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Song Yi people heard the news, but even if there was no living person, they felt cold all over.

However, she still didn't believe it. She didn't believe that Gong Ling Night Party was really something.

In her mind, he has always been omnipotent, even if he is really in danger, he can turn it into danger!

"Continue to salvage!" Bae Jun ordered.

Their speedboat was running out of fuel, so they drove to the far side of the cruise ship to recharge.

Bae Jun and Song Yi were left on the cruise ship, there was a reception desk over there, and they could get all the news at the first time.

The sky began to gradually darken, and once it got dark, then, for salvage, the difficulty was geometrical.

In the distance, helicopters were hovering at low altitude, searching for carpets.

At this moment, there was an exciting news from a search boat: "Pete Zhu, we found a survivor!"

Bae Jun was shocked: "Immediately sent to the cruise ship for first aid!"

"Pete Zhu, we also found one here!" On the helicopter, someone was holding the intercom channel.

Song Yiren only felt as if he had seen a beam of light, until, before the last sunset in the sky disappeared, the survivors opened their eyes.

That was Gong Lingye's man: "Pete Zhu, we have been broken up!"

"Emperor Shao was prepared early, and each of us had explosion-proof clothes! But Gu Yunyun's bomb was still too powerful, and the ship we hid behind the cruise ship was also broken!"

"Di Shao broke up with us, we don't know where he and Amian are!"

"At that time, the currents were drifting towards country J. I don't know if they would be washed away!"

Hearing the man's words, Song Yi's heart was still hanging, but his body gradually began to warm up.

She knew that he was prepared!

However, Gu Chiu-yun is indeed too mad, even if Gong Lingye is fully prepared, he still encountered an accident!

So, 80% of the speedboats drove towards the border of country J, and the sea was covered with white waves.

That night, it was destined to be another sleepless night.

As people were continuously salvaged, fifteen people on Gong Lingye's side were salvaged and ten died, and one person was missing besides Amian and Gong Lingye.

Time seemed to be deliberately slowed down, and every frame became expectant and tormenting.

The night began to fall, and the whole sea changed from azure blue to black, and the waves in the sight seemed to be able to swallow human souls.

Song Yiren has been on the deck, she has put on a thick coat, but when the wind blows, she still feels very cold.

At the back, she felt more and more uncomfortable, and her body was cold and sour.

She leaned on the fence and wanted to stand up, only to find that her legs were too weak for strength, and even silver flakes began to fly before her eyes.

His head was getting deeper, and the line of sight in front of him gradually became blurred, until someone in the ear called her: "Madam, what's wrong with you? Are you feeling unwell?"

Song Yiren hadn't had time to answer, and heard the intercom on Pei Jun's side said: "I found Brother Mian! Mian Brother was shot! Need to remove the bullet immediately! Prepare for surgery!"

Song Yi people rushed over when they were anxious, but their body was crooked, completely unconscious, and fell down...

At this moment, from the shore thirty nautical miles away from where the Song Yi people were, Gong Lingye threw the underwater propeller and gas cylinder aside and was panting heavily.

It was late at night, with no stars and no moon tonight, and the sight was dark.

He sat by the beach, moved some stiff limbs, and then took the phone out of the waterproof bag.

His movements were a bit slow, obviously he was slightly injured, but for safety, he quickly hid in a forest.

In country J, his mobile phone network is simply not available, and he can’t even make a phone call. The only thing he can do is transmit a signal.

He quickly opened a software on his phone and entered the password. Soon, a signal was sent out.

That was a signal to reassure him that everything was okay, so please don’t act lightly.

Everything this morning was expected by him and A Mian.

I just didn’t expect that Gu Zhiyun soaked the cruise ship with gasoline, so although they delayed his explosion for a few seconds, and the explosion started, it was not the entire ship that blasted together, but Gu Guyun as the core, gradually bursting Come on.

Therefore, they were given time to escape, but it was still severely affected by the power of the explosion.

After falling into the water, he and Amian simply settled down, and followed the ocean current to explore the country of J.

It's just that because he decided to go to country J temporarily, it was absolutely confidential, and since it was impossible for everyone to be together, Gong Lingye only brought Amian.

Unexpectedly, the sea defense was so tight over there. When they passed under the water, Amian was shot.

At that time, Amian's underwater propeller was broken, and the ocean currents were so turbulent that he could not return. Therefore, Gong Lingye directly changed the thruster with him, and let A Mian immediately return to wait for rescue.

Although Amian was unwilling, Gong Lingye directly pulled him injured to the good propeller, and let it take Amian through the ocean currents and back to the Chinese border.

And Gong Lingye, with the propeller that can hardly be activated, barely followed the current and crossed the coastline of country J.

The body was a little uncomfortable, but Gong Lingye still did not stop.

It may not be safe here, he must at least go to the city.

I don't know how long it took to drag the heavy pace, and in the distance sporadic lights finally appeared.

Gong Lingye put the hat of the sweater on his head, covering half of his face.

The impression of country J has always been relatively backward, and the industry and resources are not abundant.

The residents around the coastline mainly depend on fishing. The inland ones rely mainly on agriculture.

A courtyard where you can finally rest appears, obviously this is a place for ordinary residents to rest.

Gong Lingye walked over, found a corner, leaned against the wall and closed his eyes to restore his strength.

He knew that Pei Jun would take people to the sea area to search, so the Song Yi people would also get news that he was fine.

However, it is estimated that it will be until dawn to find an opportunity to call them.

Just resting against the wall for a few hours, Gong Lingye felt better.

Although he had lost too much blood before and his body had not recovered to his best state, he had loved sports and fitness since he was a child, and his physique was much stronger than that of Song Yiren.

The clothes on his body are also dry and waterproof, and the heat retention is also very good. After going ashore, only his hair is a little wet, so he won't catch a cold.

This was the first time he looked at the city after dawn.

People here have a slightly darker complexion than Hua Guo, and the facial features are completely consistent.

Therefore, he walked in the middle, deliberately put away the aura, but it was not easy to be noticed different.

The people in this border town are obviously fishermen. Gong Ling walked around the night and found that there were not many restaurants.

He walked into a house, ordered breakfast, and took out an international currency from his pocket.

It was just that the lady who received the money shook her head and spoke to him a string of dialects he did not understand.

In the face of such a country, Gong Lingye was helpless. He took off his hat and made a gesture to his wife, saying that he was a foreigner and had no local currency.

However, the woman in front of him saw his face straightened.

She looked at him for a while, and then it came back. She turned her head and said something to the buddy. She pulled Gong Lingye into the shop and poured water on him enthusiastically.

He roughly guessed something and nodded with a smile.

Then, I saw the lady boss collecting money from other customers while looking at him from time to time, as if wishing to stick her eyes all over him.