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#102 Gossip

At this moment, Pingcheng.

    Song Yiren heard the beep on the phone, so he took the phone.

    Just now, Gong Lingye was obviously angry because she left without saying hello to him in advance, and even when she arrived in Pingcheng, she did not take the initiative to speak to him.

    She took a deep breath, put away her cell phone, and went to the restaurant downstairs for dinner.

    Until sleep, the Song Yi people never received another call.

    Whether it is Gong Lingye or Beiming Mo.

    She took a bath and lay down, feeling agitated, and fell asleep for a while, so she got up and took out her phone.

    There were a few pieces of news, which belonged to their group. Xu Xingzhou snarled inside and asked them every day when they were free.

    Xiao Pei and they all talked, and the Song Yi people also sent a message saying that they could not do these two days. It should be OK next week.

    Turning off the group chat interface, Song Yiren saw her chat window with Gong Lingye.

    She hesitated for a while, but originally wanted to click in, but unexpectedly quit, but also clicked on Weibo because of the wrong point.

    And at this moment, a Weibo jumped into the eye-

    [Mysterious girlfriend of Tian Ling Group President Gong Lingye suspected to be exposed]

    The Song Yi people looked slightly, then clicked in.

    Weibo was posted more than 20 minutes ago, and it was not long after it was posted.

    There are a few blurry pictures between them, but despite the poor light at night, the Song Yi people still recognized it, it was the site of Phoenix and Gong Lingye.

    In the photo, Gong Lingye is wearing a shirt and trousers, and beside him, there is a girl wearing a sleeveless skirt.

    Although the girl's face is not very clear, it is also obvious that the girl is not the princess in the club.

    There is no obvious makeup on her face, the short skirt is also the simplest style, black and white, tailoring is very able to highlight the taste of the girl between the green and mature.

    The brand Song Yiren knows that because she used to have several high-end dresses from her family, they are of great value.

    There are a few photos of Gong Lingye and his team from the clubhouse and then get on the bus.

    The first one, Gong Lingye was talking with an uncle, and the girl was beside the uncle, holding the uncle's arm, it should be a relationship between father and daughter.

    The other one is that the uncle and his men got into the car, and the girl stood beside Gong Lingye and waved goodbye to the uncle.

    The last two are the scene of the girl sitting on Gongling Night Train.

    It was already eleven o'clock in the night. It seemed self-evident what the orphans and widows got into the car together and left.

    The comment area below has exploded--

    "No, the goddess has a woman ?! He really likes a woman ?!"

    "This is Ye Shao's first gossip? Alas, it seems that true love is no doubt!"

    "This girl looks very young, like a high school student! Hey, is it now over 20, is there no way to survive?"

    There was a wail at the bottom, and the Song Yi people read the photos several times and then took their phones.

    The person in the photo is not Gu Tingxue.

    She didn't know that he knew such a girl. Moreover, the girl said goodbye to her father late at night and left with him. Obviously, she got her father's approval.

    So, Gong Ling night will take that girl home?

    In other words, there should be no shortage of women around him, right?

    Song Yiren thought about it for a moment, and suddenly felt that his understanding of Gong Lingye was actually not as deep as she thought.

    He took her to see his hair, but apart from the three hair hair and Gu Tingxue, her knowledge of him is very limited to the outside world.

    His actual relationship with his family, what kind of business he is doing in private, his preferences ... she doesn't seem to know.

    As if a pot of cold water was pouring from the head, the sober moment, Song Yiren realized that she had gradually deviated from the track of her original plan in this unknown relationship.

    Since her rebirth, her goal has always been clear, that is, to save her brother at all costs, and then find Chu Mingyao's weakness and let him and Su Yunfei repay his blood.

    The appearance of Gong Lingye, sometimes strong, sometimes gentle, and the warmth she inadvertently felt made her gradually relax, even subconsciously wanting to rely on him, or feel that if she depends on herself No, he can help her with ideas.

    But now, she suddenly understood that in this world, no one is necessary.

    As if they were arguing tonight, he could immediately find another woman.

    She is not the only one for him. She is in his heart, it is estimated that even Gu Tingxue is far inferior, so how can she pin her hope of revenge on him?

    She believed in her life that a person had suffered a loss, her parents died tragically, and her younger brother was controlled. Now, she no longer learns lessons, how to let her parents under Jiuquan glance? !

    Song Yiren quit Weibo directly, recharged the phone, and lay down.

    Until the breakfast was finished the next day, Song Yi people did not wait for Bei Mingmo's phone.

    She knew that this matter should not be rushed, so when she came out of the hotel, she found another small printing shop. In the same way, she found people mainly put small advertisements in the community, telephone poles, traffic intersections and stations.

    When it was almost noon, Song Yi turned around a corner, and when he looked up, he saw a familiar face.

    Chu Mingyao was wearing a white shirt, dark blue tie, black trousers, and shiny leather shoes. He also carried a briefcase in his hand and was talking to the assistant beside him.

    It seems that she was also surprised to see her. Chu Mingyao's lips and lips overflowed with a gentle smile: "Yu Xiaoxuan, how come I met you here?"

    When Song Yiren saw Chu Mingyao's relaxed expression, he should have come to talk about official affairs while carrying a briefcase, and his heart was slightly loose.

    After all, Bei Mingmo is probably still in Pingcheng, if Chu Mingyao bumps into her ...

    Song Yi people's heart moved, already had an idea.

    Her eyes were sad, and she pouted: "I heard that the scenery here is good, and I came here to play alone!"

    Chu Mingyao heard the sadness in her words and asked, knowingly, "How come it is unsafe for a girl to travel alone."

    The Song Yi people seemed to be more sad, grieved with eyes: "I quarreled with my boyfriend."

    Chu Mingyao looked at her wet eyes and felt a little pity at once, so he said to the secretary: "You postponed the afternoon meeting to tomorrow."

    The secretary didn't say much, he immediately followed suit, and even left soon.

    Chu Mingyao said softly to Song Yi: "Girls should be coaxed, Mr. Gong is indeed wrong. We don't want those unhappy, you come to Ningguo once, I will be the East, please Dinner, take you to see the place with nice scenery here? "

    Seeing the hypocrisy of the man in front of him, Song Yiren only felt a nausea, but as long as she was beside Chu Mingyao, she could prevent him from meeting Bei Mingmo.

    Moreover, if he really came here this time against Bei Mingmo, then she might still be able to perceive something in advance beside him.

    Therefore, she must agree.

    At this moment, the Song Yi people saw a familiar figure behind Chu Mingyao, who was Su Yunfei!

    She seemed to be furious, apparently, to chase Chu Mingyao.

    Song Yiren pretended not to see her, blinked his eyes at Chu Mingyao, a little embarrassed: "I'm afraid your girlfriend is angry ..."

    Chu Mingyao froze for a moment, then frowned: "I'm like your elder brother, you are her sister, she should know the general."

    Song Yi people shook their heads, seeing that Su Yunfei had reached a distance where they could hear them clearly, and then said: "She was not happy that day, you don't know, she used a lip to call me a vixen ..."

    Behind him, Su Yunfei's eyes suddenly widened and raised his slap and fanned towards Song Yi: "Bitch, you hooked. My man is still bloody!"

    However, before her hand fell, she was caught by Chu Mingyao.