudy again.

    Looking at the woman in front of the hospital bed, Song Yiren still couldn't ignore her request and dialed Yu Chengzhi in the past.

    Yu Chengzhi answered Song Yiren's call very quickly, with a loving voice: "If it is warm, I heard that you are doing well in the game ..."

    Recently, his daughter has won a lot of light for him, and when he marries into the palace, it is almost ...

    However, the tone of the Song Yi people over there was rather cold: "I'm in the central hospital, my mother is ill, I'm about to die, I want to see you at the end!"

    Yu Chengzhi immediately frowned, suddenly thinking that he had finally settled down on seeing the abandoned woman in the past two years, so he also withdrew the person who was guarding her. Was it actually taken over?

    He said in annoyance: "She is ill, you just guard her! I have been divorced with her for more than ten years, no relationship at all!"

    The fire in Song Yiren's heart suddenly burst: "She was your wife, anyway, and lived with them for so many years. Now that she can't do it, you don't even want to glance at her?"

    "Yu Ruonuan, what is your attitude? Is this an attitude to speak to my father ?!" Yu Chengzhi also got angry: "I told the woman, I'm not going to see her if I die! I'm already married, I will only be responsible for my wife! "

    Let's just hang up the phone!