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Luo Tianqi's words made Lie Xiao's soft heart seem to be hit hard by something, leaving only a sense of panic, slowly attacking her limbs.

She was startled in a cold sweat, and then immediately said: "How is it possible?" How could she like someone again so quickly?

Lie Xiao's throat was a little dry, but her tone was quick and sure: "You are my brother's hair, that is, my brother! How could I have other thoughts about you?!"

Luo Tianqi looked at her, as if suddenly relieved, and smiled: "I don't have any."

She was suddenly startled, and for no reason, she couldn't lift the energy.

Just listen to Luo Tianqi again: "Don't like me, otherwise, I don't know how to face you. I only treat you as my sister, so if you like me, I will only send you back to your brother. Don't see you anymore."

After a brief period of shock, as if a basin of ice water was splashing down, Lie Xiaoruan felt cold from beginning to end.

But she smiled: "Cut, you are less narcissistic! I want to like, and like my brother as good, although you are also good, but there is still a lot of gap with him!"

When Luo Tianqi heard the words, he relaxed completely, and said, "Well, that's good. In short, I will treat you as my sister. From now on, everyone will be brothers and sisters. You can tell me anything you encounter."

Lie Xiao's heart was so complicated that she couldn't tell, she smiled: "Okay, you can tell me what you encounter! For example, if you are unhappy today, I can also drink with you."

Luo Tianqi shook his head: "Stop drinking, it's bad for my stomach. I think if she is still there, she wouldn't want to see me like this."

He finished speaking, stood up, and said, "Let's go, little soft girl, I'll take you home."

She nodded and lay on his back.

The man's breath invaded the sense of smell again, and Lie Xiao softly realized that she was a little familiar with his taste.

From the strangeness and fear when she was in the woods for the first time, she felt a little at ease.

When they came out of the park, the shadows were stretched old and long. She looked at the stacked shadows, and she heard what he said just now--

Don't like me, otherwise, I don't know how to face you.

Lie Xiao Ruan raised her high-heeled shoes and suddenly increased her strength.

I don't know if my luck suddenly improved, Lie Xiaoruan came out, this time they hit the car within two minutes.

Luo Tianqi first reported the address of Lie Xiaoruan's house, and the taxi went all the way along the night.

I don't know if there is a tacit understanding. The car is very quiet. Lie Xiaoruan wanted to find a topic, but after racking his brains, he couldn't think of it.

She just looked out the window in silence, only feeling that today's night was exceptionally depressed, and how she looked at it, it was all desperate.

Luo Tianqi still sent her to the door of the house this time, watching her open the door and enter before leaving.

Lie Yuanshen still hadn't gone home yet, Lie Xiaoruan turned on the light and asked Luo Tianqi if he wanted something to drink.

He shook his head: "No need."

After all, we must leave.

At this moment, a man appeared behind Luo Tianqi, and then smiled at Lie Xiaoruan in the room.

Lie Xiaoruan jumped back in fright, and said to Luo Tianqi: "Brother Tianqi, be careful!"

Luo Tianqi turned his head, and met the gaze of the drunk man that day.

The man also seemed to be drunk today, his cheeks were red, but there was a terrible light in his eyes. He saw Luo Tianqi look over and smiled at him again.

Luo Tianqi quickly stepped out of the room, and immediately closed the door.

Lie Xiaoruan is still a little scared: "Brother Tianqi, do you think that person is abnormal? He just saw my hair on my body! And, why do I always meet him recently? He won't stare at me. Right?"

Luo Tianqi's expression was also a little solemn, and said: "Have you mentioned this to your brother?"

"No, my brother has been so busy recently, and things have just been resolved today, so I didn't..." Lie Xiao let out a sigh of relief: "But fortunately, he doesn't seem to have any intention of doing anything."

"I'll call your brother and tell him about this. He will retrieve this person's information from the surveillance, so don't worry." Luo Tianqi said.

"Yeah." Lie Xiao nodded softly and walked to the door, looking out of the cat's eye.

It's just that it's okay if you don't look at it, she suddenly turned around and rushed towards Luo Tianqi.

She slammed into his arms and held him tightly: "Eyes! I saw his eyes!"

Luo Tianqi felt the girl trembling in front of him, so he patted her on the back and soothed: "What's wrong with his eyes? It's okay. Close the door, he can't get in."

"His eyes are full of red blood. When I just watched, he was lying in the cat's eyes and looking in!" Lie Xiaoruan was really scared: "Tianqi brother, what should I do, I don't think I will Dare to sleep!"

"I'll take a look." Luo Tianqi said, walking to the door and looking out. At this moment, the corridor was empty.

"He's gone, don't be afraid." He said.

"Will he come back?" Lie Xiaoruan asked.

"I won't go." Luo Tianqi sat down: "I will leave when your brother comes back."

Lie Xiaoruan hesitated for a moment, but fear prevailed over reason, and she nodded: "Okay, thank you, Brother Tianqi."

Luo Tianqi sat on the sofa and wanted to call Gong Lingye, remembering that he didn't have a mobile phone, so he took Lie Xiaoruan's charging.

He looked at the selfie on her screen and smiled: "So narcissistic?"

Lie Xiaoruan was a little unnatural, unlocked, and found Gong Lingye's phone number. He was about to make a call, but a call came in from his cell phone.

It was Lie Yuanshen: "Xiaoruan, are you asleep?"

Lie Xiaoruan quickly said: "Nothing."

"Xiaoruan, I have something to do here. I won't go home tonight. You lock the door at home and don't have to wait for me." Lie Yuan said Shen.

Lie Xiaoruan responded, "Okay, brother, then you are busy."

The voice of her mobile phone was quite loud, and Luo Tianqi almost heard the content.

He asked: "Your brother often doesn't go home recently?"

Lie Xiao nodded softly: "Yes, he is busy."

"Then you are at home, and you must pay more attention to safety. I will tell Brother Ye tomorrow about this person." Luo Tianqi said: "Today I will stay on your sofa for one night."

Lie Xiaoruan shook his head quickly: "It's okay, my brother is not here, I'll clean up his room!"

After that, she stepped in slippers and changed Lie Yuanshen’s bedding to freshly washed bedding. Then she came out and took a set of pajamas to Luo Tianqi: “Brother Tianqi, this dress is also my brother’s. They are all just washed, you will wear them!"

Luo Tianqi is also that kind of refreshing person, so he nodded: "Okay, it's getting late, little soft girl, you go to bed earlier."

"Okay, Brother Tianqi, good night." Lie Xiaoruan smiled at Luo Tianqi and went to the next room.